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Meet the team was founded in 2011 and is run by sisters Kate Dewmartin and Lynn de Bersacques. The main office is based in Pembrokeshire, West Wales with an outpost near Montmorillon in France.


I founded this site because I wanted to connect people with artisans willing to pass on their skills. Of the thousands of courses we list, there is something for every one of us. It's a fantastic job because I get to visit the workshops and be inspired by the UK's incredible craftsmen and women! Reading the thousands of enthusiastic reviews from people who feel the same way brings me a lot of joy.

Kate enjoying some leatherwork
Kate and Lynn at The Rocking Horse Shop circa 1990

My parents founded The Rocking Horse Shop near York just before I was born; many happy days were spent in and out of the wood, paint, metal and (my favourite) leather workshop. With my brother and sister, I grew up working in the family business, and making things became a passion.

After several years of marketing jobs in France and London,  I moved to Pembrokeshire in 2011 and set up I live with my husband Harm, a Dutch builder and all round craftsman, and our three children.

I believe creating is good for our health and happiness. In learning creative skills, making beautiful and useful things, we relax, we enjoy the sensations of colour and texture - and we get enormous satisfaction in being able to say ‘I made that’. The purpose of is to help as many people as possible access that fantastic feeling.


Growing up in a craft business, I learnt to appreciate the myriad of skills required to make it tick; practical ability is just the start! So when my sister Kate talked about setting up, I saw immediately what a valuable service it would be. I know many craftspeople who would rather spend their time making than marketing. I love how the website makes (often long lasting) connections between people with a passion and those with a thirst to learn.

After studying languages at University I moved to France, where I have lived and worked for over ten years. I have three beautiful children and also blog about parenting and special needs, in particular using alternative and augmentative communication, which we have discovered as we try to best support our extra special eldest daughter. In my spare time I enjoy sewing, gardening and playing the piano.

Before I worked for an online company, writing copy, managing accounts and checking online content. It was an interesting role, but I didn't « love » what I was selling. My work on this site has shown how different this feels, being part of a positive and dynamic small business, promoting craft courses that are quite simply fascinating... I want to do them all!