Firebird Forge reviews

24 May 19'

Bobbie Rummery reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"Back for another awesome day, had a brilliant time and learnt how to accomplish really unusual patterns on square bar and also ended up with a very nice poker along with a few patterned items. This is the second day of training with Mort and learnt even more than the first time. The training gives a good insight to the skill these guys have. To come away with hand forged items is amazing. Would not hesitate to recommend firebird forge and Mort to anyone who wants to start a great new hobby or profession, beware it’s addictive, you will want to go back time and again."

20 May 19'

Frank Newell reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"My wife and I spent a very enjoyable day learning about the art of blacksmithing. Mort was so patient with us, explaining exactly what we should be doing. We made between us, and with Mort’s help, a wonderful bird feeder which now has pride of place in our garden! Our grown up children are waiting in the wings to do the same! We thoroughly recommend the course. Thank you Mort."

2 Feb 19'

Ken Charman reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"Arrived at Firebird Forge through sleet & snow on 1st February 2019. A one to one lesson with Mort as a 70th birthday present. I had not done any blacksmithing since making a toasting fork at school in 1962. By the time I left I had produced a viking knife, a marine Ka-Bar style knife & my own blacksmith's tongs. I also left with a lot of new practical knowledge which scratched the surface of the blacksmith's skills. During the day Mort had taken me through the art of drawing out, upsetting, riveting, tapering, hole punching, hardening, tempering and the magic skill of forge welding. All this & the proper use of the anvil & its accessories, hand tools, especially hammers & power hammers, along with explaining the different types of welding, arc, mig & tig. He also explained the difference in types of iron & steel, based on their carbon content & how the molecules react to heat & hammering. I also managed to burn a piece of high carbon steel (ie it burnt in two, due to too much heat. Mort soon rectified my error and saved the piece. (more knowledge learnt from errors). We also discussed the various steels of the old sword makers. Toledo, Damascus (Wootz steel) & Tamahagane. Mort is a very knowledgable & highly skilled blacksmith who is passionate about his art. I went home with a lot more skill & knowledge than when I arrived. The following morning I knew I had had my monies worth. I was cream-crackered. Thanks Mort."

18 Jan 19'

bobbie reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"Received a one day tuition as a Christmas present from my husband, who attended the course too - what can i say? it was awesome, we both thoroughly enjoyed the day and learnt so much. Mort is an excellent tutor and communicator he has an extensive knowledge on the on the history of the craft and teaches you about the types of metal and how to distinguish what type of steel to use. We both made items to take home and are amazed at what you can learn in one day and that is all down to Mort's teaching style which is one of demonstration and stepping in to put you back on track if needed - which of course as absolute beginners we did, a couple of times or so. The downside it goes too fast you are so engrossed in the training the day flies by. But what a great way to spend a day. I definitely want to learn more of this skill and will be putting in birthday present requests too. Would definitely recommend. Thank you Mort, a brilliant day."

12 Jan 19'

Philip and Julian reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"Mort is a great communicator and educator. We spent a thoroughly enjoyable day learning and practicing blacksmithing. Mort was demonstrating and guiding, and stepping in to help when we made missteps. Julian (14 years) says: Mort is a very good blacksmith and he knows a lot about the historical roots of metal working. I wish that this sort of stuff was available in school these days, but unfortunately it isn't. It was the best practical lesson I've ever had."

11 Jan 19'

Paul reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"What an experience. This is a must do! Mort has some serious skills in the blacksmith workshop. Me and my dad thought we was going to walk away with nothing today but in fact walked away 5pieces of well made items. Mort is so knowledgeable and i will definitely be going again. Such a good teacher."

27 Oct 18'

Nick Walker reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"Bit overdue, but I went to a session with Mort a few weeks back. Mort is fantastic, exactly what you expect by someone seasoned with years of experience in history, archaeology and of course, blacksmithing. I'd strongly recommend the day for anyone wanting to experience a traditional, forged with your hands, with some real world techniques and learning thrown in. Be prepared for a hard days work, with plenty of biscuits, stories and an inspired mind of what you might have been."

25 Oct 18'

Kyle Ware reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"I was lucky enough to receive this course as a gift from my wife, I had a GREAT day... For anyone wanting to learn about Blacksmithing I thoroughly recommend Mort, the day started with him showing us the different skills that can be used and we were then asked what we would like to make, one we drew up a couple of sketches we spent the day heating and shaping the metal into the two knives I'd set out to make, thoroughly enjoyed! If you're reading, Thanks Mort! ** tips for anyone going along - take some lunch... its hard work! and Do some research on some item you might want to make, a door knocker, a candelabra, a wine stand... anything! If you can make it in the 6 ish hours you have then no doubt Mort will help.**"

15 Oct 18'

Christine Stainer reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"I was given a day of blacksmithing for my 40th birthday. I’d been wanting to give it a go for ages. There was only one other on the course with me which meant we got lots of personal tuition. I arrived with an idea of what I wanted to make and actually went home with it! I made a plant stand. We learnt the techniques that were used on our individual projects as we were going along. There were lots of demonstrations, advice and hands on help from Mort but you really felt like you had made the piece at the end of the day. A day later my arm is still aching! Thanks for a great day Mort and sharing some of your knowledge."

9 Oct 18'

Jan Pearman reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"A great day at the forge - I made a lovely coat rack and Stuart was more adventurous and made a pot hanging thing - not sure where we will put it though! Mort was very helpful as I was pretty useful but he encouraged me and the day was a lovely experience."

6 Oct 18'

Peter Thomas reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"Had an amazing day at the forge with Mort. Learnt so much about techniques used in basic forge work. Mort is an excellent tutor and very patient with complete novices such as I! I would definitely recommend spending a day at Firebird Forge learning this ancient art. I hope to come back!"

5 Oct 18'

Julian Stacey reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"I had a very interesting and productive day with Mort at Firebird Forge. Excellent day, I highly recommend this course! Thank you Mort."

2 Oct 18'

Carl Taylor reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"I had a fantastic day at Firebird Forge, Mort is a very skilled craftsman and excellent tutor. He took the time to walk us through the basic techniques required for the project at hand (in my case tongs), then we set free hammer, anvil and tongs and of course the forge (which is skill in itself to manage correctly). I got the chance to try my hand forge welding and using the power hammer, the work was challenging however it really gave me the confidence to continue to learn and build on these skills. I intend to visit the forge again as gain more experience and put into practice what I learnt on the day. I was a tired man at the end of the day but a happy man. Thank you Mort for your patience and sharing your knowledge."

29 Sep 18'

Andy ward reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"I had an absolutrly fantastic day with Mort. Only one other person on the course with me, which mewnt we both recieved fantastic 1-2-1 mentoring throughout the day! Mort is a wealth of knowledge, both of the art of blacksmithing and history in general that meant that day was entertaining, fun and educational! At the end of the day you get to leave with not only the knowledge and appreciation of how hard blacksmithing is, but you WILL leave with at least one thing that you haveade WITH YOUR OWN HANDS, which is a fantastic feeling!!! Couldnt recommend it highly enough"

15 Sep 18'

Jason Clark reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"Has a great day on the course, just the two learners so excellent support and assistance with enough supervision to let you get on with it but enough intervention to ensure what you make is worth taking home. Scope to design and make what you want (within reason), the other guy made a knife whilst I made a doorknocker consisting of a banana striking a banana leaf - see what you make really is up to you, and with help it turned out to be recognisable. I was so proud of it I took it to show my Mum and Dad the next day (I'm 50)."

12 Sep 18'

Tony P reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"A superb day at the forge with Mort. I had hoped to make a simple axe, interestingly, John, the other chap who had a day's tuition came with the same idea. Mort was as keen as us and explained various types of axe head construction before we set to work. Being a historian, Mort was keen that we used authentic design and construction techniques. Mort has a phenomenal historical knowledge so when you're not learning about metal you're learning history! He also has an excellent teaching style, recognising that students may be working metal for the first time, so any criticism is constructive and techniques are worked through step by step. My axe was far more impressive than I had hoped for and I will certainly be back. Thanks Mort."

3 Aug 18'

Kathy reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"My son in law has just spent an amazing two days with Mort learning the art of blacksmithing and feeding his love of working with metal. What a brilliant "man cave" to play in for two days, and what a great teacher. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a fantastic way to spend time hitting things and making them beautiful! Thank you Mort for your time, expertise and enthusiasm - not to mention the two dotty Ds who guard the forge, quite sure that the whole world loves them and wants to tickle their delectable tummies :-)"

1 Aug 18'

James reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"What a brilliant day. I would highly recommend this to anyone - those with experience or not. Mort is extremely knowledgeable which is evident throughout. From initial ideas and design to the finished product - Mort is on hand to give positive guidance when needed - necessary when making the number of mistakes I did! With his support I was able to complete the project and had an achievement I could take home - a bonus to finish off an awesome day. I will hopefully book another day soon."

13 Jul 18'

Alastair Munro reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"We gave a day's blacksmithing to our son-in-law as a birthday present. When it had to be rearranged due to heavy snow early in the year, my wife and I asked if we might attend as well. Mort agreed and we had a great day on a blisteringly hot Friday in July. My wife and our son-in-law had clear ideas on what to make and Mort enthusiastically sketched up the drawings into template size. Thanks to Mort's clear and positive coaching/teaching, they both produced a piece of work to be proud of. Despite my lack of skill, Mort encouraged me (and corrected my many errors!) so that I too had something to take home. The day over-ran, but Mort made it clear that we WOULD finish our works of art no matter what! A great day with a real enthusiast and artist for a teacher. Look out, Mort, we may book another day with you. Thank you so much."

9 Jul 18'

Ian Cockburn reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"I had a cracking day at the Firebird Forge. In the sweltering Summer heat, Mort the Smith taught, helped and guided us through the basics of blacksmithery. The six hours flew by in a flurry of planning, chatting, hitting, twisting, heating, more hitting, drawing, bending, correcting, chatting, and a little more hitting. To come out of the day with a passable item that passed the "allowed in the house" test was both a surprise and a pleasure. It was a joy to meet someone so passionate about his craft and chosen career. Go on, book a day."

29 Jun 18'

Marika Fox reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"I had an amazing day at the forge with Mort. I had never done anything like this before, Mort was a great teacher and really knew his stuff. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to try something different, but it's also great for people who already have skills. There are only two of you, so you get a lot of one on one teaching. Thank you Mort."

25 Jun 18'

Andy Collie reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"Had a brilliant day at the forge, would strongly recommend anyone giving it a go. As a novice i went with an idea of what i wanted to create and Mort gave me all the advice and help i needed to turn it from an idea in to reality, good banter was had by all during the day and even a history lesson which was fascinating! I returned home with a creation to be proud of, saving up now for the next visit.... perhaps a suit of armour next time :-) Thank you Mort and thanks to my wife for buying it as a present.... Perfect all round."

4 Jun 18'

Sally Woodcraft reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"Mort is an excellent teacher and very knowledgeable in more than just blacksmithing. My husband and I had a fantastic day with him both making what we set out to (me with a lot of help from Mort!) Highly recommend this day out to anyone. 5 stars all the way."

3 Jun 18'

James Waters reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"Great course with a very patient and knowledgeable teacher. We were able to create a couple of pieces of ironwork which have been put to good use, but only with a lot of help from Mort. We would highly recommend the course."

30 May 18'

Wayne Clark reviewed: Firebird Forge Blacksmithing School

"A brilliant day spent with a great teacher. Mort has a the ability to allow you to work on, but step in at just the right moment. My wife and I had the opportunity to to make the items we wanted with guidance and advice on the best way to do it. I'd recommend Mort and his courses to any one. You don't need to have any previous skills or knowledge to get the most from the course. If you do have some previous experience the Mort is the man to stretch those skills further."

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