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Greenwood Music is a social enterprise, which provides programmes of wellbeing activities, Greenwood craft and Woodland management courses, all set in our beautiful 40 acre ancient woodland. All our workshops are informed by the new economic foundation (nef, 2008) Five Ways to Wellbeing We reinvest 50% of our profits into our social purpose Wellbeing in Nature programme: a social prescription to the natural health service to people with multiple and complex needs.

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A Practical Introduction to Woodland Restoration and Management
Next date: Nov 12th

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11 Feb 20'

Barbara Douglas reviewed: A Practical Introduction to Woodland Restoration and Management

"We spent a great day with Phil on Saturday 8th February. If you want to really get away from everything and think only about what is going on around you in the woods, then try this. We were lucky with the weather which meant we could cook our sausages and burgers on the open fire which could have been the highlight of the day, until we realised at the end that for the entire day we thought about nothing except the coppicing and getting it right for Phil. All other daily problems just faded away. Phil is so knowledgeable and his passion for woodland is very infectious. Try it, you won’t regret it."

Greenwood Music CIC responded:

" Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the nice review"

7 Sep 19'

Sue Pell reviewed: Relax, stretch, and release tension with a small group, in the woods

"The day was much more relaxing and calming than I had expected. An experience for all the senses. Walking through the woods. Noticing the small things you never usually see...the raindrops sparkling on the leaves. The sounds and smells of the forest. The touch of soft moss on the trees. This was my first experience of outdoor yoga. Under the trees dappled in sunlight through the trees. By the river, and in an open field with only trees around you. A beautiful experience."

7 Sep 19'

Kathy Hutchings reviewed: Relax, stretch, and release tension with a small group, in the woods

"A wonderful and deeply nourishing day away from the busy world, it was such a gift to experience the beauty of all that nature holds, to be guided in really seeing, smelling and feeling so much more than I ever have before and I spend a great deal of time in nature. I came away with an even greater appreciation of all that nature offers us and a deeply profound sense of stillness within. Thank you."

4 Sep 19'

Lily Russell reviewed: Relax, stretch, and release tension with a small group, in the woods

"A unique and special day in the ancient woodland. Wonderfully energising, and refreshing. The experience is still with me, and has been transforming my 'regular' journeys- as I cycle to work, walk into the village, or wait for the train. My senses still feel awakened by my amazing day in the woodland with Kathy, Phil and the other forest bathers."

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