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Situated in a tranquil location on the edge of the Lake District, we've offered an Quirky range of workshops since 2005, In 2020 we renovated a listed hayloft to create 'Swallow Barn' - now a Covid safe & spacious, first floor studio with screens/ cameras for tutor demos and many well spaced single desks. We have several garden teaching spaces too. Lunch (included) can be taken outside on the Tea Lawn in warmer months and teas/coffees is served at your desk. Our days are considered real treats.

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Lino cut printing- botanical & natural forms with Laura Sowerby - a Quirky Workshop at Greystoke Craft Garden & Barns
Next date: Oct 13th
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Silver Jewellery workshop: a 2-day 'Quirky Workshop' at Greystoke Craft Garden & Barns near Penrith and Ullswater
Next date: Nov 19th
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Willow 'Hen and Cockerels' with Phil Bradley: a 'Quirky Workshop' at Greystoke Craft Garden & Barns near Penrith and Ullswater
Next date: Nov 17th

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1 Aug 22'

Imelda reviewed: Relief carving & sculpture in hardwood with Alister Neville: a 'Quirky Workshop' at Greystoke Craft Garden & Barns near Penrith and Ullswater

"Many thanks Alister and Annie. Thoroughly enjoyable and productive day! A new hobby has been found."

Quirky Workshops at Greystoke Craft Garden and Barns responded:

" thank you Imelda for your kind comments, we're so pleased you enjoyed the course so much - Alister knows how to make it all happen ..enjoy your new found skills - onwards and upwards, as they say! :) "

26 Jun 22'

Helen reviewed: Line & Wash ... 'Painting buildings in the Landscape' with Channel 5's Watercolour Challenge 2022 winner John Harrison

"Beautiful environment. Lovely, friendly group. We were well looked after by tutor and hosts. As a complete beginner I was supported and felt accepted by all which encouraged me to produce work that exceeded my expectations. Lunch in the garden was lovely too. Thank you"

24 Jun 22'

Alan Wilkes reviewed: Traditional Spoon Carving with David Alty: A 'Quirky Workshop' at Greystoke Craft Garden & Barns near Penrith and Ullswater

"The Course organiser tested positive for Covid and did not give us the option to cancel. My wife and I decided that the risk to us was too great due to our age and medical conditions so we did not attend the course. This decision was also based on the fact that the organiser stated in the first email that she may be seen in the garden, and Covid is an airborne virus."

Quirky Workshops at Greystoke Craft Garden and Barns responded:

" For clarity, below is the email to all students which was sent two days before this outdoor Spoon Carving course took place on Thursday 23.June 22. All other students were delighted with the change of arrangments and had a wonderful day. In addition, according to latest Govt. 'Living with Covid' guidelines, and being on Day 8 of contracting the virus, having been asymptomatic throughout, I 'could have' already have been back on site and serving students and customers would have been none the wiser. However, there were due to be 8 students and 1 tutor on the spoon carving course, and we wanted to continue to 'do the right thing' for the safety of students, staff and tutors alike, and keep the workshop at distance at all times - even though it was actually taking place outside. Dear Spoon carvers, The owner of the venue which has organised your below Quirky Workshop (i.e. me) has unfortunately just recently tested positive for Covid. Despite this, we’re very happy to confirm that your spoon carving course with David is taking place in the Garden and will therefore be largely unaffected. However, we will need to make some changes to catering arrangements for the day, as we usually work out of our house kitchen and obviously this will now be closed. Therefore, we’re asking all students to bring their own lunch/ sandwich for their workshop day. We can provide tea/ instant coffee and milk and a kettle up in the studio – where there is also a sink. We will provide a £5 cash refund to each student on the day, to reflect this change. You might see me in the distance in the garden as you arrive, but I will stay away from you all and will use a separate entrance to the house so that you can safely use the loo. You may notice that some remnants from the Building work still in evidence… the forecast is wonderful so hopefully you will be able to sit outside and enjoy your lunch over the day! Thank you for your understanding and I look forward to giving you a brief wave on Thursday morning. Kind regards Annie"

10 Mar 22'

Helen Hammond reviewed: 'Needle Felt a Wren' with Helen Hammond a 'Quirky Workshop' at Greystoke Craft Garden & Barns near Penrith and Ullswater

"Thankyou for your very kind review! I was delighted with both the lovely teaching space and facilities . The catering was perfect all day as was the company. Covid issues were in place and comfortable for us all to work together in as near normal conditions as pre pandemic times. I was delighted to be invited to run the workshop at Quirky Workshops."

Quirky Workshops at Greystoke Craft Garden and Barns responded:

" Thank you Helen for an excellent course!"

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