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SAOG Studios is an independent arts studio based at the idyllic Emerson College campus, Forest Row, East Sussex (1 hour south of London/20 mins Gatwick Airport). We run regular practise-based short courses in the sacred and traditional arts of the world led by expert tutors. Courses include: Rose window geometry, Alchemy of pigment and pattern, Sacred geometry and mandalas, Stained glass, Islamic pattern, Ceramic tiles, Basketry, Celtic pattern and much more. Visit website for details/bookings.

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Art of Mughal Floral Illumination Three-day art workshop led by Sharmina Haq
Next date: 10th Mar 2023
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Inks and Ochres: An introduction to foraged colour
Next date: 26th May 2023
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Islamic Geometry and Tile-Making
Next date: 18th Sep 2023
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Mandala and the Art of Henna with Daniel Docherty and Sheetle Shah
Next date: 1st Jul 2023
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Mandalas of the World with Daniel Docherty
Next date: 27th Mar 2023
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Sacred Art of Geometry: an introductory course with Daniel Docherty
Next date: 18th Feb 2023
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The Dance of Earth and Venus
Next date: 3rd Mar 2023
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The Golden Ratio: Jewel of Geometry and Cosmos
Next date: 17th Mar 2023
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Tracking the Source: Exploring Archetype through Story and Sacred Geometry
Next date: 24th Feb 2023
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Weaving the cosmos: sacred geometry and hexagonal weave basketry
Next date: 30th Sep 2023

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30 Apr 22'

Eyglo reviewed: Alchemy of Pigment and Pattern at SAOG Studios

"I loved this course! The tempo was good and there was a good balance between pigment and pattern. The teaching comes from deep wisdom and knowledge. SAOG Studios is 360 degree impressions of beauty and mystic knowledge - very stimulating. You create a soft atmosphere and are very good listeners and teachers. A great week that brought many elements of life into one."

30 Apr 22'

Katie reviewed: Alchemy of Pigment and Pattern at SAOG Studios

"It has been such an amazing week! I have learnt so many things about colour and the alchemical process. I so enjoyed the geometry meditations at the beginning of each day. Both Daniel and David added intriguing stories, poems and information that made the course so unique. I'd recommend to anyone!"

30 Apr 22'

Eleanor reviewed: Weaving the cosmos: sacred geometry and hexagonal weave basketry

"I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful day yesterday . It was really enjoyable, and I love my basket and ball! It was great to meet you and learn more about sacred geometry. It was a very welcoming and relaxing environment and the other students were all lovely. Thank you again"

25 Apr 22'

David J Lilly reviewed: Weaving the cosmos: sacred geometry and hexagonal weave basketry

"An interesting day that took us to places we had not suspected we'd go. Richie and I agreed it was a fun experience, we made some lovely connections with other participants, and we were both (eventually) happy with what we created."

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