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Natalie Bradwell is The Iron Lady, taking on any job in metal, except cars and horseshoes! Spanning food, agriculture, oil and gas, manufacturing and arts industries – thanks to her ability to see metal as a material and communicate with clients how metal works for them. This obsession with metals; steels, copper, aluminium etc, the chemistry of change and our ability to manipulate are what drives Natalie to search for the next challenge and the next opportunity to learn.

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Metalwork Craft weekend with The Iron Lady
Next date: 7th Oct 2023
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Welding course: Mig, Tig, Stick, with the Iron Lady
Next date: 21st Oct 2023
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4 Jun 23'

Maria McCann reviewed: Metalwork Craft weekend with The Iron Lady

"Amazing weekend! Natalie is so knowledgeable and patient. Loved trying out TiG, MiG, blacksmithing and plasma cutting. Definitely going to do more! Thanks to Natalie and George for a fabulous experience. If you’re thinking about having a go - do it!"

16 Apr 23'

Henry Buckeldee reviewed: Welding course: Mig, Tig, Stick, with the Iron Lady

"Excellent course. Given as much instruction as you want and then left to play. I left feeling given more practice I could achieve a good standard of TIG welding. Now planning a project so I can return. There is a lot to take in, and the final 2 hours you can choose what process you want to concentrate on. Used TIG on mild steel and stainless with good results. Up to date equipment with things like HF start on TIG, and reactive welding helmets, make it so much easier. And a final tip from Natalie on how to spot weld with TIG was so useful. She is a very passionate and supportive teacher, helps you to get it just right and succeed. Make the most of your time, and stay to the end in the immersive atmosphere."

10 Apr 23'

Simon Chesney reviewed: Welding course: Mig, Tig, Stick, with the Iron Lady

"A fantastic introduction to welding from Natalie who delights in sharing her knowledge. I have signed up for her full weekend course already! Thoroughly recommend course for anyone interested in working with metal."

Bradwell Blacksmiths - The Iron Lady responded:

" Hi Simon Thank you for taking the time to leave a review, it was a pleasure having you in the workshop. I look forward to seeing you again in June :)"

28 Feb 23'

Stuart reviewed: Metalwork Craft weekend with The Iron Lady

"This course is AMAZING. On the first day we learnt to TIG and MIG Weld, Plasma Cutting and how to use the Forge. On the second day we put our training into practise and everyone on the course made something different. With Natalie's expert tuition and boundless enthusiasm, you pick up the basics of each skill incredibly quickly; you just wouldn't believe what we all managed to create after just one day! I'm very excited to put my new-found skills into practise and will certainly return for more training when the opportunity arises. I'd thoroughly recommend this course, even if you are not that creative, you will have great time and will learn some new skills very quickly. "

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