Firebird Forge reviews

28 Jan 23'

Ed reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"Had a great day, will definitely be booking again."

29 Nov 22'

Carl reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"A great day at the forge. It was great to spend a day with a true master of his craft in such a beautiful location. Mort is brilliant in demonstrating and explaining the skills and techniques and also encouraging you to get stuck in. I enjoyed the day and left with a great appreciation of the skills - and a kitchen knife forged from a plough share! Highly recommended."

Firebird Forge responded:

" Many thanks for the high praise Carl. It was a pleasure to have you in the forge and thanks for the interest and enthusiasm you showed during the day. All the best, Mort. "

26 Nov 22'

Tony McDiarmid reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"I throughly enjoyed my day at Firebird Forge. Mort shared his knowledge and experience throughout the day. His in-depth knowledge of his art made the day even more enjoyable and brought the craft alive. I can not recommend this course highly enough, working with a master craftsman was great. Thank You Mort for a great day and ensuring that I left with a great bird feeder!!"

Firebird Forge responded:

" Cheers Tony. Thanks for coming along and for the review. It was a good day and I’m sure the birds will appreciate all your hard work this winter! Thanks again, Mort."

10 Oct 22'

Giles and Jonathan reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"My son and I had a really great couple of days with Mort, learning the skills of pattern welding recreating Anglo-Saxon and Viking era knife blades. He started us off on simple forging skills, then we moved on to forging a ready prepared pattern welded billet of steel, and the second day was spent trying to fire-weld our own billet of alternating high carbon and lower carbon layers of steel. He stepped in and helped rescue things whenever they started to go badly wrong, but gave us plenty of scope to learn from our mistakes as we went along. For us the journey was more important than the destination, in gaining a much deeper appreciation of the skill of smiths of that era, but we also came away with several blades that we can finish and add handles and sheaths at home. Mort was entertaining company and a very good teacher, in what could easily be a daunting and hazardous industrial environment in less experienced hands. If you are even vaguely curious, I strongly recommend that you have a go. It is hard work and a tiring day, but really thrilling to turn a lump of metal into your own project with your own hands using nothing but fire and a hammer, and Mort’s patient skill! An unforgettable experience, and a something to take home at the end of the day as a permanent reminder."

10 Oct 22'

Peter Elwell reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"A convivial day which, quite astonishingly, leaves a complete novice with the beginnings of the practical ability, and the confidence, to pick up a piece of metal and make something with it. It also left me with a small viking knife, a lovely high carbon chef’s blade to go away and finish, and a poker. Mort has that very rare skill of knowing when to let you learn from mistakes and when to step in and ensure you have a finished piece. I can’t recommend it too highly, as a practical workshop, as a history lesson (hung from the development of metal working), as an upper body workout, or just as the ultimate in mindfulness therapy ! "

5 Aug 22'

Barry Blackwell reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"We wanted a day where our son could do something practical with their hands and have the thrill of producing an item themselves. If you are in the same position- this is a great course! Great father and son day out in my case (mother/ daughter would work equally well - as would any combination between). Mort is a fantastic tutor and has right balance of letting folk develop and make errors and stepping in to help (retrieve). This is good, as it forces you to try, rather than having it done for you and therefore you can claim that the end product was substantially yours. What’s more you have his full attention- he doesn’t do his own work or answer his phone etc - you are his sole focus for the whole day (a mark of professionalism). Very friendly, you can ask any questions, and he will expand so you have understanding of the technique and history. I absolutely recommend the day. Leaving aside the learning experience- it’s just a great day out and experience - with an expert - which is completely different from the ‘day job’ and you can loose yourself in it. PS lovely setting- thanks Mort."

27 Jun 22'

Simon Gadd reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"Mort is a brilliant teacher, super knowledgeable about his art and the history behind it. The forge is fully equipped with lots of toys to learn how to use. We managed to make two knives in the one day course and learnt loads of new techniques. 100% I’ll be booking another day in the forge to make something else."

9 Jun 22'

Jason reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"Mort was a great teacher and I had plenty of 1 on 1 time to learn as well as get to grips with the basics before forging ahead with my project. He helped me sketch out of my idea of a Viking Axe head, talked me though the different kinds and got me started. It was a great experience and I was able to complete it (with a bit of help) in the end. I highly recommend this course."

28 May 22'

David Thorndycraft reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"What a great day! I made, with a fair degree of help, a nice unique welly boot stand to my own design which will keep my boots nice and dry. Mort was a font of knowledge and is passionate about his craft. I learnt the 7 basic blacksmithing skills and was able to practice them all myself and use them on the project. Physically the day is demanding -you are on your feet most of the day and wielding a 2lb hammer is tiring on the arms. To get the most out of the day you ideally need to be practically minded but the essential skills are well taught and the ability to complete a project in the day is very satisfying."

10 May 22'

Sean reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"Can't recommend Mort enough. So much more than an intro to blacksmithing!"

Firebird Forge responded:

" Cheers Sean. It’s always nice to be appreciated, so thank you and I’m glad you enjoyed your day. All the best, Mort."

21 Apr 22'

NJC reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"I highly recommend this course. Mort is extremely knowledgable and keen to pass on his skill. I spent a fantastic day making a small axe head and a Viking knife (with a bit of remedial work from Mort...). Brilliant experience, with an excellent teacher in a beautiful location."

8 Apr 22'

Mike reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"What a great day spent with Mort in his forge. I made a beautiful set of fire tongs which is exactly what I wanted, totally bespoke and unique to me. Mort knows exactly what he is doing and teaches in a fun, safe and exciting way. I had never been into a forge before let alone hit white hot metal with a hammer and chisel. Brilliant."

Firebird Forge responded:

" Cheers Mike. You did well; a set of tongs I’d have been proud to have myself. Thanks for coming and for the feedback, keep well, Mort."

8 Apr 22'

Mark Cartwright reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"What a fantastic day! I'd certainly echo all the other reviews here - Mort is a great teacher, this is well suited to total beginners like me, there's a lot of value in watching someone who is clearly a master of their craft working (without at any time patronising us poor novices), he has a wealth of historical anecdotes to share, and his great patience (he was willing to run well over time without a hint of hurrying). The thing that really distinguishes this from other starter blacksmithing courses, though, is what you get to do. The ubiquitous Viking knife - the product of a whole day in most other places I've found - is just the morning's practice starter. Once you have learned a bit about how hot metal works, he will work with you on a personal project of course choice in the afternoon. I did a fancy leaf-blade spearhead, modelled on Iron Age exemplars, and even got to learn about (and try) fire welding hard and mild steels to extra authenticity. And when we'd finished personal projects, and Mort is polishing up the pieces, he let us play with forging other random bits of scrap, just to help consolidate technique. Many thanks, Mort. I won't forget this day in a hurry!"

Firebird Forge responded:

" Thanks Mark. It was great to have you in the forge for the day and well done on the brilliant spearhead. It’s not many students that fireweld that well on their first day! All the best, Mort."

8 Apr 22'

James Castle reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"What a way to celebrate my 50th ! Mort is an excellent teacher. Kind, patient and hugely knowledgeable. I learned so much. not just about blacksmithing, of which he is an alchemist, but his historical knowledge is awe inspiring. He took a complete novice and guided me through the processes to make a small hand knife and a pizza oven scraper that I am so proud of. The forge is an exiting and safe place to be where students are gently guided through to make life lasting pieces. I am sure that the memories will last a lifetime too, but I hope that I will get the opportunity to come back to the forge soon. I couldn't give Mort more praise! Thank you."

Firebird Forge responded:

" Hi James, many thanks for your review and for your enthusiasm on the day. It’s hugely appreciated, Mort."

3 Apr 22'

Ashley house reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"I could not speak highly enough of this day. Mort was extremely knowledgeable and really help us understand the forging process. Very hands on no thrills course, exactly as it should be. You will definitely enjoy every moment of this course. Thanks Mort , brilliant ??"

Firebird Forge responded:

" Many thanks Ash, glad you enjoyed it and it was a pleasure spending the day with you. All the best, Mort."

28 Mar 22'

Claire reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"I literally can't rate this highly enough. Seriously, if you are thinking of doing it just do it! Brilliant fun, Mort is lovely and I felt very very safe there. Just brilliant. Don't question it, book it!"

Firebird Forge responded:

" Hi Claire, thanks for the review. Im glad you had a good day, it was a great laugh to have you at the forge and best of luck in the future. Mort."

26 Mar 22'

Phil Gurney reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"Thoroughly enjoyed my blacksmiths experience day at the Firebird Forge. Myself and fellow pupil, Clare, learnt a lot in the day, had fun, and the time flew by. At the end of the day we both had a beautiful piece of work to take home and treasure. As much as it was a thrill to create something from scratch, it was equally a privilige to watch a master craftsman up close. Our blacksmith tutor, Mort, was a great teacher, and a great guy, with a story or to too! I would thoroughly recommend this experience to anyone."

Firebird Forge responded:

" Thanks for the great review Phil. It was a great fun day and a real pleasure to have you in the forge. Students such as you and Clare make my job such a laugh sometimes, thank you sincerely. All the best, Mort."

22 Mar 22'

Sue Brown reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"Oh Mort, he taught us how to forge and his biscuits were gorge. We went at it hammer and tongs, Mort was there to right our wrongs. Tap it gently ? no give it some welly, they make it look so easy on the telly. Bend it this way, then bend it back, tap it gently ? No ! Give it a whack. Stoke the fire don't let it die, a forge is no good if the heat's not high. Blacksmithing, would I recommend it ? Only with Mort there to help you comprehend it. We had a fab day, Mort was a most excellent tutor and a real bright spark ! My other half managed to make a tripod for a fire pit, I made a moose loo roll holder - every home needs one ? and a snake towel rail - every home one of them as well. Can't recommend him highly enough."

Firebird Forge responded:

" What can I say! Thats definitely the first and finest poem that has been written for a blacksmithing day. Thank you Sue, both for the wonderful review and the fun you both brought to my forge. It was a great day, again, many thanks, Mort."

20 Mar 22'

Ian and Chris reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"Huge thanks to Mort for a brilliant day! This is a truly hands-on course, so expect to be learning and practising the skills of Blacksmithing from the off. Come with some ideas about what you would like to make, because pretty much anything is possible. As total beginners we made and took home a log basket and fire tongs - far surpassing our expectations (and the expectations of those at home!). Mort taught us how to be safe around the forge and has a really engaging and empowering approach. We didn’t expect to have to have the opportunity to do a fire weld on our first course, or to make traditional decorative leaves, but Mort gave us the confidence to try out the techniques. We learnt a whole new set of skills and gained a real insight into the world of traditional blacksmithing. Highly recommended."

Firebird Forge responded:

" Thanks for the glowing review guys, much appreciated. All the best, Mort."

16 Mar 22'

Tony reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"One very good day spent with Mort in the Firebird forge. Ideal safety review to start the day. Mort was very open to ideas for the work project as well as been very knowledgeable on the methods to complete these tasks. Must also thank Mort for finishing off my task as I had started to run out of time."

Firebird Forge responded:

" Thanks Tony, much appreciated. Mort."

12 Mar 22'

Orion reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"Excellent day spent with Mort working on a custom project. Mort is very knowledgeable and a good teacher. He stayed late to make sure that I finished and had a quality item to take home. Thank you for a great day."

Firebird Forge responded:

" Cheers for the review Orion, most appreciated. Enjoy the fire pit and break out the marshmallows! Many thanks, Mort."

2 Mar 22'

Adam & Stacey Hollingworth reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"What a great day! My wife and I bought each other a day course with Mort. Right from the start, we knew we were in safe hands. After an initial safety briefing, we fine-tuned our designs over a cup of coffee and made a start. Mort was immensely knowledgeable both within his field as well as concerning local area history and archaeology and kept us informed and entertained throughout the day. He talked us through techniques, machinery and the chemistry of fire, metals and gases while helping us bring our projects to life. My wife made an incredible candle holder for the garden wall, learning spirals and twists while somehow I managed to create an over-ambitious piece of tree art, making lots of leaves and swirly branches. It was a great day learning something new with a great (and very patient) teacher. We now look at iron and steelwork in a completely new way, appreciating its complexities and the talent that goes into making everything from stately home gates to bottle openers. A truly memorable day and well worth the money. Thank you Mort for the fascinating day, facts, history, laughs and for keeping the art of blacksmithing going. I'm sure we'll see you again. Highly recommended!"

Firebird Forge responded:

" Many thanks for the lovely review. It was a pleasure having you both in the forge. Until next time, all the best, Mort."

22 Jan 22'

Paul Williams reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"Great day yesterday with my mate ( prezzie from my wife ) David knows his craft making it look so easy but there to guide you when required . Hope to be back soon to expand our knowledge"

14 Dec 21'

Michael Cross Brown reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"A most enjoyable and informative day spent in the tranquilest of settings. I had never realised the subtlety and delicacy that was involved between the physical applications. It's all about the fire! Thank you Mort for all your help and guidance. Michael"

25 Nov 21'

Andy Powell reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"Myself, brother and sister have just completed an excellent course at Mort’s Firebird Forge. We walked straight into the forge building and chatted with Mort about our individual projects over a cup of tea, had a safety briefing, then walked over to the forge for a quick demonstration of the techniques we would need to get us started. We found ourselves heating metal within the hour! Mort created an entertaining and relaxed environment while guiding us through our respective projects and stepped in, as and when necessary, to ensure our projects were completed in time to take home. I am thrilled with my finished project and have no hesitation in recommend this course. If your giving it some thought, just book it.?"

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