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Emma is an experienced textiles tutor and artist who specialises in making felt. She has over twenty years experience teaching, designing and making felt for her award winning textiles company, Silversoles. Emma enjoys teaching and feels it plays an important role in her practice.

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Felt Lampshades - SOLD OUT
Next date: 24th Jun 2023
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Felt Pod Vessels - SOLD OUT!
Next date: 10th Jun 2023
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Learn to Felt - An Introduction to Felt Making in Birmingham
Next date: 21st Oct 2023
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18 Apr 23'

Joan Smith reviewed: Learn to Felt - An Introduction to Felt Making in Birmingham

"Had a wonderful time being introduced to the world of felt making. Emma was a very good teacher demonstrating and advising on the processes involved. Any disappointments were caused by my lack of expertise in anticipating results of my offerings but my mistakes were excellent learning curves for future developments. I came home with two pieces of work and a mind buzzing with future ideas and activities. Another new skill to explore and develop, thanks to Emma's enthusiasm for wool felting. Thank you Emma"

Emma Jackson (Silversoles - Felted Textiles) responded:

" You’re very welcome. Glad you enjoyed the workshop & feel enthused to continue developing your ideas in felt."

18 Apr 23'

Liz reviewed: Learn to Felt - An Introduction to Felt Making in Birmingham

"What a great 4 hours and it flew! The whole process seemed very daunting but I needn’t have worried. Everything was demonstrated step by step and explained in a way that was easily understood. Emma was very patient and offered a lot of advice. We were given written instructions which were very easy to follow along with the websites for different stockists of materials. As it turned out 4 hours wasn’t long enough to do a ‘sample’ piece and one on our own. However, Emma kindly extended the course by 30 mins which gave us enough time to finish our own work of art! Having completed a piece, it does give you the confidence to do other similar pieces on your own but also to try other forms of wet felting. You don’t need to be good at art, just an imagination and if you don’t feel confident enough, there are always photos etc. that you can use as inspiration. Will definitely be booking another course. 4 hours well spent. "

Emma Jackson (Silversoles - Felted Textiles) responded:

" Great to hear you had an enjoyable day and feel you have developed the skills and confidence to explore feltmaking further! "

10 Apr 23'

Shirley reviewed: Felt Lampshades - SOLD OUT

"Emma is a very inspiring teacher, she provided us with lots of information, ref, and clear instructions. I’ve learned how to transfer my ideas and designs onto a lampshade; recommend to homemakers, artists & designers alike. A very interesting medium to consider for marketing ur designs or as a creative expression, it is also a very useful for homemaking / interior designs with a personal touch. This workshop has given me some insights on the possibilities of what u could do with felt, or with added embellishments on it; turning creative expressions into a product, very interesting & practical for future projects. I’m very pleased with what I’ve learned, I recommend the course "

9 Apr 23'

Shirley reviewed: Felt Pouch - for 'Phones or Glasses!

"Hello Emma, thank you for teaching us the pouch making workshop, it was fun & the project scale is easily achieved at home. I can make my very own designer bag now, and it’s quite eco friendly I feel. A practical little project. If I see some bags I like in shops, I could take them as ref / inspirations, using wool to mimic the designs or to create my own. I’ve been learning so much from Emma for the past few courses in the past few months, I look forward for the next one."

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