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I work as a teacher and artisan both in stained glass and traditional buiding techniques. After a Fine Art degree I first started stained glass myself in 2002 as an evening class and never looked back. I have a passion for traditional crafts and I enjoy being able to bring enthusiam and energy to teaching others. The glass courses I run at our purpose built applied arts workshop are designed to give students the chance to develop their own ideas and it is amazing what gets produced.

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One day stained glass classes by Le Breton Traditional
Next date: Sep 24th
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Private One to One Stained glass by Le Breton Traditional (near Exeter/Crediton/Tiverton)
Next date: Aug 16th

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8 Jun 22'

Shaun reviewed: One day stained glass classes by Le Breton Traditional

"Matt was extremely friendly, and very welcoming and as a complete novice he was very helpful in the teaching of all the aspects of the stain glass I would recommend his class to anyone"

8 Jun 22'

Jane reviewed: One day stained glass classes by Le Breton Traditional

"Matt is an amazing teacher, really knowledgeable and so encouraging. The day was really enjoyable and I would highly recommend Matt’s workshops."

4 Apr 22'

Sue Adams-McMillan reviewed: One day stained glass classes by Le Breton Traditional

"I received a one day stained glass workshop course as a gift, and what a wonderful present it was. The workshop is in a lovely setting and there is plenty of space, light and glass of all different colours and textures for you get crafty with. You get your own workspace with all the required equipment to make a design of your own, or if you are not that way inclined there are designs that Matt can offer you. You get to learn how to do traditional stained glass windows, or the copper foil method. I opted for the copper foil method and I wasn't disappointed. After hearing all the safety info, and the techniques needed to cut glass ( which was really relevant) we all learnt how to wrap our fingers in insulation tape, to prevent all those minuscule pieces of glass from cutting your finger tips to pieces. We then got going. Matt was a great tutor, he moved around and helped people with all the different parts involved in making our designs, with a good mix of humour and lots of positivity and motivation. I would highly recommend this course, it made the non-arty part of me into an artist. I didn't have to worry about mixing paints, how to use a paint brush correctly, or trying to make clay into that correct shape. I just cut glass and fitted it together. If there were any negatives they may be: 1) you got glass envy when you saw what other people managed to find in the racks and use in their designs, 2) you got design envy when you saw what other people came up with in their design, some of them were fabulous and I wish I thought of that, 3) once you were in the 'stained glass cutting and compiling zone' you became totally unaware of the concept of time. My design had to be modified as it had too many pieces, but I finished it and when I finally held it up to the sunshine, well it was awesome. Thanks Matt, for a lovely creative day."

29 Mar 22'

Kay Marshall reviewed: One day stained glass classes by Le Breton Traditional

"Thank you Matt for a great informative, fun and interactive day. I learnt so much. From arriving knowing nothing to leaving with a piece of work. Matt took time with everyone and showed great patience, assisting and helping to make corrections, even helping get the design right. Would highly recommend this course and look forward to returning for another day."

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