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Richard has been teaching this intro class since 2018 after realising that all the challenges of working with epoxy resin were bound to be frustrating aspiring makers around the world as much as they were for him. After realising that working with epoxy resin was actually quite easy once you knew a few simple tricks and the basic principles, he started inviting you to join him in the workshop to master the tricks of the trade for yourself.

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30 day woodwork workshop experience
Next date: 1st Dec 2022
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Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop (Afternoon)
Next date: 3rd Dec 2022
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Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop (Morning)
Next date: 3rd Dec 2022
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Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop Part Two - Resin Finishing
Next date: 17th Dec 2022
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Beginners Woodworking: Make a Bread Board
Next date: 9th Dec 2022
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Epoxy Resin Art Masterclass: Seascapes
Next date: 17th Dec 2022
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Epoxy resin river coffee table workshop
Next date: 8th Jan 2023
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Epoxy Resin River Dining Table Workshop
Next date: 28th Nov 2022
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Intro to Table Making
Next date: 8th Dec 2022
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Mini Epoxy resin Bench Making Course
Next date: 10th Feb 2023
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Woodworking fundamentals
Next date: 9th Jan 2023

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25 Nov 22'

Hannah reviewed: Beginners Woodworking: Make a Bread Board

"I chose this course as a taster to see if I wanted to invest more time and money into woodworking. I’m glad I did! The class size was just right with everyone getting enough time to complete the steps and use the machinery. Richard is a very balanced tutor, there to offer support and advice but also allowing you to explore your own ideas and find your own way with the tools. I’m currently looking at Richard’s other courses as well as ones more focussed on joinery and hand tools. Thanks for a great day. "

25 Nov 22'

Nat reviewed: Beginners Woodworking: Make a Bread Board

"The course was good and Richard was an amicable and thorough instructor. I really recommend it if you want to get a taste of working with wood and to see if it's a hobby for you. My only gripes was that everything was done with machines, which is not a bad thing, bit I does mean I can really take the things I've learnt on the course and try myself as I don't have access to a fully kitted out woodworking studio! Also, it's advertised as 7½ hours duration (10:00am to 5:30pm), so I was really surprised and dissapointed to find myself being done and leaving at 2:30pm. That was 3 extra hours I thought I'd paid for that I wasn't getting. I'd almost spent longer travelling to get there than I did on the course. "

The River Shop responded:

" Hi Nat, Thanks so much for your feedback. Our course times have been a tough one to get right for some time now. We are now currently we running a 5 hour course rather than 7.5. Although when the winter cold arrives we will go back to 7.5 to allow more drying time for glue. The workshop tasks don’t vary at all. Noted re machining. We do offer the facilities of our workshop to students who want to embark on bespoke projects although this might not be suitable for those that travel further. If you’d like any input on best tools to buy starting off, do not hesitate to get in touch. Thanks again for coming today and we appreciate your input. Hopefully we have you back for another course soon. Look out for your breadboard in the post! Richard "

25 Nov 22'

Ben reviewed: Beginners Woodworking: Make a Bread Board

"Fantastic course to dip your toes into woodworking! Richard was a great teacher and I’ll certainly be looking into some more advanced courses with him."

21 Nov 22'

Lynne O'Brien reviewed: Epoxy Resin Art Masterclass: Seascapes

"A very enjoyable and informative afternoon. We learnt a lot about using resin and Richard was very happy to answer all of our questions. I'm looking forward to receiving the finished pieces"

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