The River Shop reviews

2 Oct 21'

Charlotte de Lacey reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"As a complete beginner this course was great for me, talking me through all of the steps, giving clear instructions and I thoroughly enjoyed it - I can't wait to see the finished result!"

2 Oct 21'

Christopher Ashcroft reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"Having tried unsuccessfully to work with wood and resin through video tutorials I decided to attend this face-to-face course for beginners. Definitely the right choice! Richard is a very knowledgeable and friendly "tutor" who clearly has a passion for working with resins. From constructing a mould, sealing wood, calculating resin volumes, mixing resins and even the use of liquid and powder colours, this easy to understand course has it all. Already looking forward to my next course - how to achieve a high quality finish - using the piece I created today. I wish I'd done this a couple of years ago - it would have saved £'s in wasted resin! Thoroughly recommended."

5 Sep 21'

Andy Cooper reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"Really great beginner resin course. was very informative and the learning was made easy by course leader who was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Perfect for those wanting to learn this as a new skill"

5 Sep 21'

Lara & Ryan reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"What an excellent, informative and enjoyable afternoon. We learnt so much so quickly and Richard is a great teacher. Can't wait to do part 2 and future courses with Richard to learn from his vast amount of experience. Would recommend this to anyone thinking of working with epoxy resin."

4 Sep 21'

Ian Whitlock reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"Really good course - and Richard clearly explains the principles of resin, and how to apply them. The course then applies these principles in making a mould, and then mixing and pouring resin. I really enjoyed the course, and well worth attending."

4 Sep 21'

Liz Edwins reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"I was a complete beginner to work with epoxy resin and I learned lots of the practical skills, principles and also how to put your own artistic stamp on your work. My class was run by Richard who was very welcoming and interesting. He made me feel at ease so I felt able to ask questions and check when I wasn’t sure. The workshop is light, airy and was set in an interesting creative hub. I had a really great morning and certainly want to come back for the second part of the course."

24 Aug 21'

Peter Marsh reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"Richard is an attentive and interesting teacher of this very good course. Basics are explained, and questions are well answered giving in-depth knowledge as needed. Just enough making to be able to practice most of the starter elements. The workshop is a bit stuffy on a hot day, so if it is warm I'd wear light clothes!"

23 Aug 21'

Tom Golesworthy reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"Really enjoyed the course with Richard, who was a great tutor. The entire process was well explained, providing a theoretical understanding of how resin works and behaves, and giving us the knowledge we need to be able to successfully create projects at home. The concept of the class was based around river tables, but the knowledge can be applied to any project involving resin. The workspace was thoughtfully appointed, with everything we needed. It also felt very safe from a Covid perspective."

17 Aug 21'

Ajahnii Lewis reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"As someone who had zero experience working with and using epoxy resin, I took a gamble on this class hoping to learn the basics of a new skill. And I must say I've come away feeling incredibly confident about starting up this new hobby and possibly turning it into a business venture. Richard went above and beyond with his engaging explanations and demonstrations and really did his best to make the afternoon as fun and interesting as possible. I love the fact Richard offered to give us advice in the future if we reach out to him, and I for one will be sure to do so! I might even be back for a river table class..."

9 Aug 21'

Maureen Brown reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"A great course Richard is a great teacher and very patient and friendly. the class was not rushed at all. Was very enjoyable. I went on this course to find out what I was doing wrong with my own work Richard put me straight . I am looking forward to hopefully doing the next one that follows this one I also want to do the table. What a great few hours .I recommend this course to anyone interested in using resin."

8 Aug 21'

Michael Edwards reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"Course was very informative and gives all the basics to be able to ‘have a go’ yourself. The tuition was set at the perfect level for all level of experience, and i for one got a lot out of it .... highly recommend it."

7 Aug 21'

David Norwood reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"As a disabled user I foubd the course teacher Richard very understanding arrange a stool so I could sit during the whole course, he was also well versed in resin problems and how to avoid wasting any extra resin left over, ways to avoid cross over of colours and how to calculate amount of resin needed, also none mathematical methods of working out the amount needed, thus enable person who are not great at maths a easy way of working out what you need, also useful suppliers and ongoing help from a company who supplies resin, he also run the course in a Covid19 friendly environment with space for all to avoid to much contact, I.E. less than on a bus or train."

27 Jul 21'

Sky Craig reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"Really great resin course! Teacher was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Perfect for those wanting to learn for business or personal use :)"

15 Jul 21'

Vicky Spence reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop Part Two - Resin Finishing

"We did part 1 and then re-booked for part 2. I attended with my son, we both enjoyed the course and would book something else."

11 Jul 21'

Mark reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"Fantastic beginners course, great insight into how to start making resin pieces, will definitely try to make the 2nd course to learn more."

27 Jun 21'

Janine Khoshnevisan reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"I did this course yesterday and was thoroughly impressed. The process was well explained with plenty of hints and tips on how to continue with this medium on your own afterwards. In spite of us all being complete beginners we produced stunning and sometimes surprisingly interesting results. No two were the same. I would highly recommend this course."

26 Jun 21'

Graham Mackman reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"Great intro course to working with resin to produce real art. Richard set a good pace and the combination of the practical work and the hints & tips was spot on. The passion he has for the art came through and he had time for everyone with a question. Would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to try something a little different."

26 Jun 21'

Neil Kelly reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"I attended the course on 12th June. I have recently become interested in working with resin but wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t need to worry. The course was excellent. Very informative, received lots of support and came away feeling confident to give it a go myself. Couldn’t have asked for more. Looking forward to my next course. Thank you."

16 Jun 21'

JOHN HUME reviewed: Epoxy resin river coffee table workshop

"I have previously attended a course run by Richard Wagner which was excellent in all respects. Richard was extremely well prepared with good facilities and material for the project. He is very skilled on the techniques and also has a generous and informative style of teaching that encourages all skill levels to take part. I would thoroughly recommend Richard and the course."

12 Jun 21'

Tim Bishop reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"This course was really excellent. I have just complete the course today 12 June and it really exceeded my expectations. Richard has a great way of getting people to think about the situation and come up with really pertinent questions. The pace was really measured and I was very pleased that it covered in detail the mold construction and sealing plus mold release and how to calculate the volume of resin to prepare. I had already booked on the part 2 of this course and I am very please I have. I can’t wait. I probably could have spent the rest of the day there just asking questions as the whole subject was fascinating. Thank you Richard and I look forward to part 2."

31 May 21'

Ike reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop Part Two - Resin Finishing

"Richard really demystified the whole process and made it so easy for me to create a beautifully finished resin coaster. I didn't know what to expect at first but was so happy that this course is very hands on whilst giving us the relevant information and guidance throughout. I would highly recommend this course for anyone at any level! I really enjoyed it and Richard is a great teacher. I'm looking forward to attend his other courses!!!"

30 May 21'

Pam Bailey reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"I attended this course on May 15th. I have been interested in resin craft for a while and thought this would be a good introduction to learn the basics. Richard was very knowledgeable on all aspects of the course. There was a lot of information to absorb on the day and because the class was quite large I couldn't quite grasp the working out of the measurements (parts of resin to parts of hardener) although Richard did sort it out on his calculator. I wish I had separated the resin in to more cups. I had used two cups but when pouring the two mixtures in to the mould they ended up mixing together so didn't really show separate colours. I did enjoy the course but wish there would have been more tips on how to get the different shades and effects that you see in most resin products."

30 May 21'

Alan Bailey reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"I completed the course on the 15th May. Richard was very good, informative and calm. He took time to explain the process before diving in and very helpful throughout. As all things creative I enjoyed the experience. The workshop was well organised and pleasant to work in."

29 May 21'

Daniel i reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"Great epoxy resing beginners course for starting out very informative and the teacher very happy to answer any questions"

29 May 21'

Sara I reviewed: Beginners Epoxy Resin Workshop

"Great beginners workshop, learnt everything needed to start using epoxy and combining with wood. Very helpful and friendly teaching. Venue was easy to find and well equipped for workshop."

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