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Creative weaving studio located in Deptford Market Yard. Home to SAORI weaving since 2017

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Introduction to SAORI Weaving 1-5pm
Next date: 27th Sep 2023
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24 Sep 23'

Angela reviewed: Introduction to SAORI Weaving 1-5pm

"It was a fun and relaxing afternoon, learning, weaving and creating. Janine was very friendly and amazing to chat with. She showed me some basic techniques with examples, and let me get on with the loom with occasional encouragement and suggestions. It's all very informal and flexible. Time passed so quickly that 4 hours just flew by. Now I must find time to come back!"

Freeweaver Saori Studio London responded:

" Thank you very much Angela"

26 Oct 22'

amanda reviewed: Introduction To SAORI Weaving 1-5pm

"I loved it! Janine is a very good teacher and I was so pleased with the table runner I made. I have never done any weaving before but I found I was able to come to grips with the Saori loom and produce something I was proud of. Highly recommend. "

22 Mar 22'

robin reviewed: Introduction To SAORI Weaving 1-5pm

"My 18 year old daughter and I had THE BEST TIME at this workshop. Janine got us started straight away and then worked in several thoughtful small moments…one to stop for tea and biscuits, and a few others to show us some amazing new techniques. But for the most part it was four straight hours of weaving and we are just head over heels in love with what we made. Heading back to NYC now and will find ways to continue this technique."

14 Sep 21'

Maria Smith reviewed: Saori Weaving taster session at Freeweaver Studio 1-5pm

"An absolutely wonderful experience. I came away enthused and excited and it has really changed the way i approach my weaving . Now looking at purchasing a saori loom to continue"

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