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29 Nov 22'

Carl reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"A great day at the forge. It was great to spend a day with a true master of his craft in such a beautiful location. Mort is brilliant in demonstrating and explaining the skills and techniques and also encouraging you to get stuck in. I enjoyed the day and left with a great appreciation of the skills - and a kitchen knife forged from a plough share! Highly recommended."

Firebird Forge responded:

" Many thanks for the high praise Carl. It was a pleasure to have you in the forge and thanks for the interest and enthusiasm you showed during the day. All the best, Mort. "

26 Nov 22'

Tony McDiarmid reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"I throughly enjoyed my day at Firebird Forge. Mort shared his knowledge and experience throughout the day. His in-depth knowledge of his art made the day even more enjoyable and brought the craft alive. I can not recommend this course highly enough, working with a master craftsman was great. Thank You Mort for a great day and ensuring that I left with a great bird feeder!!"

Firebird Forge responded:

" Cheers Tony. Thanks for coming along and for the review. It was a good day and I’m sure the birds will appreciate all your hard work this winter! Thanks again, Mort."

10 Oct 22'

Giles and Jonathan reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"My son and I had a really great couple of days with Mort, learning the skills of pattern welding recreating Anglo-Saxon and Viking era knife blades. He started us off on simple forging skills, then we moved on to forging a ready prepared pattern welded billet of steel, and the second day was spent trying to fire-weld our own billet of alternating high carbon and lower carbon layers of steel. He stepped in and helped rescue things whenever they started to go badly wrong, but gave us plenty of scope to learn from our mistakes as we went along. For us the journey was more important than the destination, in gaining a much deeper appreciation of the skill of smiths of that era, but we also came away with several blades that we can finish and add handles and sheaths at home. Mort was entertaining company and a very good teacher, in what could easily be a daunting and hazardous industrial environment in less experienced hands. If you are even vaguely curious, I strongly recommend that you have a go. It is hard work and a tiring day, but really thrilling to turn a lump of metal into your own project with your own hands using nothing but fire and a hammer, and Mort’s patient skill! An unforgettable experience, and a something to take home at the end of the day as a permanent reminder."

10 Oct 22'

Peter Elwell reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"A convivial day which, quite astonishingly, leaves a complete novice with the beginnings of the practical ability, and the confidence, to pick up a piece of metal and make something with it. It also left me with a small viking knife, a lovely high carbon chef’s blade to go away and finish, and a poker. Mort has that very rare skill of knowing when to let you learn from mistakes and when to step in and ensure you have a finished piece. I can’t recommend it too highly, as a practical workshop, as a history lesson (hung from the development of metal working), as an upper body workout, or just as the ultimate in mindfulness therapy ! "

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