Siramik reviews

18 Jul 22'

Avril Scott reviewed: Potter's wheel pottery - half day course Siramik

"I intend the 4 hr course today and I throughly enjoyed. Yoka was very informative and very patient. She talked us through everything, helped us along and I ended up with an actual bowl, which I’m amazed at, seeing as I have never done this before. I would totally recommend this course. "

18 Jul 22'

Wesley Dykes reviewed: Potter's wheel pottery - half day course Siramik

"All good fun tutor very informative and very patient would highly recommend "

18 Jul 22'

Cerys reviewed: Potter's wheel pottery - half day course Siramik

"Me and my family attended the 4 hour course. There were 4 in party altogether and Yoka was wonderful. Very engaging and had so much patience. Yoka explained everything step by step to make this a amazing course. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough."

16 Jul 22'

Jakki Robbins reviewed: Potter's wheel pottery - half day course Siramik

"This course was a wonderful introduction to pottery throwing. A warm welcome and excellent hands on instruction. Can’t wait to try my hand at some more pottery. Thank you Yoka for a brilliant morning."

Siramik responded:

" And thank you too for being such a wonderful student. The morning went well and you made great progress seeing all the wonderful pots you made. Keep potting!"

10 Apr 22'

Sian and Sue reviewed: Potter's wheel pottery - half day course Siramik

"Thoroughly enjoyed our half day course with Yoka. We were complete beginners but left feeling hooked and wanting to do more courses in future. Yoka is a lovely, welcoming person and an excellent constructive teacher! We will definitely be back! Thanks again!"

Siramik responded:

" Thank you for your kind words, we had fun, didn't we! And learning a great skill in the meantime. See you soon."

7 Apr 22'

Bert Rodgers reviewed: Potter's wheel pottery - half day course Siramik

"Top experience - learnt so much! Would definitely recommend it."

Siramik responded:

" Hello Bert, thank you for your kind words, you were both great students too. Your pots are nicely drying and just a bit longer before they are ready!"

30 Mar 22'

Bianca reviewed: Potter's wheel pottery - half day course Siramik

"Yoka is as wonderful a teacher as she is a host. She was on hand to help us over the phone with directions to her studio and there to greet us on arrival to her charming , comfortable and cosy accommodation which we made use of the night before our half day morning pottery course. As a result we were able to make the most of the delicious continental breakfast in our room before strolling next door to her charming, light and airy studio. The pottery course exceeded our expectations and left us wanting more. The four of us worked side by side on our wheels with one to one patient, expert teaching which was very well equipped for every eventuality. I would highly recommend this accommodation and course and can’t wait to return for more. Thank you Yoka."

Siramik responded:

" Hello Bianca, Thank you for all your kind words about the course and the accommodation. We here at Siramik try to make the experience for our participants one that gives an initiative to do more and to show that with the right technique, you can make great pots. Many thanks. Now it is waiting for the pots to be fired and glazed!"

4 Mar 22'

Jason reviewed: Potter's wheel pottery - half day course Siramik

"Wonderful experience! Highly recommend if you are interested in pottery. Yoka is super friendly and she will teach you everything about pottery. Thank you Yoka. We will definitely come back and join another lesson in the future."

20 Feb 22'

Jemma Walker reviewed: Potter's wheel pottery - half day course Siramik

"What a fantastic morning with Yoka. Despite the appalling weather outside I was greeted with a warm friendly welcome to this bright and beautiful studio. Yoka covered everything from clay preparation and basic techniques on the wheel through to the forming of bowls and a vase! She was calm, patient and has a brilliant way of teaching that not only builds your confidence but also injects her own passion into your pieces. I would thoroughly recommend this course to everyone, whether you have a basic knowledge or like me you are a complete beginner, Yoka will guide you through the process with ease. Thank you for a wonderful morning!"

Siramik responded:

" Thank you for your kind words, you were a great student and definitely have a feeling for the clay and throwing as your work showed. Now.... keep potting!!!!"

19 Feb 22'

Juliette reviewed: Potter's wheel pottery - half day course Siramik

"Had a lovely morning with daughter and mum, excellent tuition, Yoke is a great and calm tutor. We all produced a number of more than passable pots. Almost a mindfulness quality to the course"

14 Feb 22'

Philipa Kohly reviewed: Potter's wheel pottery - half day course Siramik

"I would definitely recommend the half-day class to both beginners and experienced potters. I came to the class with previous experience (I had in the past made pottery and even thrown pots on the potters wheel) and all I wanted was a reminder of how it's done - correctly. Being a professional potter Yoka was great as she gave every consideration to how a beginner may feel working on the wheel for the first time, while also giving me the attention I was after. Her instructions were very clear and I was amazed to see that every student made at least one pot very successfully by the end of the 3 hr session. I was encouraged to pay attention to my posture in order not to put strain onto my shoulders, back, arms, hands and wrists - unnecessarily. Old habits die hard (even after 10 Years!) but I came away with exactly what I was hoping for - a reintroduction to throwing in the correct manner. Thank you Yoka."

Siramik responded:

" Hello Philipa, thank you for your kind words. The participants and you made at least 5 good pots during the 4 hour session from 9.30am till 1.30pm. It was lovely to see your experience with the clay already and you progressed well. Now it is waiting for those lovely pots!"

19 Jan 22'

Kathi reviewed: Potter's wheel pottery - half day course Siramik

"Yoka was warm and welcoming and very informative. The class was brilliant and we thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish!"

30 Oct 21'

Derek & Lynne Campbell reviewed: Potter's wheel pottery - half day course Siramik

"What a fantastic way to pass 4 hours, this treat was a gift from my daughter 2 years ago, covid obviously got in the way. Trying something different was the idea and what a good one. From the first minute, Yoka makes you welcome, we and 4 others were educated on the various clays available and their origins before a brief understanding of glazes and finishes, both entertaining and educational. Nobody in the group had any experience of "throwing" a pot but after a demonstration from Yoka and a slow, stage by stage attempt ourselves, with lots of one-to-one help from Yoka we all managed to get something resembling a pot on our wheels. Quite a sensation of actually achieving something. We went on to make 3 further pots, generally, each attempt being better than the last actually started shaping them!!!! A really fun, informative morning. Yoka is delightful, a great teacher and as others have noted a Master (can I use that term) Potter, her beautiful work on display and for sale is a testament to her skill. A great morning out, suitable for all ages, highly recommended"

Siramik responded:

" Hello Derek and Lynne, thank you so much for your review, much appreciated. The course was made successful because of you. Great students and learning a great skill which your lovely pots are an legacy off. Now waiting till they are fired and glazed. Won't be long. Thank you."

16 Sep 21'

Zoe Evans reviewed: Potter's wheel pottery - half day course Siramik

"Last week I took part in the half day workshop and absolutely loved it! As a beginner to ceramics and throwing (whose relatively creative and curious) Yokas insight and ability to explain both complexities of methods and the basic chemistry that goes behind glazing was incredible. The course was held at a steady pace with frequent check in to make sure everyone was accommodated. As someone who has recently been struggling with anxiety and frequent panic attacks this course was exactly what I needed to feel more grounded and relaxed during a very stressful and busy week; and for that I will be eternally grateful for all that I was taught, both behind the wheel and through our personal conversations. My only annoyance is that I don't live close enough to do this more frequently."

1 Dec 20'

Wendy Amura reviewed: Potter's wheel pottery - half day course Siramik

"Excellent course, fantastic teacher. Good fun and value for money."

27 Jan 20'

Alex reviewed: Potter's wheel pottery - half day course Siramik

"My husband and I visited Siramik for a half day pottery class for his birthday and we absolutely loved it. Yoka is a wonderful teacher who showed us incredibly useful skills - she is patient, welcoming and has a wealth of experience. A very inspiring day out. Thank you."

13 Dec 19'

Rachael reviewed: Potter's wheel pottery - half day course Siramik

"My family and I had an great time on this course. Yoka is an excellent teacher and trainer, knowledgeable and intuitive. I was a complete beginner but with Yoka’s guidance miraculously managed to make some pots. I can’t wait to see our finished glazed and fired creations. Thank you Yoka 😊"

10 Aug 19'

Sarah Morris reviewed: Potter's wheel pottery - half day course Siramik

"I had an amazing time on the half day course today! We learnt such an amazing amount in a short time. Thank you so much to Yoka for being so lovely, encouraging and welcoming! Her teaching style is incredible and a total novice (like me!) can expect to be blown away by what you can achieve in a short few hours! Yoka was constantly there whenever someone needed a bit of guidance and really boosted my confidence. I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone!"

30 Apr 19'

Dema reviewed: Potter's wheel pottery - half day course Siramik

"I did the half-day course with my family (including partner, and an 18 and 16 year old) in the Easter holidays, and had a great experience. Yoka is a super teacher, full of interesting facts and stories about pottery: she took the time to explain the history and pros and cons of different types of clay etc at the beginning of the class, and divulged a few secrets of the pottery industry. After that, we took to our wheels and were soon churning out pots to be proud of. The atmosphere at the Siramik studio is very relaxed and we even had coffee and chocolate cake at break time! The morning was over all too quickly. All four of us highly recommend it!"

22 Jan 19'

Jo Davies reviewed: Potter's wheel pottery - half day course Siramik

"Me and my mother in law attended the half day course with Yoka at Siramik and had the BEST time. We were both complete beginners but we somehow managed to make some pretty decent pots thanks to Yoka's amazing teaching skills. Yoka is so friendly and knowledgable and really made us feel at ease. Within 30 mins or so, we were throwing our own pots and they just got better and better throughout the afternoon. Would highly recommend this course to anyone who fancies a go at pottery, you will not be disappointed. Thanks so much Yoka."

20 Nov 18'

Emma Edmunds reviewed: Potter's wheel pottery - half day course Siramik

"My sister and I attended the course together and we both thoroughly enjoyed the day. We laughed, made a mess and ended up making a few items we're both really proud of. Yoka was kind and helpful, even when my bowl was lobsided and looking sad she managed to work a miracle and get it back on track. It's a lovely course in a beautiful setting, well worth it."

17 Oct 18'

Julie King reviewed: Potter's wheel pottery - half day course Siramik

"I attended the weekend course and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. I have no experience in throwing and little with clay, and I surprised myself with what I achieved. Yoka is very clear in her teaching and very knowledgable. I have learnt many different techniques. Yoka is very inspirational and I feel this is a starting point for my new hobby!! My partner (not doing the course) and baby came too. The accommodation was fabulous and nothing was too much trouble. Food was outstanding. Totally recommend this - if you are considering it then book it - you won’t regret it!! I’m looking forward to booking into another course with Yoka and setting up my own studio in the coming months."

17 Oct 18'

Lou Gibbon reviewed: Potter's wheel pottery - half day course Siramik

"My friend and I travelled over 5 hours with severe weather warnings and flooding in the locality, to attend a weekend throwing course with Yoka at Siramik. It was well worth the effort. Yoka is an excellent teacher. Guiding us from the very basics right through to the trimming and finishing / decoration processes. We each had a selection of finished pieces on Sunday ,ready to be fired and posted on to us. Yoka was an inspiration and very happy to answer all our questions , sharing all her experience and knowledge willingly. The accommodation was clean and comfortable and being gluten and dairy free was catered for perfectly . I came away feeling confident to go straight into getting on a wheel and practising my newly found skills yesterday! Thanks again Yoka."

13 Oct 18'

Sarah Vickers reviewed: Potter's wheel pottery - half day course Siramik

"I was bought a half day voucher by my brother as a birthday present as he knew I enjoyed doing pottery. I have done a few courses in the past and thoroughly enjoyed working on the potters wheel. However I learnt more in the two hour course run by Yoka than I learnt on several evening college courses. Excellent training in a lovely atmosphere, I would definatley recommend this course and will be going back."

29 Sep 17'

Teresa Davies reviewed: Potter's wheel pottery - half day course Siramik

"Have always wanted to have a go at pottery,so my daughter and I attended and what a great time we had. Yoka is an excellent teacher, her love of her craft shines through and she explains everything clearly and we are soon at the wheel shaping and throwing an actual pot. The sense of achievement we felt when we actually produced a decent bowl was the spur to make a better one, and another. In total I produced 3 bowls and a mug, not bad for a complete beginner. Throughout the afternoon Yoka was a wonderful host, the studio is set in beautiful countryside and the workshop is inspiring, with examples of her amazing creations all around. I would highly recommend this taster course, and hope to return soon to throw another pot."

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