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Giles is a self taught artist and woodcarver. He works with naturally fallen timber that he finds in the woods and carves using just an axe and a knife. Taking up woodcarving in 2015 whist managing a small family owned woodland in Snowdonia, Giles eventually gave up his day job as a Designer and Photographer in early 2016 to pursue his passion for carving full time. Based in Lancashire, his spoons and pendants sell world wide and he teaches carving skills internationally and throughout the UK.

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Spoon carving with Giles Newman
Next date: Aug 27th
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Wooden pendant carving with Giles Newman
Next date: Sep 17th

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20 May 22'

Miranda Cowan reviewed: Wooden pendant carving with Giles Newman

"Giles is a natural and provides a warm, welcoming and supportive learning environment. There was a genuine open approach to sharing of experience. I will be definitely be joining Giles again as feel he is a great mentor in supporting my own process in whittling / carving."

Giles Newman responded:

" Thank you so much Miranda. It was such a pleasure to spend the day with you and Melanie and to share knowledge and experience in woodcarving and so much else. I very much look forward to seeing you again in the near future."

16 May 22'

Melanie Louise reviewed: Spoon carving with Giles Newman

"This weekend I had the pleasure of attending a Pendant Carving workshop with Giles Newman, he is a master craftsperson in fine art wood carving! I have affectionately named my pendant carving the Grubby Moth! After 6 hours of carving I came away with a lovely oak pendant that I'm very proud of (it's slightly grubby from being handled by my sweaty hands for so long 😆). There was a lot of "white knuckle" carving with a super sharp knife going on! This workshop really tested my patience and determination. I usually work in a much freer, faster and more colourful way. It's worth challenging yourself out of your comfort zone sometimes, and this workshop helped me do that. It was an amazing experience to be in Giles' beautiful studio, which is purpose built in his garden. The carving process requires you to work slowly and steadily in a mindful, meditative way to carefully, and calmly carve your creation. There's no scope for rushing this process, I had to rein in my slap dash tendencies, which is a good thing! I carved a small moth, and came away with some useful life, and craft skills as well as my little pendant. I highly recommend Giles' workshops. It's a real privilege to work with an artist who has absolutely mastered, and created new dimensions within his craft form. His wood carving really is out of this world!! He is also a very knowledgeable, humble, wise, sensitive guy with a gentle and encouraging teaching style. Check out his work if you need anymore encouragement to attend one of his courses. It really is amazing, and all carved with one very small, very sharp knife and a massive amounts of love, skill and patience."

Giles Newman responded:

" Wow! I cannot thank you enough for this lovely, very kind and thoughtful review Melanie. It was a real pleasure to meet both you and Miranda and to share my carving techniques with you. I do hope that you will both continue to carve and that it will in some way find a place in your lives along with the other crafts that you do and that you teach. My thanks and best wishes to you both."

24 Mar 22'

Denise Brown reviewed: Wooden pendant carving with Giles Newman

"A very enjoyable course carving oak leaf pendants under the encouraging and watchful gaze of master woodsmith Giles. A lovely, cosy workshop with welcoming hosts and copious tea…couldn’t ask for more really! Best of all, was the chance to see some of Giles’s amazing work close up - truly inspiring. It was such a relaxing and creative day, I came away with the confidence to start carving another pendant at home. I would highly recommend this course."

20 Mar 22'

Beth reviewed: Wooden pendant carving with Giles Newman

"Loved every moment! Giles and his wife are very welcoming and he is a great teacher, very willing to share his techniques and experience. I will hopefully book another course this time maybe spoon making."

Giles Newman responded:

" Thank you so much Beth. It was lovely to meet you and I hope that you continue to find peace and pleasure in your carving journey."

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