Creative Vibe Glassblowing reviews

10 Mar 23'

Mary and Mick reviewed: Creative Vibe - Glassblowing Sessions

"An excellent and throughly enjoyable experience!. Ricky was knowledgeable and so patient and we came away with a great sense of achievement. Simply marvellous! Highly recommended."

22 Jan 23'

David Flower reviewed: Creative Vibe - Glassblowing Sessions

"i really enjoyed my afternoon with Ricky. He threw me straight into making the first glass object , clearly explaining everything as we went along. By the end I'd made a solid glass ball, and 3 blown hollow objects. I'd learned some of the basic magical techniques of how you get the colours to swirl inside the glass, how to squeeze and pull out the glass to make a stem, and much more. As I thought, glass is amazing stuff, and it was great fun."

Creative Vibe Glassblowing responded:

" Hi David, good to here you enjoyed your step into glassblowing I will get these cold worked for ,and then send you over some images.Thank you very much for the review you left it is greatly apreciated. Regards Ricky"

14 Dec 22'

Maggie reviewed: Creative Vibe - Glassblowing Sessions

"I really enjoyed my glassblowing session with Ricky - I didn't know what to expect but I enjoyed every moment and was really chuffed with my glass creations by the end of it all! Ricky explained things step by step and there was a good balance of me having a go and Ricky providing expert guidance. Lots of fun - would totally recommend this experience!"

3 Nov 22'

Georgie W reviewed: Creative Vibe - Glassblowing Sessions

"Extraordinary! Such a fantastic lesson… I spent the entire time fascinated, interested, amazed and delighted. And utterly baffled that I actually created some things… Highly recommended. What an insight into a magical skill."

21 Oct 22'

Patrik reviewed: Creative Vibe - Glassblowing Sessions

"The glassblowing session exceeded our expectations in so many ways - it was the best crafting experience we have ever had. The session was very fluid (no pun intended) and was so much better than other courses offered that involve multiple students per session - it was two of us only, meaning we had plenty of one-on-one's with Ricky and got to learn much more. It was a pleasure to learn from Ricky, who was very nice and explained the art of glassblowing very well (clearly transmitting his enthusiasm and passion for it). He also helped guide you in the process at the same time as giving you some independence while creating your piece, which we thought was the perfect balance. And got to create four pieces as well! Can't recommend enough."

7 Sep 22'

Claire Sanchez reviewed: Creative Vibe - Glassblowing Sessions

"Another excellent glass blowing class! Ricky is a fantastic teacher, giving clear instructions that are easy to follow, and helps create a very calm atmosphere. A thoroughly enjoyable experience and very rewarding when you see your completed pieces! Thanks again Ricky"

31 Aug 22'

Siobhan reviewed: Creative Vibe - Glassblowing Sessions

"Purchased as a birthday present for my mum and oh what an amazing time she had! Ricky was a great teacher, very patient and made the experience extremely enjoyable! Pieces created during the session were unbelievable! She cannot wait to go back! "

18 Jul 22'

Amanda Taylor reviewed: Creative Vibe - Glassblowing Sessions

"This was a really interesting and fun afternoon despite the heat! I so much enjoyed it, and Ricky's teaching approach is excellent... thinking about it afterwards I could see how he structured each step to build up confidence, technique and understanding. I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who wants to explore glass-blowing!"

14 Jul 22'

Eva reviewed: Creative Vibe - Glassblowing Sessions

"Thoroughly enjoyed my lesson. Ricky helped me create an apple design as my last creative piece. Very clear and kind. Look forward to seeing my pieces. Thanks!"

10 Jun 22'

Dale Wightman reviewed: Creative Vibe - Glassblowing Sessions

"What a wonderful way to spend time! Ricky was a brilliant host and teacher. He took time to explain what we would be doing and made everything simple to understand. I created several pieces I'm really happy with and I had a lovely experience doing so. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"

13 May 22'

Tom reviewed: Creative Vibe - Glassblowing Sessions

"What a fun afternoon! Ricky is a great teacher and explained all very clearly. After a quick demo we got straight on to practical glass handling and the time flew by. There were a pair of us and we each made 4 items of increasing complexity. Very interesting and learned a lot. Can’t recommend enough!"

27 Mar 22'

Dave reviewed: Creative Vibe - Glassblowing Sessions

"Ricky is a throughly nice guy, had a very enjoyable time, especially appreciated how the course is varied giving you the opportunity to make four different objects."

10 Mar 22'

Jonny C reviewed: Creative Vibe - Glassblowing Sessions

"Ricky was fantastic! Really enjoyable afternoon. He was very patient whilst teaching you how to make glass ornaments. Very hands on learning where you get to make several pieces of work. Great value for money and also lovely setting!"

5 Mar 22'

Zhi reviewed: Creative Vibe - Glassblowing Sessions

"Ricky is an excellent teacher - very professional and explains things clearly. He is very patient, and we had a blast creating four pieces each during our session! My partner had an out of the box idea for one of his creations, and Ricky was very supportive and offered suggestions on how to execute it, with lots of help along the way! Highly recommend."

3 Feb 22'

Katie G reviewed: Creative Vibe - Glassblowing Sessions

"My husband had always wanted to try glass blowing so I bought a half day session for the both of us as a Christmas gift. I was very apprehensive; my husband super excited. We had to reschedule because I double booked myself and Ricky at Creative Vibes was really accommodating. We had a fabulous time! Ricky was a really patient and enthusiastic tutor. The session was really hands-on and we got to make 4 pieces each. My husband had the best time, as did I, and we have already recommended the course to friends."

1 Feb 22'

Clare reviewed: Creative Vibe - Glassblowing Sessions

"A fantastic day. I had never done anything like this before and was pleasantly surprised how hands on the whole experience was. Ricky patiently guided us through each stage with explanations, it was great fun and I learnt a lot. Highly recommend."

20 Jan 22'

Chris W reviewed: Creative Vibe - Glassblowing Sessions

"What an excellent session. Thoroughly enjoyable, well structured and the tutor paid a good deal of attention to explaining each section and ensuring safety. I was amazed at how many items I was able to make during the morning."

20 Jan 22'

Sue - reviewed: Creative Vibe - Glassblowing Sessions

"A delayed experience due to the Covid situation and aged parents concerns. Which was really annoying, however, was easily re-booked on another date - and was definitely worth the wait! Absolutely fabulous. We felt safe and Ricky is an extraordinarily enthusiastic, knowledgeable teacher - able to communicate instructions very well, with masses of patience and understanding. One of the most smiley people I have ever met! Highly recommend this - we both made four items, each a progression from the previous. I can't believe what we covered in such a short time. Ricky ensured we did everything - from gathering through to swinging the glass to make our vases... we have left four pieces to gradually cool in his kiln - and we can't wait to see them! A stupendous day - which was well worth the wait. Marvellous. If you are just wondering about it - go ahead and book - you will love it. Really very good indeed."

7 Dec 21'

Tina reviewed: Creative Vibe - Glassblowing Sessions

"My husband Nick visited a 1-2-1 session with Ricky in November 2021 & is still talking about it now, saying interesting, enjoyable and satisfying to learn about glass blowing & how quick the time went. Ricky had the patience to explain, demonstrate and guide Nick’s session resulting with in some beautiful glassware which Nick is very proud to show off. Thank you Ricky and hopefully Nick will see you soon. Tina -Tamworth"

10 Jun 21'

Neil Murdoch reviewed: Creative Vibe - Glassblowing Sessions

"I had the course "Creative Vibe - glassblowing private sessions 9th June. Ricky was an excellent coach, his instructions were clear and concise. Taking you though each part of the process. I would highly recommend anyone who feels the urge to try Glassblowing to go to see Ricky Keech. The three hours just flew by, can't wait to see the fished glass next week. Course “Just Brilliant” well worth the 2 hour drive! Neil Murdoch ( Sheffield)"

29 May 21'

Cheryl Dennis reviewed: Creative Vibe - Glassblowing Sessions

"In addition to my previous review, I have now received my glass items. Due to a mix-up, on my part, I didn't pick them up on the day arranged. Ricky very kindly posted them to me and they arrived the next day. I have to reiterate that Ricky is a thoroughly nice man."

22 May 21'

Cheryl Dennis reviewed: Creative Vibe - Glassblowing Sessions

"What can I say, as a collector of glass and having visited glassworks all over the country my ambition was to 'have a go' myself. I can't express strongly enough what a wonderful experience I had under the guidance of Ricky. His instruction was clear and easy to understand, at no time did I feel unsafe while handling the hot glass, something I had been a bit nervous about. I progressed through the various techniques and produced a few items that I am quite proud of. This was something on my bucket list and as an 'old' dear in her 70s the experience was very satisfying , I would reccommend it to anyone. It's never to late to try something new."

17 May 21'

Emma Walder reviewed: Creative Vibe - Glassblowing Sessions

"The glassblowing was an amazing experience and I high recommend it to anyone. As it was a private class we got a lot of time to ask questions and practise different processes. Ricky was really lovely and it was a great learning experience - I would be keen to go back in the future."

18 Dec 20'

Penny reviewed: Creative Vibe - Glassblowing Sessions

"I was looking for a course to help me to build on the glassblowing skills I had learnt previously, and this was perfect. Ricky was patient and really helpful, explaining the reasons for each move and how to improve. He was covid-aware and I felt safe working in his studio."

1 Oct 20'

Pearse Mc Mahon reviewed: Creative Vibe - Glassblowing Sessions

"I had a fantastic experience learning a little about glass blowing and had the opportunity to create 4 individual pieces. Richie, the instructor was very patient and clearly explained each step we would take on the various processes. I have no hesitation in recommending this course and venue for any one interested in glass or glass blowing"

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