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While at school in Turkey I enjoyed art lessons enormously. Discovering for the first time the joy of colour, shape and what I could do with them is still with me. Not knowing I had a talent for art I came to England in 1992 and by chance my wife, who trained as an artist, and my mother-in-law saw what was in me and encouraged me to make greetings cards. It didn’t take long to discover that my way of expressing myself is through mosaics. I have been making mosaics since 1996 and have developed my own style by experimenting with different techniques and materials. I like making mosaics in relief rather than flat, and the grout is an integral part of each piece; not just to fill in the gaps. I like combining a variety of mosaic materials and less traditional ones such as wood. I had a shop in Hastings for 5 years, which was also my studio. Talking with people who were enthusiastic about my work was rewarding, and getting commissions, which I have had from all over the world, is proof of their enthusiasm. I moved to Norfolk in 2004 and now I work from home on commissions whilst continuing to explore the possibilities of new techniques through my own work.

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Mosaic workshop in Norwich
Next date: 4th Apr 2024

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13 Dec 19'

Jodie Entwistle reviewed: Mosaic workshop in Norwich

"A lovely and unique course and was available in Norwich. A very hands on approach, Fehmi has taken us through several techniques, at each stage, getting us to use a range of mosaic materials and equipment. My design slowly evolved as I did not have a plan, Fehmi advised but let me explore my own creative unfolding, producing a finished piece that I really like. Thanks for the intimacy of a small group and to Fehmi, who was very patient and attentive throughout."

12 Dec 19'

Hazel Simons reviewed: Mosaic workshop in Norwich

"Really enjoyable course and great to be able to take home a finished product at the end. Fehmi was great at explaining things as we went along and provided a wide variety of materials for us to work with. He was also very helpful, helping me to cut pieces as I only have the use of one hand. I would have been happy to do an extra session as it was a little rushed at the end. I would definitely recommend it to others."

11 Dec 19'

Lorraine Walker reviewed: Mosaic workshop in Norwich

"A really enjoyable course learning different mosaic techniques. Fehmi gently guided us with colour combinations, hints about perspective and clever techniques to bring our ideas to life. Each week we learnt a new technique with a wide range of materials to choose from."

8 Dec 19'

Roy Abigail reviewed: Mosaic workshop in Norwich

"A very instructive course. Fehmi guided us to create a piece that was very individual but also incorporated all of the various styles and techniques to be covered. Plenty of encouragement and just the right amount of ideas and nudging on when needed. The transition from work-in-progress to the finished item during the final week was almost magical."

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