The River Shop reviews

14 Mar 22'

Adam Mustafa reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"This was a really amazing class. Richard was incredibly engaging and knowledgeable, it was very well worth the money and I can not wait to do all the courses available. Extremely great space and class!"

10 Mar 22'

Matt reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"I attended the course due to an obsession with resin - and I'm so glad I did. Richard really knows his stuff, and had an excellent way of sharing that information, tailoring what he says to people of different abilities. Someone has left a review saying Richard was 'stand offish'. They must have been at a different course!"

9 Mar 22'

Alice Simpson reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"Anyone contemplating doing anything with Epozy Resin needs to do this course. I learnt a huge amount in only 2 and a half hours. My only criticism was that I would have liked a hand out with everything I had learnt on the course. My 56 year old brain can only remember so much. Having said that, just make sure you take a pen and paper to write your own notes. Richard is such a great instructor. He made the course fun and interesting. Highly recommend."

8 Mar 22'

Hameeda reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"Thank you Richard for a wonderful afternoon learning the basics of resin pouring and measuring. This is the first time I have I have used resin but I feel a lot more confident in tackling my own projects with the knowledge I have gained."

6 Mar 22'

V Grant-Stewart reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"What a great informative course, we were taken through all the beginner steps clearly and concisely. Richard was a great tutor. Would definitely recommend."

5 Mar 22'

Adam reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"Received this as a gift. Very informative and knowlegable tutor. Really enjoyed the course and have lots of ideas for future projects."

5 Mar 22'

Nikki reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"Very much enjoyed this course, lots of information, in a really friendly environment. Looking forward to part 2"

3 Mar 22'

Cary reviewed: Beginners Woodworking: Make a Bread Board

"This course exceeded my expectations. Great tutor, clear instructions and on the whole a very fun day. I will likely be returning to do some of the other available courses. Would definitely recommend."

1 Mar 22'

S Brown reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop Part Two - Resin Finishing

"Having poured my resin in Part 1, I looked forward to attending Part 2 to complete the process. I am very happy with my finished coasters. As in the previous class, Richard took the time to to answer the questions I brought from Part 1 and refreshed the points I hadn't quite grasped first time around. The use of the machinery was not a new experience for me personally being familiar with all that we used, however for a novice user it is an ideal opportunity to get some hands on experience in a controlled environment. I am looking forward to being able to use the knowledge I have acquired in these 2 courses to add decorative dimensions to my future woodworking projects. I would recommend these courses to anyone considering working with resin for the first time. Looking forward to undertaking future courses."

28 Feb 22'

Louise reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"I throughly enjoyed this course, learnt everything I needed to about epoxy resin pouring and will definitely be looking to book more courses with Richard in the future!!"

28 Feb 22'

Charlie reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"Very professional, had a great time and learnt a lot! Left feeling very confident and will definitely be back in the future!"

28 Feb 22'

Natasha Eynon reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"**posted on behalf of my partner** My partner bought this course for me for Christmas (however we have been asked to write separate reviews). I felt that it was a good experience to learn the foundations of epoxy, and am pleased with my work. I would like to have heard more about finishing, but that is another course."

The River Shop responded:

" Hi There, I’m so sorry to read you didn’t have a better experience on the course. We try our best to make sure everyone has the time and space to learn all about the process and enjoy themselves at the same time. Please get in touch with anything we could have done differently and we will do our best to incorporate your ideas and make the course run better for future students. Thank you for your feedback. Richard"

28 Feb 22'

Natasha Eynon reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"Myself and my partner did this course (although we have been asked to post separate reviews). We were seeking to understand the basics of epoxy pouring, and the class was good for that. We learnt a lot about what not to do. The group was very friendly, which was nice, however, I would say that Richard could be a bit standoffish, particularly when certain people were asking questions."

The River Shop responded:

" Hi Natasha, I’m so sorry to read that the course didn’t meet your expectations, especially if you left feeling you had unanswered questions. The course is designed to facilitate as positive a learning experience as possible and my aim is to ensure everyone leaves feeling prepared and confident to tackle their own projects. Please feel free to get in touch if you want any support on this subject in the future. Sincerely Richard"

26 Feb 22'

Ava reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"I really loved this course! I came and did it with my Dad. It was a bit scary at first as I was the only kid. But the instructor, Richard, was really nice and helpful. I had so much fun and learnt a lot. I can’t wait to come back and do more courses! Ava (age 11)"

13 Feb 22'

Paula Tinslay-Mason reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"I went along with my friend as it was something she was interested in and wanted a buddy to join her. I found the course very informative, it kept my attention and was fun. I was impressed that I managed to create a cool resin river, Richard was a great teacher, answered all the questions and kept the class interactive and everyone involved."

11 Feb 22'

Gill reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"Informative and fun. Richard is a patient, learner centred tutor. He gave us a basic understanding of how best to handle the materials and then practice the basics under his careful supervision. As a group we achieved some really satisfying results. I now feel inspired and equipped with the confidence to have a go at a bigger and more challenging project."

7 Feb 22'

Nicola Harrison reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"5 star review! Thank you so much for such a lovely introduction to Expoxy resin. I had such a great afternoon on the beginners course. Richard’s knowledge, experience and passion coupled with a desire to help others to develop their skills and craft make this really enjoyable, informative and relaxed. I loved your workshop and the shop area next next door. Well done for creating such a great space to deliver your courses and to share your experience. Everyone in the course was so lovely and friendly, it was great to share the workshop with so many nice people. I would love to attend part 2 to create the coaster. Thank you again. Your course has exceeded all my expectations. So grateful you could accommodate me. I would highly recommend this course to everyone. Kindest regards Nicola"

6 Feb 22'

S Brown reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"As a YouTube novice to the world of resin with no practical experience, this was an ideal starting point for me. Richard was an engaging tutor who took the time to answer my own specific questions, as well as those from the other students. I would recommend this class to anyone wishing to start their journey into resin creativity. Suggestion - an handout to all students at the end of the class whether hard copy or e-mailed to all class members with pertinent information."

6 Feb 22'

Jennie reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"First time using epoxy resin and loved it. Richard explained everything well and took the time to make sure we all understood each step. Would definitely recommend the course if you wanting to use these amazing products correctly."

6 Feb 22'

Helen reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"Richard was a super teacher answering all questions, very knowledgeable. Great course highly recommend. Looking forward to seeing our finished pieces and attending more courses!"

5 Feb 22'

Richard wilkwy reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop Part Two - Resin Finishing

"I had the privilege of attending part one of this course and as a complete novice, I feel I came away well equipped to have the confidence to go it alone at home. Richard is a great teacher and you can see his passion for the craft. Highly recommend this course for people new to exopy resin."

5 Feb 22'

kate miles reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"Great course, great location and so informative. Will definitely be back to learn more. Thank you Richard! Tom Miles"

5 Feb 22'

kate miles reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"An excellent course. Richard was so knowledgeable and answered my 10000 questions. Will definitely be booking again and it was lovely to meet other people who were interested in learning something new."

5 Feb 22'

Hayley Wedgbury reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"A really enjoyable learning experience. Richard was very helpful and willing to answers questions. I’m definitely going to do the river table course, I’m really looking forward to it. I would highly recommend."

9 Jan 22'

Allan reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"Informative and fun basic intro to crafting with epoxy resin. All explained well, and plenty of time to ask questions and experiment as well as finish your first bit of art."

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