The River Shop reviews

1 Oct 22'

M reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop (Afternoon)

"Six months ago I have done this course as the 1st step to get some experience in working with epoxy. Richard was very engaging and got everyone excited about learning how to work with epoxy resin. "

7 Sep 22'

Alex & Manu reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop (Afternoon)

"Thoroughly enjoyed this course. The instructor was great and the work was very engaging so much so that the 3 hours flew by! The work was also very doable even with little prior woodworking experience but was also applicable to all levels (additional detail was given for anyone looking to develop their skills further). Would definitely sign up to another course with The River Shop!"

5 Sep 22'

Rob reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop (Afternoon)

"Really fun afternoon learning a new skill. Great way to spend a few hours quality time with my Dad. Richard has a great teaching style. It was a fun and informative class and we were both pleased with our creations! Rob (& Dennis!)"

5 Sep 22'

S. Ali reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop (Morning)

"An informative introduction to epoxy, in a clean and tidy compact space. Course was interactive with an amazing product produced at the end. I enjoyed the small class size too. Thank you. "

4 Sep 22'

Catherine reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop (Afternoon)

"This course was fun and I enjoyed learning a new skill. Richards explanations and instructions were very clear and detailed which will enable a beginner to start using resin for their own projects. I am really looking forward to seeing how my pour ends up when dry and after this course I decided to book onto the part 2 course to learn how to finish resin and wood projects."

3 Sep 22'

Brian reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop (Morning)

"Really enjoyable afternoon. It was very informative. Will be experimenting at home soon. "

3 Sep 22'

Jeff reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop (Morning)

"We have just done the beginners course. A really enjoyable and informative session. We had lots of questions that were happily answered. I have a shocking memory and would of liked a handout with the step by step instructions. Can’t wait to have a go at home. "

The River Shop responded:

" Hi Jeff, Thanks so much for your review. Head over to our Patreon and todays class handout is available free of charge with our bronze tier. Hope that helps! Richard "

21 Aug 22'

Rachel reviewed: Epoxy Resin Art Masterclass: Seascapes

"It was a really good experience. Richard was nice and funny. We want to learn more and do another session. I strongly recommend it "

20 Jul 22'

Paul reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop Part Two - Resin Finishing

"Loved it. Brilliant follow on to the part 1 intro. Has really helped shape our thinking on some future projects. Will be coming back."

17 Jul 22'

Louise reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop (Afternoon)

"I really enjoyed this introduction to resin. Richard was a great teacher, we were so pleased with the coasters we produced that we stayed to make a tray. I was given this as a birthday present and would thoroughly recommend to others."

17 Jul 22'

Vivienne reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop (Afternoon)

"I thoroughly enjoyed my first resin seascapes class (with coasters and a tray). I found Richard to be an excellent and inspiring teacher who’s friendly and helpful. He’s also knowledgeable, creative, and has a broad range of artistic and technical skills and experience. Richard’s enjoyment of teaching is palpable! I look forward to exploring further courses with him in the future. "

12 Jul 22'

John reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop (Afternoon)

"What a fantastic course! I have been wanting to get started doing this for a long time, but never got round to it. My Partner bought me this course for my birthday and I went last week. Richard is an incredibly knowledgeable and very talented craftsman, who instructs the students clearly, with humour, and to whatever level they are comfortable with. I have the confidence to now try this as a hobby, safe in the knowledge that he is available to help deal with any problems I might encounter. Will be looking to do more courses there in future. Highly recommended."

11 Jul 22'

Emma reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop (Afternoon)

"I bought this course for my partner for his birthday as he wanted to learn more about resin. We both attended and agreed it was a fantastic introduction to the skill/hobby. Richard was a great teacher and was very patient with everyone, providing input when needed. We would love to continue to learn about resin and will definitely be booking another workshop. Would highly recommend."

16 Jun 22'

Hugo reviewed: Beginners Woodworking: Make a Bread Board

"This is a great course, run by a great teacher. Richard explains everything in a way that even a complete begginer can feel confident to make a great bread board. This experience really exceeded my expectations, I would definitely recommend it!"

16 Jun 22'

Patrycja Chomiak reviewed: Beginners Woodworking: Make a Bread Board

"This course is a great experience that I would definitely recommend to anyone! Richard is an amazing teacher, even without any experience in woodworking I ended up making a grat bread board that I'm super happy with!"

11 Jun 22'

Peter reviewed: Beginners Woodworking: Make a Bread Board

"Richard runs a very friendly course, we were encouraged to assist each other where needed. The facilities were really good, with a cafe on site for breaks. Those of us with more experience could move at a faster pace or modify the design of the board slightly. I'm very pleased with mine, almost a shame to use it for bread!"

8 Jun 22'

Samantha Nixon reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop (Afternoon)

"Brilliant intro to resin. Highly recommend for anyone new to resin. Lots of technical information whilst being fun too! Richard is very friendly and a great teacher. Thoroughly enjoyed, thank you Richard 🙂"

6 Jun 22'

Marilena Runcan reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop (Afternoon)

"Great workshop. I would recommend it to anyone trying to understand the basics of epoxy resin pour."

5 Jun 22'

Tony reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop (Afternoon)

"Great introduction. Richard is a great tutor! Cant wait for part 2."

5 Jun 22'

Julian reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop (Afternoon)

"Arrived knowing nothing about Epoxy Resin. Richard shared information with the group in a very patient and friendly way, and we all learnt so much. Starting with setting and creating a sealed frame, and inserting live edged timber, to mixing the epoxy resin to the correct formula, adding colour and pouring it into the frame to create the miniature (very miniature) live edged table. A fab way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Highly recommended."

31 May 22'

Daiva reviewed: Epoxy Resin Art Masterclass: Seascapes

"Lovely experience, I really enjoyed. Seascape coasters that I created look nice and other students' work also looked great when we finished. It took me 1hr 40 min to travel to the studio because I live far away but it was worth it and I would do it again. It was great to learn and to see how other students do it, also - learn from our mistakes. I'll be attending other classes in a future."

28 May 22'

Maximilian Allison reviewed: Beginners Woodworking: Make a Bread Board

"This course was great. The instructor, Richard, was very helpful and made the task very approachable and safe. The pace of the class was good, it was efficient but explanatory. I will be returning again and would recommend this to anyone interested in starting woodwork!"

9 May 22'

Ellie reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop (Afternoon)

"Had a great afternoon on the beginners epoxy resin workshop on Saturday 7th May. Richard was great at explaining everything and I gained a lot of knowledge. Can't wait to receive my block. I have even planned my next project and built the mould ready to do a pour. Fabulous course!"

8 May 22'

karen hayhoe reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop (Afternoon)

"I really enjoyed my afternoon yesterday and cant wait to see how my mini river block turned out! I'm looking forward to experimenting at home first, but would definitely return for another course. Richard was a patient and fun tutor and was very generous with his knowledge and tips."

8 May 22'

Ahmet reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop (Morning)

"The class was very good, informative, relaxed and fun from the beginning. Even though I didn’t know much about Epoxy resin I left the class with so much helpful information. Richard was calm, patient and was explaining every detail very well. I’m looking forward to our next classes. Excellent."

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