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Adrian Wood artist blacksmith is a university graduate with a degree in fine art sculpture from The University of London. A chance visit to a blacksmith's forge gave Adrian Wood his first taste of blacksmithing. He recalls; ”From the first moment I hit the hot steel I knew what I wanted to do.” The Forge workshop is situated in the rural outskirts of Yarm, between Darlington and Northallerton so is easily accessible from the A1 or A19.

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Blacksmithing 'Design & Make' weekend course
Next date: 11th Nov 2023
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Blacksmithing Beginners day courses in Yorkshire and the North East
Next date: 1st Apr 2023
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Blacksmithing course: blacksmith tool making day
Next date: 28th Oct 2023
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Blacksmithing day courses: making garden flowers
Next date: 4th Nov 2023
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Blacksmithing: make a candle holder
Next date: 2nd Dec 2023
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Blacksmithing: make a rams head poker
Next date: 2nd Dec 2023
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Christmas Chestnut roaster and hook
Next date: 2nd Dec 2023

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3 Dec 22'

Chris and Bron Alder reviewed: Blacksmithing Beginners day courses in Yorkshire and the North East

"A thoroughly enjoyable and well managed day that was hosted by excellent and very friendly teachers and caterers. Much to our surprise, we both succeeded in producing two metal flowers each that we'll be proud to 'plant' in our garden. We can thoroughly recommend the course to any beginner and would like to thank the whole team for making this possible."

3 Dec 22'

Stuart Marston reviewed: Blacksmithing Beginners day courses in Yorkshire and the North East

"Fantastic day, amazing experience. Would highly recommend this for anybody who loves metal work or just looking for something different."

30 Nov 22'

James Grainger reviewed: Blacksmithing Beginners day courses in Yorkshire and the North East

"A cold wet day but once the forge fires got in to action and a cuppa was on offer, the charisma amongst attendees began to flow. We started off by heating and scrolling metal rod into a key ring which got us used to that initial side of the process. Adrian demonstrated with ease to begin with and soon I realised he was a pure professional, completing this small task in just a few minutes. This task however took us ‘newbies’ most of the morning to complete under Adrian and Andy's guidance. Following a wonderful lunch prepared by Debbie, we returned to work for the afternoon. Our next task was to make a dragon headed coat rail bearing three scrolled hooks. Again, Adrian demonstrated proficiently making the task look simple. The processes from the previous task soon came into play for me, I really felt like I knew what I was doing this time so the guidance in the first task must have been very good! We were heating, hammering, chiselling in order to cut hot metal and using punches to create the detailing, whilst being in charge of our fires, keeping them stoked, that heat was lovely aaah!!! Although the coat rail was a bigger task than the key ring, it seemed to evolve quicker, at that point I began to realise that I was learning fast under their guidance. At the end of the day, I was pleased with the items that I had produced and overall, I can say I had a fantastic experience. The group setting was good, everyone was interested in helping each other and it all flowed very well. Adrian and Andy were happy to show and discuss the creative methods of their current projects and had no problem with people taking photos of tools and equipment inside the forge. A great day delivered by a fantastic team and would recommend that every beginner should attend. James. "

21 Nov 22'

Alyson reviewed: Blacksmithing Beginners day courses in Yorkshire and the North East

"The whole day is a great experience. Adrian , Andy and Debbie very welcoming.A really relaxed atmosphere throughout the day. Good instruction, and as much or little help as needed. Lovely to have something to bring home. Excellent home made food, and plenty of it. Would recommend anyone, young or old to have a go"

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