Bradwell Blacksmiths - The Iron Lady reviews

28 Feb 23'

Stuart reviewed: Metalwork Craft weekend with The Iron Lady

"This course is AMAZING. On the first day we learnt to TIG and MIG Weld, Plasma Cutting and how to use the Forge. On the second day we put our training into practise and everyone on the course made something different. With Natalie's expert tuition and boundless enthusiasm, you pick up the basics of each skill incredibly quickly; you just wouldn't believe what we all managed to create after just one day! I'm very excited to put my new-found skills into practise and will certainly return for more training when the opportunity arises. I'd thoroughly recommend this course, even if you are not that creative, you will have great time and will learn some new skills very quickly. "

18 Jan 23'

Nicola Montagu reviewed: Welding course: Mig, Tig, Stick, with the Iron Lady

"Had great fun and learnt a lot"

11 Dec 22'

Jules Pointon & Steve Frost reviewed: Metalwork Craft weekend with The Iron Lady

"Really great course! - Natalie was really helpfully and friendly and really positive able any project you wanted to do. After teaching you the required H&S and methodology of each types of welding and forging she let us get on with our own projects helping with her colleague all the way - really great course "

Bradwell Blacksmiths - The Iron Lady responded:

" Thanks Jules and Steve for the review and for an excellent weekend! I"

17 May 22'

LUKE J WEST reviewed: Welding course: Mig, Tig, Stick, with the Iron Lady

"Great decision to take this course. Learned so much. Plenty of time to discuss my own projects and seek advice, too."

1 May 22'

Franni reviewed: Welding course: Mig, Tig, Stick, with the Iron Lady

"Outstanding course. Very roomy workshop which was well-organised for students. More than adequate supplies of safety equipment. Fantastic welding masks. Tutor is massively knowledgeable and experienced but manages to give clear and easy to follow instructions and demonstrations. I was amazed that we, as complete beginners, were welding within an hour and a half of arriving. Excellent range of kit to try. We came home really delighted and keen to have another go. Suitable for all ages"

16 Feb 22'

Andrew Starrs reviewed: Welding course: Mig, Tig, Stick, with the Iron Lady

"A very enjoyable day. Natalie is a great teacher and we were able to get practicing very quickly. I would highly recommend the course and I will be returning soon to extend my skills - thanks Natalie!"

10 Feb 22'

Chris Mountain reviewed: Metalwork Craft weekend with The Iron Lady

"A great course, with all the info I wanted, arranged in a thoughtful and precise way. Natalie is relentlessly enthusiastic and encouraging and tailored our weekends to what we wanted to learn. If you need more time with Natalie you can have it, if you want to be left alone to ,'play,' then no worries. 100% recommended and 2 thumbs up."

7 Sep 20'

Freddy Saben reviewed: Welding course: Mig, Tig, Stick, with the Iron Lady

"I went on Natalie's - Stick,Tig,Mig - welding course to learn about the different welding machines and to get some experience of welding. The course was fantastic and I enjoyed every second of it. I ended the day having gained some understanding of welding techniques and how to use the different types of welding machines. Natalie was so helpful and explained everything before we were let loose in her welding booths and she gives you tuition throughout the day. This is a very good beginners course and I recommend it to anyone who wants to know something of the world of welding."

31 Aug 20'

Paul Rutt reviewed: Metalwork Craft weekend with The Iron Lady

"Natalie’s experience and enthusiasm for everything metal shows through, add to that the ability and patience to teach results in a thoroughly and enjoyable introductory course for beginners. I would highly recommend Natalie to anybody either looking to get involved with metal for the first time or seeking to improve their knowledge. I will certainly be keen to visit again to learn more. Paul."

6 Aug 20'

Phil Hodgson reviewed: TIG welding day

"This was the second course run by Natalie I have attended. Both were absolutely brilliant. She is an excellent instructor and really knows her metal work and welding. She has a great set up in her workshop, with individual bays each having air extraction and other safety features. I learned much more than I expected on both courses. From the Saturday welding day I felt I learned how to use a variety of welding methods effectively and safely to make joints in a variety of metals. Very highly recommended."

4 Aug 20'

Paul reviewed: TIG welding day

"What a brilliant day. I had no prior knowledge of welding. I got to try out MIG, TIG and Stick welding of mild steel and stainless steel. Natalie is a great instructor, down to earth and encouraging. She has individual bays for safety. The course exceeded my expectations and I feel confident enough to attempt small DIY projects."

30 Jul 20'

Ian reviewed: Welding course: Mig, Tig, Stick, with the Iron Lady

"A great one day course to give you a taster. Natalie explains each different type of welding and then demonstrates. With her help and support you then get to do it yourself. You are encouraged to practice and experiment. When something goes wrong or you have questions Natalie is there to offer encouragement and advice. I've now learnt enough to go away and practice at home."

30 Jul 20'

Chris reviewed: TIG welding day

"All very impressive. Left the course feeling I can weld safely, and know what to look into in order to improve in the future."

22 Jul 20'

Nathan reviewed: TIG welding day

"Natalie was an excellent teacher. She made you feel comfortable and at easy with welding. It can be a daunting course if not done before, but she always made you at ease and answered any questions you had. Totally recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn Welding."

16 Jul 20'

Jamie Robinson reviewed: Metalwork Craft weekend with The Iron Lady

"Awesome course, covered all the key metalwork skills in a really short time. There is so much to learn and the course gives you the opportunity to explore where you want to go and go for it. Natalie is a really natural instructor. Shows you the core steps and then observes your broader skill level to see where you need help, but if you don't need it, she lets you crack on until you do need it. Not only did I come away with my first ever metal sculpture but have the confidence to crack on at home with my kit car build with a solid of skills to employ. Thanks again Natalie."

10 Mar 20'

Pete axon reviewed: Welding course: Mig, Tig, Stick, with the Iron Lady

"This 1 day course was amazing. I am a complete beginner and had some sight issues but Natalie was understanding and helped me overcome this problem. Natalie's enthusiasm and knowledge is infectious. She makes the day fun, teaches you all you need to know about safety, and how to use the equipment. Once you begin to learn to weld then its practice, practice and more practice. The course is a great insight into welding and I would strongly recommend this course. 10 out 10, 5 stars and Natalie is a great teacher. Thank you so much Natalie. Pete"

5 Mar 20'

Sarah Tolley reviewed: Metalwork Craft weekend with The Iron Lady

"I absolutely loved the two day taster course. I was looking forward to it so much and it surpassed all my expectations! Natalie was a brilliant teacher with huge patience, enthusiasm and skill! We had a chance to use lots of different techniques and came away with a finished piece. Natalie and her team were really welcoming and encouraging, I'd highly recommend it to anyone who is tempted to give metal working a go, inspirational stuff! Thanks so much!"

12 Oct 19'

Steve reviewed: Welding course: Mig, Tig, Stick, with the Iron Lady

"What a fantastic day of welding I had on this course, Natalie is an unbelievable teacher that shows you so many skills in a days'course that you can then take away with you and practice practice practice. Her own skill level is immense and it’s great to watch her at work from under your welding helmet!! A course unmissable if your a complete beginner or just a bit rusty. Go and do it!!. Loved it. Thank you Natalie. Steve"

21 Aug 19'

mark reviewed: TIG welding day

"I completed the TIG welding day course last Saturday not having any previous experience. Natalie is an excellant, enthusiastic and positive instructor. Oh and patient, very patient as I initially struggled to create a weld that was not full of holes. By the end of the day things were coming together well. I would massively recommend this course for anyone wanting to learn a new skill or improve an existing one. Thanks Natalie."

3 Aug 19'

Chris Scriven reviewed: Welding course: Mig, Tig, Stick, with the Iron Lady

"I have just spent a fabulous day with the Iron Lady, it flew past and was really good. We covered loads of ground and Natalie’s enthusiasm is really infectious helping everyone beginners or experienced people alike. I heartily recommend the course..."

10 Jul 19'

Ashley Thompson reviewed: Metalwork Craft weekend with The Iron Lady

"Great course, great teacher, great way to spend two days. I learnt so much in my time in Natalie's workshop and was given plenty of time and space to explore and improve. I would highly recommend."

9 Jul 19'

Petra reviewed: Metalwork Craft weekend with The Iron Lady

"Superb. Natalie is an excellent teacher, very knowledgeable and manages to help everyone with their individual needs, interests and varied abilities, thoroughly enjoyed the two days and learnt so much, but in a very manageable way. MIG, TIG, stick welding and blacksmithing with a finished individual project, superb. I would definitely recommend you give it a go whatever you level of experience, brilliant."

9 Jul 19'

Ashley Thompson reviewed: Welding course: Mig, Tig, Stick, with the Iron Lady

"A great day covering a wide range of techniques. Natalie was brilliant at explaining and demonstrating the necessary techniques which helped me to leave full of confidence and ready to weld some stuff!"

9 Jul 19'

Claire reviewed: Metalwork Craft weekend with The Iron Lady

"What a brilliant course. So much to learn and Natalie is a great teacher, enthusiastic, patient and fun. I was introduced to so many new skills and with a lot of help from both Natalie and her assistant Seb, I came away with a great piece that I love. I can highly recommend this course, I want to do it all again."

9 Jun 19'

Chris Turner reviewed: Welding course: Mig, Tig, Stick, with the Iron Lady

"I have just completed this one day course and have to say it was the best best fun I have had in ages. It is a full on day, but as well as enjoying it for the totally hands on approach, I learnt so much in such a short space of time. Natalie has an infectious passion for her work that she passes on with a warm and easy manner. She is easy to work with and gets you doing work that seemed impossible beforehand. If you think you can't weld then Natalie will quickly prove you wrong. Many thanks Natalie for such a great experience! (TIG rules from now on)."

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