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Having been given a piece of clay when I was 6 years old, I knew what I wanted to do. My dad thought I needed a "proper job" and I became a secretary. Soon I wanted to go back to college and study for my degree. A local pottery offered me a job as a thrower and after several years employed I was able to and given the opportunity to open my own studio. Teaching and sharing my knowledge about clay and all its workings on the potter's wheel and hand building are now paramount to Siramik.

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Potter's wheel pottery - half day course Siramik
Next date: 9th Feb 2023
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Siramik cow parsley bowl in light blue
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Siramik Delightful daffodil soap dish
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Siramik Farmyard chicken cereal bowl
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Siramik Farmyard Chicken side plate
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Siramik Hand thrown and decorated daffodil cup
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Siramik Soap dish with holder in cow parsley design, dark blue
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24 Oct 22'

Iona reviewed: Potter's wheel pottery - half day course Siramik

"Fantastic introduction to pottery! Yoka is a an excellent and enthusiastic teacher."

Siramik responded:

" Hello Iona, thank you for your enthusiastic participation. You are a good student and made such good progress. A budding potter! "

23 Oct 22'

Lore reviewed: Potter's wheel pottery - half day course Siramik

"I've been wanting to try turning pots since I was a little kid, and it turned out exactly as much fun as I'd always hoped. Yoka is an excellent teacher, quick to show you how and when you're going wrong, but patient and kind even when you keep making the same errors. I'm already thinking about joining her 10 week course. "

Siramik responded:

" Hello Lore, thank you, yourappreciation of the course is much valued. I loved teaching you and your progress was fabulous. Hope to see you soon again. Kind regards, Yoka from Siramik pottery "

22 Oct 22'

Cat reviewed: Potter's wheel pottery - half day course Siramik

"I'm so happy I attended this course. Yoka's an excellent teacher, both when she was instructing us in some of the theory behind ceramic making and when showing us the practical side. We got a lot of hands-on experience in a short time and learned a lot... and there's something very satisfying about looking at a row of clay pots and thinking "I made that!". The location is lovely and Yoka's warmth and good humour make this a thoroughly brilliant experience. Would recommend to anyone. "

Siramik responded:

" Thank you for your kind words Cat, you are great students. The progress you made was fantastic and you had a good feeling for the clay. Thank you. Yoka from Siramik pottery "

18 Jul 22'

Avril Scott reviewed: Potter's wheel pottery - half day course Siramik

"I intend the 4 hr course today and I throughly enjoyed. Yoka was very informative and very patient. She talked us through everything, helped us along and I ended up with an actual bowl, which I’m amazed at, seeing as I have never done this before. I would totally recommend this course. "

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