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I started wyldwoodwillow back in 2001 after weaving for a year or so... It helped me through a particularly difficult chapter in my life and I discovered that I had a burning desire to share the healing nature of weaving. I started teaching workshops fairly early on and weaving pretty much anything I could, currently I weave baskets, coffins, living willow,sculptures and create furniture and decorative fencing for the home and garden. My business is successful and I am a full time weaver.

Courses, kits & gifts

gold badge
3 day willow weaving workshop
Next date: 15th Feb 2023
gold badge
Christmas decorations workshop with Amanda Rayner
Next date: 24th Nov 2023
gold badge
Hedgerow basketmaking
Next date: 2nd Oct 2023
gold badge
Oval shallow basket for the garden at New barn at Usk Castle Chase,Monmouthshire
Next date: 2nd Jun 2023
gold badge
Traditional Frame baskets with Amanda Rayner
Next date: 16th Sep 2023
gold badge
Valentines hearts weaving workshop at Usk Castle Chase in Monmouthshire
Next date: 5th Feb 2023
gold badge
weave a shopping basket
Next date: 7th Jul 2023
gold badge
Weave a willow coffin
Next date: 14th Mar 2023
gold badge
Weaving peaframes and hurdles at Usk Castle Chase
Next date: 23rd Apr 2023
gold badge
Willow backpack workshop
Next date: 2nd Mar 2023
gold badge
willow sculpture weaving workshop
Next date: 30th Apr 2023

Recent reviews

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5 Oct 22'

Sue Wise reviewed: Hedgerow basketmaking

"What a fabulous day! Great place, good company and Amanda is a kind, patient and experienced teacher. This was the perfect antidote to a stressful working life and I made a usable basket. Looking forward to returning one day to make a coffin. Thank you."

wyldwoodwillow responded:

" Thankyou Sue for your review, It was wonderful to meet you and I hope you are able to come again. I am just about to list my courses for next year so hopefully there will be something of interest to you. All the best Amanda Wyldwoodwillow"

16 Jun 22'

Lala reviewed: Oval shallow basket for the garden at New barn at Usk Castle Chase,Monmouthshire

"This was a great workshop in beautiful surroundings. Amanda's direction was clear and well paced. She managed to keep us all on track whilst making drinks and offering delicious cake. She was very patient with all our requests for help and made sure we all completed our baskets by the end of the day."

13 Jun 22'

Myra Keatley reviewed: Oval shallow basket for the garden at New barn at Usk Castle Chase,Monmouthshire

"Very pleasant day in beautiful surroundings. Amanda is a highly skilled weaver who is generous with her time and knowledge. I have already booked my next workshop. I was surprised at how physical the craft is. Craftcourses.com - the day didn't start well as incorrect venue information was posted on your website."

30 Mar 22'

Emma Whittingham reviewed: willow sculpture weaving workshop

"A really great course. Amanda is a brilliant teacher with so much knowledge to share and so accommodating of everyone’s different sculpture project. I felt very inspired by what I made and what everyone else made!"

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