The River Shop reviews

29 Jan 23'

Niall Stephenson reviewed: Intro to Table Making

"A great course with a great teacher. Richard explained everything clearly enabling beginners to understand the subject and those with previous experience to build on their knowledge. Richard went above and beyond in answering any questions posed to him. I would highly recommend and look forward to doing another course with Richard."

27 Jan 23'

Yohan Fernando reviewed: Beginners Woodworking: Make a Bread Board

"Did the course today and I can confidently say that it’s an exceptional introductory workshop for woodworking. Not only you get to know the basics of making a beautiful breadboard, Richard and Dan will make sure to give you all the pro tips of using tools such as drop saw, router, sander..etc. Small groups mean you are not rushed and have ample time to practice the tools before working on your breadboard. Richard is very knowledgeable and also very patient. Dan is always around to give you a hand and engrave the board if you wish to do so. Pretty satisfying day! "

27 Jan 23'

Sean Lima reviewed: Intro to Table Making

"Another great course from Richard and the River Shop that I did as a follow up to the resin workshop. Lots of handy tips and tricks that I'll be able to apply to bigger projects and general wood working, not just tables. It was great being able to use some more advanced machinery while we also learned how to use more basic tools available to the DIYer. Highly recommend the course and can't wait to receive my table top once it's ready. "

14 Jan 23'

Laura Krantz reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"This was a fantastic course from beginning to end. I really enjoyed learning about resin and was really pleased with my end result. We’ll be back for more courses! "

13 Jan 23'

Sean Lima reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"This was a great course. Richard is a very patient, clear and informative instructor and I really learned a lot, which will help immensely when I start making my own projects. He was happy to answer questions related to other wood projects and you can see the passion he has for teaching. The initial investment is the course may seem expensive, but what you learn will help avoid so many costly mistakes later on. Highly recommend this course and I've already booked onto the table making course with The River Shop. "

11 Jan 23'

Jack Dimmock reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"The course was extremely good, our teacher was excellent, he showed us everything we needed to know for private crafts and I feel very confident to grow my skills and practice. Some of the provided materials weren't appealing, I was lucky a participant was absent and I swapped their wooden river materials for mine. Then whilst there were provided colour examples, there was no way to determine what material would create what colour. It should be said, if I was more confident I'd be more satisfied."

11 Jan 23'

Josh A reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"Very informative and engaging workshop that enabled me to create a great board whilst having a good time! Would recommend to anyone interested in resin as a great way to start."

11 Jan 23'

Cassandra reviewed: Beginners Woodworking: Make a Bread Board

"Good introduction to woodworking. "

8 Jan 23'

Jo reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"I enjoyed the course very much. However, I felt that, the course would have worked better for me, if the practical and theory would have been separate, not altogether. It was clear that the teacher was knowledgeable, and was giving out information, but we had to be getting on with other jobs, so it meant that I wasn’t able to retain the information given. I feel that the time allocated to the course is too short. "

5 Dec 22'

K. Seeger reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"It was a wonderful workshop! I learned a lot and it was done in a very personal way. Would definitely recommend. "

30 Nov 22'

Andrei M reviewed: Beginners Woodworking: Make a Bread Board

"Really good introduction into woodworking and using power tools. Richard is a very passionate woodworker and a great teacher."

25 Nov 22'

Hannah reviewed: Beginners Woodworking: Make a Bread Board

"I chose this course as a taster to see if I wanted to invest more time and money into woodworking. I’m glad I did! The class size was just right with everyone getting enough time to complete the steps and use the machinery. Richard is a very balanced tutor, there to offer support and advice but also allowing you to explore your own ideas and find your own way with the tools. I’m currently looking at Richard’s other courses as well as ones more focussed on joinery and hand tools. Thanks for a great day. "

25 Nov 22'

Nat reviewed: Beginners Woodworking: Make a Bread Board

"The course was good and Richard was an amicable and thorough instructor. I really recommend it if you want to get a taste of working with wood and to see if it's a hobby for you. My only gripe was that everything was done with machines, which is not a bad thing, but it does mean I can't really take the things I've learnt on the course and try myself as I don't have access to a fully kitted out woodworking studio! Also, it's advertised as 7½ hours duration (10:00am to 5:30pm), so I was really surprised and disappointed to find myself being done and leaving at 2:30pm. That was 3 extra hours I thought I'd paid for that I wasn't getting. I'd almost spent longer travelling to get there than I did on the course. "

The River Shop responded:

" Hi Nat, Thanks so much for your feedback. Our course times have been a tough one to get right for some time now. We are now currently we running a 5 hour course rather than 7.5. Although when the winter cold arrives we will go back to 7.5 to allow more drying time for glue. The workshop tasks don’t vary at all. Noted re machining. We do offer the facilities of our workshop to students who want to embark on bespoke projects although this might not be suitable for those that travel further. If you’d like any input on best tools to buy starting off, do not hesitate to get in touch. Thanks again for coming today and we appreciate your input. Hopefully we have you back for another course soon. Look out for your breadboard in the post! Richard "

25 Nov 22'

Ben reviewed: Beginners Woodworking: Make a Bread Board

"Fantastic course to dip your toes into woodworking! Richard was a great teacher and I’ll certainly be looking into some more advanced courses with him."

21 Nov 22'

Lynne O'Brien reviewed: Epoxy Resin Art Masterclass: Seascapes

"A very enjoyable and informative afternoon. We learnt a lot about using resin and Richard was very happy to answer all of our questions. I'm looking forward to receiving the finished pieces"

21 Nov 22'

Lisa Eaton reviewed: Epoxy Resin Art Masterclass: Seascapes

"A fun and informative workshop. Richard is knowledgeable and explained everything in a clear and engaging manner."

20 Nov 22'

Rachel O'Brien reviewed: Epoxy Resin Art Masterclass: Seascapes

"Had an amazing time at the class with my mum and my aunt. Richard not only showed us how to make the coasters, but explained how resin works and what we would need to do to work with it in the future."

20 Nov 22'

Alex Andronic reviewed: Epoxy Resin Art Masterclass: Seascapes

"The class has been great. The instructor has been very organised and knowledgable. Definitely recommend it to anyone that wants to get a strong foundation on how to use Epoxy resin. "

6 Nov 22'

Nathan reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"Richard was really knowledgeable and helped you to understand the process so you can try again at home. Enjoyed seeing what you can do with wood and resin. "

29 Oct 22'

Ruby reviewed: Beginners Woodworking: Make a Bread Board

"Such a great course and learnt so much in one day! Perfect balance of hands on practical experience and learning. Loved it and would highly recommend. Richard is such an engaging tutor, which makes it even more fun and easy to digest, no matter what your level of experience is! Will definitely be booking on one of the other classes. "

23 Oct 22'

Gauthier reviewed: Epoxy Resin Art Masterclass: Seascapes

"Great course, super happy with how the results turned out!"

1 Oct 22'

M reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"Six months ago I have done this course as the 1st step to get some experience in working with epoxy. Richard was very engaging and got everyone excited about learning how to work with epoxy resin. "

7 Sep 22'

Alex & Manu reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"Thoroughly enjoyed this course. The instructor was great and the work was very engaging so much so that the 3 hours flew by! The work was also very doable even with little prior woodworking experience but was also applicable to all levels (additional detail was given for anyone looking to develop their skills further). Would definitely sign up to another course with The River Shop!"

5 Sep 22'

Rob reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"Really fun afternoon learning a new skill. Great way to spend a few hours quality time with my Dad. Richard has a great teaching style. It was a fun and informative class and we were both pleased with our creations! Rob (& Dennis!)"

5 Sep 22'

S. Ali reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"An informative introduction to epoxy, in a clean and tidy compact space. Course was interactive with an amazing product produced at the end. I enjoyed the small class size too. Thank you. "

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