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My name is Tamsin Cunningham and I graduated in 2002 in the visual arts, and specialised in bespoke contemporary textile art. After 15 years of exhibitions, private commissions and various teaching roles, I was ready to change direction with my work. Having spent some time travelling in India and Indonesia and I became deeply interested in mandalas. I learnt that the repetition, patterns, colours and the geometry were all aspects of mandalas which helped to take the spectator into a meditative space. But, the true power, I discovered, was in the process of creating them. This is where the gift is – the connection with the soul. Through these experiences I started to create mandalas, incorporating sacred geometry and architecture into my new work. I now feel compelled to pass on this practice to other people through creative mandala workshops. What surprises me is that anybody can do it! Even if you think you can’t draw or dot! And it will take you into a meditative place without even trying! Pure magic! All my works are hand drawn and hand painted. They are created using pencil, inks and acrylics.

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Mandala Creation Dotting Workshop in Derbyshire
4 hours
Next date: 22nd Jun 2024
3 places left
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Mandala Creation Drawing Workshop in the Peak District
3½ hours
Next date: 2nd Jun 2024
3 places left

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19 May 24'

Jackie Hall reviewed: Mandala Creation Dotting Workshop in Derbyshire

"I really enjoyed spending the afternoon learning a new craft. I’d never done anything like mandala dotting before yet I came home with a lovely mandala that I’d created 🎉.Tamsin is a really good teacher, she goes throw every step of the process in a patient and informative manner. Her studio is in the most lovely, tranquil spot, which really added to the relaxed and calming experience. Thank you Tamsin, It was a pleasure to meet you. I will definitely be booking again to do the mandala drawing workshop. X"

Tamdala responded:

"Thankyou so much for your lovely review Jackie. It was a pleasure to meet you and your daughter and watch you both create fabulous dot mandalas. I am very happy you both enjoyed this experience and learnt a new craft. Looking forward to seeing you again x"

8 May 24'

MJ Torres reviewed: Mandala Creation Drawing Workshop in the Peak District

"Embarking on a Colourful Journey. After my experience with Mandala Dotting workshop I took a few months ago, I had the pleasure of participating in the Mandala Creation Drawing Workshop, and once again, it was an experience that left me in awe. Tamsin's welcoming energy set the stage for what was to come. She effortlessly guided us through the intricate process of creating mandalas from scratch, demystifying the art form and instilling confidence in each participant. What struck me most was the accessibility of the workshop. Tamsin's approach made the intricate process of mandala creation feel attainable for anyone, regardless of artistic background. It was empowering to witness how effortlessly she translated her expertise into easy-to-follow instructions, ensuring that everyone felt capable of unleashing their creativity onto the blank canvas. As I delved into the drawing process, I found myself entranced by the rhythmic strokes and the interplay of shapes and colours. The meditative quality of the experience enveloped me, transporting me to another realm where time seemed to stand still. Each line drawn, each shade added, felt like a form of self-expression, a journey of discovery into the depths of my imagination. But what truly elevated the experience was the fellowship and banter amongst us all. Surrounded by like-minded individuals, the workshop became not just a lesson in artistry but a shared experience. The hours flew by as we exchanged stories, laughter, and encouragement, enriching the experience in ways I hadn't anticipated. And as the workshop drew to a close, I was struck by the mixture of mandalas adorning the studio. Each creation was a testament to the unique journey embarked upon by its maker, a visual symphony of colours and patterns that spoke volumes about the diversity of human expression. The Mandala Creation Drawing Workshop in conclusion is a must-attend for anyone seeking to unlock their creative potential. Under Tamsin's expert guidance, I discovered a newfound appreciation for the power of colour and form and left feeling inspired to continue exploring the boundless possibilities of mandala art. Don't hesitate to embark on this magnificent journey—it's an experience that will stay with you long after the final stroke is drawn."

Tamdala responded:

"Oh wow MJ, thankyou so much for your beautifully written review! It fills me with joy that the workshop has delivered and you had a fantastic experience, and you have discovered another new mindful creative practice. It was an absolute pleasure to see you again and thankyou for bringing your lovey positive energy into the studio! x"

8 Apr 24'

Suzanne reviewed: Mandala Creation Dotting Workshop in Derbyshire

"This course is wonderful! Tamsin is a great teacher, very skilled and very helpful. Her studio is a lovely setting for the session. Mandala dotting is soothing and mindful to do. I absolutely loved it. Highly recommended. "

Tamdala responded:

"Thank you so much for your lovely review Suzanne. It was a pleasure to meet you and watch you create a beautiful dot mandala. I'm so pleased you enjoyed it and want to continue this mindful practice at home. Happy dotting! x"

24 Mar 24'

Julie reviewed: Mandala Creation Dotting Workshop in Derbyshire

"I loved this workshop. The venue was lovely and the class size small enough that we all got plenty of help and support. Tamsin was very supportive and encouraging. I am looking forward to more mandala making!"

Tamdala responded:

"Thankyou Julie. It was a pleasure to meet you and I am very happy you enjoyed the workshop. Enjoy creating more fabulous mandalas with your dotting kit! Tamsin x"

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