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Creative Vibe - Glassblowing Sessions
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22 Jan 23'

David Flower reviewed: Creative Vibe - Glassblowing Sessions

"i really enjoyed my afternoon with Ricky. He threw me straight into making the first glass object , clearly explaining everything as we went along. By the end I'd made a solid glass ball, and 3 blown hollow objects. I'd learned some of the basic magical techniques of how you get the colours to swirl inside the glass, how to squeeze and pull out the glass to make a stem, and much more. As I thought, glass is amazing stuff, and it was great fun."

Creative Vibe Glassblowing responded:

" Hi David, good to here you enjoyed your step into glassblowing I will get these cold worked for ,and then send you over some images.Thank you very much for the review you left it is greatly apreciated. Regards Ricky"

14 Dec 22'

Maggie reviewed: Creative Vibe - Glassblowing Sessions

"I really enjoyed my glassblowing session with Ricky - I didn't know what to expect but I enjoyed every moment and was really chuffed with my glass creations by the end of it all! Ricky explained things step by step and there was a good balance of me having a go and Ricky providing expert guidance. Lots of fun - would totally recommend this experience!"

3 Nov 22'

Georgie W reviewed: Creative Vibe - Glassblowing Sessions

"Extraordinary! Such a fantastic lesson… I spent the entire time fascinated, interested, amazed and delighted. And utterly baffled that I actually created some things… Highly recommended. What an insight into a magical skill."

21 Oct 22'

Patrik reviewed: Creative Vibe - Glassblowing Sessions

"The glassblowing session exceeded our expectations in so many ways - it was the best crafting experience we have ever had. The session was very fluid (no pun intended) and was so much better than other courses offered that involve multiple students per session - it was two of us only, meaning we had plenty of one-on-one's with Ricky and got to learn much more. It was a pleasure to learn from Ricky, who was very nice and explained the art of glassblowing very well (clearly transmitting his enthusiasm and passion for it). He also helped guide you in the process at the same time as giving you some independence while creating your piece, which we thought was the perfect balance. And got to create four pieces as well! Can't recommend enough."

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