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Frequently asked questions - for Course Providers

I want to add my course(s) to the Craft Courses website - how does it work?

All tutors and/or craft teaching organisations across the UK can have one course page listing free of charge. This 'one-free-page' policy has been in place since we began and it works (good news travels fast), so it won't be changing any time soon. You can register and add your first course listing without being asked for any payment details.  

Your course page listing(s) can be edited or suspended at any point. You can add as many dates as you like to each course listing or simply check the ‘flexible dates’ box.

Register here - it only takes a few minutes.

However, there are some guidelines, which must be adhered to on all listings. 

1. Only one type of course per listing. This means if you run (an)other course(s) with different prices, lengths, structure or content, these need to be on additional course listings. 

2. Subscriptions - links to your website and use of CraftCourses social media:

   -All listings carry a phone number and a Contact Form, which funnel student enquiries to you directly. Links to your website and/or social media pages only appear if you have paid a monthly or annual subscription.

   -The minimum subscription is £22 per year or £2 per month per additional page - your first listing is always free. If you would like a web link and only need one listing, the basic subscription needs to be paid to 'enable' the web link button to appear on your listing. 

   -Subscribers benefit from being able to post and promote their courses on our @CraftCourses accounts on Facebook and Twitter. All posts or tweets will be shared, liked and/or retweeted. The easy way to do this is by 'tagging us' using @CraftCourses in your posts or tweets.

   -Typing in web addresses or references to websites within the course description box is not allowed, as these are not clickable. Web addresses that cannot be clicked on are bad practice on websites and will be removed. 

   -Though many of our customers sell gift vouchers for their own courses, listings on CraftCourses may not to be used to advertise any other gift vouchers except the CraftCourses one. All course providers listed on this site are expected to accept our gift vouchers, which are generic, available in any amount, and make wonderful presents for anyone creative. For more information on our gift voucher terms & conditions, please see here...

Respecting these guidelines will avoid the need to suspend pages - thank you.


How do I set up my free page?

Please follow these simple steps:

1. Register as a course provider (adding your company name, address, contact details and logo).

2. Verify your account by clicking on the link in the email we send you. It's a good idea to add to your email Address Book or Contacts in order to ensure you receive our emails - this is the address your student enquiries will come from too.

3. Log in and add your course listing. Your listing can appear in up to three of our Categories. Images are really important; you have one main image and space for up to 20 thumbnails. We will use the address and contact details you provided when you registered by default, but there is a space at the bottom of the online form to add new contact details if you teach at different venues / if someone else handles your bookings and enquiries. Dates can be specified (as many as you have/want to publish) or you can leave it with 'flexible dates - please get in touch' so that bookings can be made ad hoc if this is how you prefer to work.


What do I get on my course page(s)?

Each course page contains: a gallery of images, a Google map of your location, the course venue's address, the course price (for example 95.00) and length (for example One day, 10-4), what is included in the course fee (refreshments, lunch, craft tools, materials etc.) and a detailed course description. There is also an email enquiry form, a phone number and - on paid subscriptions only  - links to your own website and/or social media.

You can add as many dates as you have, or alternatively select 'This course runs frequently, please get in touch for dates'.

Each course page has a Student Review tool built in. If you send everyone who undertakes your course a link to this simple online form, you will start building up valuable testimonial, which goes a long way to helping new students decide to book your course. You can either email the web address link (URL) of your course page to your students (past or present) or you can log in to your account and use the 'Request review' tool in your Dashboard, which means you can send out requests to up to 20 students at a time. For full details of how to use this, please take a look at this blog article entitled 'Shh... the secret is word of mouth!'

In additional to gathering great reviews, each time a student posts a review on your page, you will appear on the CraftCourse homepage.


I would like a link to my website and/or social media pages. How do I set up a subscription on Craft Courses? 

Payment can be made online in your Craft Courses Dashboard in the My Subscription or Upgrade My Subscription tab, or over the phone to us on 01239 805080. Subscriptions are either monthly or annual and are processed by our secure online payment system. You simply need your credit or debit card details.


Can I update my page information? 

Yes, you can Log In at any time and edit all aspects of your page(s). You may log in simply to add a new dates to the course page after the last one passed. It is a good idea to keep your page(s) and details updated. You can use the site to promote new dates, special offers or new features of the course, and you can upload fresh images with captions. 


How do I add images to my course page gallery?

Log in to your Dashboard. Under the 'View and edit my courses' tab, you'll see a green 'Gallery' button. You can upload up to 20 images here, to give students a clear idea of what your course will entail, what the venue looks like, the tutor, what they might expect to make etc. Labelling the images in the box provided is a good idea as it helps the search engines find you e.g. "Blacksmithing course in Somerset". 


How do CraftCourses gift vouchers work? 

CraftCourses gift vouchers can be purchased in any amount and are valid for 12 months from the day of purchase. CraftCourses gift vouchers enable the recipient to choose which craft course they would like to do. The student browses the site and if they choose (one of) your course(s), they book with you directly in the normal way, mentioning they have a CraftCourses voucher and giving the code. CraftCourses will receive a 10% commission on all voucher bookings plus a £2.50 booking fee. This revenue allows us to keep so much of our service free for users and craft course providers. Our gift vouchers make very popular gifts for anyone creative, but they do not replace direct introductions and bookings between interested students and craft tutors, which remains the principal purpose of this site.



A student would like to book my course and pay with a CraftCourses gift voucher - what do I need to do?

All you need to do is collect the code on the voucher and log this, along with the student's name and the date of the course, into the My Gift Vouchers tab found within My Dashboard, (assuming you are logged in). This both verifies the value and validity of the voucher, so portects you. Once the course has taken place, you will be remidned to confirm this and to Request Payment' which you receive shortly after the course date.


What happens if a student books with a voucher and then cancels last minutes, or doesn't turn up?

You will still be paid. Once the code has been verifed with us, the booking is firm and the voucher is effectively spent - from this point on the student is bound by your cancellation terms and conditions. The funds are earmarked for you and kept aside for you so that you are protected from no-shows or cancellations. If the student contacts you to rearrange the date, and you are happy to do so, you will be paid once the course has taken place on the new date. The date of payment to you is sheduled in at the point of verification - once the voucher is verifed it is effectively 'spent'.


Can I amend my subscription?

Yes. Subscriptions are available on Monthly or Annual (discounted) packages. See our Pricing page for full details. You can add or remove pages from your account at any time by logging in to your account, going to the My Subscription tab and then going to 'Update Subscription'. You will then be invoiced pro-rata at your next billing date. This gives you complete flexibility and ensures that you will only be paying for course pages that are active.


Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel payments at any time, quickly and easily. If you would like to cancel your subscription simply log in to your account and click on Manage Subscriptions to cancel


What is the benefit of adding my courses to the CraftCourses website? 

We see over a thousand student email enquiries (so not counting the thousands of click-throughs and phone calls!) come through each week.

We now have well over four thousand UK craft tutors/creative organisations registered. 

We rank highly on search engines, so your courses will be seen by lots of new customers who may not find you otherwise. 

We respond to regular enquiries from newspapers, magazine and production companies seeking case studies.

Our gift vouchers are popular as gifts, bringing in new people to the world of craft - and new students for you!

But don't take it from us, Read what our providers have said about being part of the Craft Courses website.


I only run one course (repeated throughout the year) so I only need one page, how do I get a web link?

You may run the exact same course 52 times a year; so this can indeed be housed within one page listing (you can have multiple dates listed). If you would like the listing to link to your website or Facebook page, or if you wish to refer peole to visit your website, you need to pay the minimum subscription of £2 per month or £22 per year. This actually gives you two page listings to play with, but it's the minimum package so lots of people do this just to get the web links and social media support.


I only run one type of course, but I offer evening as well as weekend options - can these be on one page?

If the length, price or structure of the courses are different, then they need to be on separate course pages. 


What if I run many different craft courses?

You can calculate your monthly or annual cost on our Pricing page. If you are a craft centre, college or organisation running a large programme of creative courses and event (ten plus), please get in touch for a bespoke quote. For larger course providers, we also offer an upload service, saving you precious time. 


How do I get in touch with you? 

Please phone 01239 80 50 80 if you would like to talk to us about your courses. Otherwise, please email

If the prospect of registering online and uploading your information seems daunting, we are always here to help. 


What are the Students' Choice Awards?Craft Courses Student Awards

Every course page listing has a 'Review Tool' which allows students to quickly and easily leave feedback on your course. Each 5* review counts towards a Certificate of Excellence to display on your workshop or venue wall plus a badge (see right) for your website, blog or social media. The badges will also appear on each of your CraftCourses pages as soon as you get your first 5* review.

The Students' Choice Awards mean that your efforts in the teaching and practice of UK craft are recognised. What's more, reviews are an effective way of making your course stand out to the uninitiated... This is word-of-mouth marketing (the best kind), using modern technology!

The certificates are awarded as follows: 

Bronze for receiving or more 5* review

Silver for receiving or more 5* reviews

Gold for receiving 10 or more 5* reviews

Platinum for receiving 50 or more 5* reviews


How do I get reviews on my page?

After each course you run, simply log into your Dashboard and click on the 'Request Reviews' button. Insert the email addresses of your students, check you are happy with our default message (if not you can edit it), click send and Bob's your uncle! 

Alternatively, you can simply email your students the link to your course page (e.g. and ask them for their feedback on the course. Both options give you a good opportunity to thank your students for coming and to remind them of course dates you may have coming up. 

Every time one of your students writes something, you will be sent an email with a link so that you can read the reviews as they come in. 


If I get a negative review, can I do anything about it?

This is extremely rare as the vast majority of all reviews posted are given 5*. We have collected thousands over the years, which you are welcome to read.

The Student Review tool is there to give potential students an insight into what they can expect on your course. Some comments may include constructive feedback, which may be useful as a way to improve your course(s). Should a negative review appear that is false, offensive or inaccurate, we will probably notice it and contact you first. Any concerns you have on this front however can be dealt with by Contacting Us. 


How will Craft Courses help me get students? 

We offer targeted, effective and low-cost marketing of craft courses and workshops in the UK. The Craft Courses website ranks well on major search engines such as Google and we attract high traffic figures. We market the CraftCourses brand wherever possible, make contributions to magazine and newspaper articles and demonstrate at large events such as the Ideal Home Show. We also maintain well-used pages on Facebook and Twitter. 

Through gathering live student reviews on course pages, we offer our providers a modern form of 'word of mouth' marketing, which we all know is the best kind! Students can search our course database in any way they choose, by location, price, craft category, keyword, postcode etc., but the 'default' ranking is determined by the Student rating. The more 5* reviews you get, the higher up in our listings your page will appear. 

Share your news with us to get featured in a blog, newsletter or twitter or facebook page.


I have noticed advertisements for 'Preferred Craft Suppliers' on my course page - are these new?

Yes. We are now offering selected UK craft suppliers or course providers the opportunity to advertise within our craft categories. For example, sewing machine suppliers can place an advert within the 'Sewing Courses' category, so this is very effective and tailored marketing for them. Ads may also appear on free course listings. 


I sell craft supplies, how do I become Preferred Supplier and advertise my company on Craft Courses?

If you sell craft supplies and would be interested in becoming one of our 'Preferred Suppliers' please add your company details and artworkThis is also an interesting opportunity for craft organisations looking to increase their exposure to a wider audience.


Can I please make a suggestion or comment?

If you have any comments or ideas about the site, we would love to hear from you. It may be we can tweak the service to make it work better for you. Either way, we want to know so please Tell us what you think!