Emma Jackson (Silversoles - Felted Textiles) reviews

18 Jan 23'

Ruth reviewed: Learn to Felt - An Introduction to Felt Making in Birmingham

"Loved it! Emma was really friendly and helpful. Already ordered my own fleece- I’ve got the bug!"

Emma Jackson (Silversoles - Felted Textiles) responded:

" Fantastic you’ve caught the felting bug! Delighted you enjoyed the workshop 🙌 Thank you"

17 Jan 23'

Chris reviewed: Learn to Felt - An Introduction to Felt Making in Birmingham

"A most enjoyable day! Emma’s studio was warm and welcoming and was a lovely space in which to work. Emma was an excellent tutor, explaining each stage of the feltmaking process clearly and answering any questions that arose along the way. She provided a fantastic array of materials and taught us techniques for using them to best advantage and during the day we were able to produce a small test piece and a larger piece to our own designs. Throughout the course she kept us supplied with drinks and biscuits and at the end provided us with a handout summarising the different steps and also names of suppliers should we wish to have a go at home..which I most certainly will!"

Emma Jackson (Silversoles - Felted Textiles) responded:

" Great to know you had a rewarding & enjoyable day Christine. Lovely to hear you wish to continue, let me know if you need any assistance."

15 Jan 23'

Margaret reviewed: Learn to Felt - An Introduction to Felt Making in Birmingham

"An extremely enjoyable course delivered in a simple and clear way. Each stage was explained thoroughly and was backed up with further comments during the proceedings. Advice for improvement or alternative yarns/embellishments was also given. A truly inspirational experience."

Emma Jackson (Silversoles - Felted Textiles) responded:

" Delighted to know you enjoyed the workshop Margaret. Hope you will feel inspired to continue felting, do share your future makes and how you decide to embellish the lovely landscape."

15 Jan 23'

Anne Butcher reviewed: Learn to Felt - An Introduction to Felt Making in Birmingham

"Excellent course. Emma was a wonderful teacher and kind and helpful with all the participants. We were given a thorough grounding on how to ‘wet felt’ and were able to produce lovely samples. I really enjoyed the day, and would highly recommend it. Thank you Emma. "

Emma Jackson (Silversoles - Felted Textiles) responded:

" Thank you Anne, I’m glad you enjoyed the workshop and hope you will have fun doing more felting in the future."

23 Nov 22'

Sarah reviewed: Felt Slippers

"Fun day with felt. Well thought out designs options and feedback from the tutor. Appreciated the copy of written out instructions to take home along with links for materials "

Emma Jackson (Silversoles - Felted Textiles) responded:

" Great to hear you enjoyed the workshop and found the notes useful. Enjoy wearing your slippers!"

2 Oct 22'

Mollie reviewed: Fissures II - Nuno Felted Mosaic Scarves: SOLD OUT!

"Yet another fantastic workshop with Emma. She is a very knowledgeable and experienced tutor, providing expert help and inspiration at just the right time. The garden studio is a lovely place in which to create. I have joined Emma on several of her workshops and am looking forward to the next one!"

28 Sep 22'

dee reviewed: Fissures II - Nuno Felted Mosaic Scarves: SOLD OUT!

"I absolutely enjoyed the day and came out with a beautiful scarf. I now view a landscape with a completely different approach. I absolutely admire Emmas artistic sense. She is a very patient and talented teacher"

26 Jun 22'

Sonia reviewed: Learn to Felt - An Introduction to Felt Making in Birmingham

"I was really impressed with the outcome of my two pieces of work, I was not expecting to achieve so much, Emma was very welcoming, organised in how she had planned the Course, clear in her explanations and was there encouraging us at each stage. It was a small group so I felt comfortable and free to ask questions, the venue itself is bright and airy and full of different coloured wools and other textiles, the choice of colours are amazing and I felt as if I had walked into a Textiles Store I wanted them all. I really enjoyed this Course, Emma had on display previous projects and they in themselves are an encouragement for future Workshops so I am looking forward to attending more sessions."

Emma Jackson (Silversoles - Felted Textiles) responded:

" Delighted you enjoyed your first experience feltmaking Sonia. Was a real pleasure meeting you."

26 Jun 22'

Lesley reviewed: Learn to Felt - An Introduction to Felt Making in Birmingham

"Wonderful few hours with excellent tutor. Emma’s workshop is like a treasure trove and we were able to browse through her chests of treasure to select oddments that integrated to our pieces. Emma herself is a great tutor …. There when needed but gave us opportunity to play with techniques to build confidence. I will certainly be returning for more!"

Emma Jackson (Silversoles - Felted Textiles) responded:

" So pleased you had a great experience, was a pleasure introducing you to feltmaking. Hope to see you again soon."

8 May 22'

Janice reviewed: Felt Lampshades

"I have wanted to make a felt lampshade for ages so was really delighted when this came up. It really met my expectations and more. Emma is very patient and an excellent teacher. I am so pleased with my lampshade which has had lots of positive comments already. Will be making another one soon."

Emma Jackson (Silversoles - Felted Textiles) responded:

" Great to know your recent make has been so well received. I’m delighted you enjoyed the workshop and have been inspired to make another."

8 May 22'

Pauline Upsall reviewed: Felt Lampshades

"With Emma's patience and expertise, I came away with a rather fabulous lampshade that has pride of place in the bedroom. Her knowledge of natural breeds is vast so can advise on which wool would be most suitable depending on how much light and the pattern you require. Would definitely recommend this course for all felting abilities."

Emma Jackson (Silversoles - Felted Textiles) responded:

" Thank you for your feedback Pauline, so pleased you enjoy the workshop and are so happy with your lampshade, it is beautiful."

14 Mar 22'

Sue reviewed: Learn to Felt - An Introduction to Felt Making in Birmingham

"Really enjoyed the course on Saturday, thank you for an excellent introduction to a new hobby! I attached a photo of the final 'Northern Light' picture, I was amazed at how the various embellishments 'popped out' when the fleece was finally fully dry. I may well see you on a course in the future!"

14 Mar 22'

Mollie reviewed: Learn to Felt - An Introduction to Felt Making in Birmingham

"Thanks for another excellent workshop! I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot more about wet felting."

10 May 21'

Grace reviewed: Fissures II - Nuno Felted Mosaic Scarves: SOLD OUT!

"The workshop was as good as I had hoped, and given the number of postponements because of covid restrictions, my hopes were very high! Communication about the course and details of the day were clear and reassuring. The venue is excellent and levels of comfort and hospitality were very good, making a long day pass very quickly. But the content of the workshop was the most important element and was absolutely excellent, from the preparation before the day, the explanation , demonstration and general guidance during the workshop, and the clear notes and photos provided to help me with my own attempts in future. Emma was very good company, all the materials were to hand and I learned a great deal, as well as coming home with a scarf I am proud to have made, ( with help! ).Thank you."

6 Sep 20'

Chris reviewed: Fissures II - Nuno Felted Mosaic Scarves: SOLD OUT!

"A really good workshop where I was able to become totally absorbed in the process and emerged with an artistic, beautifully coloured Nuno felted scarf I was really pleased and proud of. I think it would help to have a little experience of felt making so that you can progress quicker than a total beginner, but I also think it's possible to be a beginner and get a lot from it. Emma was a calm, warm and responsive tutor, moving us from one stage to the next without rush but keeping the time boundaries effectively. Emma was generous in sharing her skills and knowledge; not only did we learn how to create beautiful scarves using a mosaic technique, we also learnt how to work up a design from an image of our choice, measure out the correct amount of wools, dye a piece of silk with acid dyes, make prefelt, and how to make a sheet of viscose fibre then incorporate some of that into our design. The day was packed with useful tips that only a well experienced creative felter would know. The setting was a lovely studio at the end of a long garden. We had the door open most of the time and Emma provided, masks, visors, gloves and hand sanitizer, although you don't really need the latter as you are working with soap and water a lot! You could choose how cautious you wanted to be. I felt perfectly safe from any potential Covid infection."

Emma Jackson (Silversoles - Felted Textiles) responded:

" Glad you had an enjoyable and fruitful day, your scarf looks stunning. It’s great to hear you had a great learning experience and felt safe throughout."

6 Sep 20'

Jan reviewed: Fissures II - Nuno Felted Mosaic Scarves: SOLD OUT!

"This course couldnt have been better. Lovely venue, conducive to the task, lots of laughs, a really skilled, passionate tutor with answers to all felting queries, and support at all stages of constructing the scarf. So many lovely things, gorgeous colours, and a real generosity in sharing all of these, plus her skills and time. Best of all, I now have a unique beautiful scarf. Can't recommend the day more, do it, you wont be disappointed!"

Emma Jackson (Silversoles - Felted Textiles) responded:

" I'm so pleased that you enjoyed the course, I throughly enjoyed the day too. Thank you, Emma"

19 Feb 20'

Edith Fotheringham reviewed: Fissures I - Cracked Mud Vessels / Panel

"This was such a good workshop! Step by step notes and hands on support from Emma in a lovely friendly group. I'm inspired!"

17 Feb 20'

Louisa Bain reviewed: Fissures I - Cracked Mud Vessels / Panel

"I have been to several of Emma's workshops before and would highly recommend them. She is a talented artist who also has the ability and patience to pass on her knowledge. Her workshops are fun, informative and enjoyable. The classroom is fully equipped with adequate space, light and heating. The atmosphere is welcoming with a plentiful supply of tea, coffee and delicious biscuits! More importantly though, I have been on three courses now and, each time, have come away with a piece of work that I feel proud of and would use. I would definitely recommend Emma's courses to anyone whether beginner or more confident felt maker."

16 Feb 20'

Rosemary Radford reviewed: Fissures I - Cracked Mud Vessels / Panel

"Emma is excellent at teaching the process for felting and is very patient. Emma explained the different stages of the felting and was very willing to help the students. Full of inspiration and ideas how to improve your work. A lovely atmosphere in the studio - everyone willing to share their work and ideas."

10 Feb 20'

Mollie G reviewed: Felt pod vessels

"Yet another excellent and engaging workshop from Emma. Emma is a very knowledgeable and talented tutor, and I'm very much looking forward to her next one. Thank you!"

6 Feb 20'

Sarah Yeomans reviewed: Felt Lampshades

"The felted lampshade workshop was just great. I think Emma is a very good teacher....patient, attentive, helpful and gives clear instructions. The photos she took as we worked will be a useful reminder of the techniques involved. Her enthusiasm for all things felting is infectious and I look forward to attending another felting day in the future. Thanks Emma!"

3 Feb 20'

Louisa Bain reviewed: Felt Lampshades

"I only attended the second half of the lampshade course but I have been to one of Emma's felting courses before and am booked onto another later this month. She is a very talented felt maker and presents the courses clearly and with a great atmosphere. We were given handouts and photos to remind us of the process. I think the price is very reasonable and the atmosphere is great."

19 Jan 20'

Caroline reviewed: Felt pod vessels

"Emma's pod workshop was a really enjoyable morning. The instructions and demonstrations are clear and thanks to the detailed handouts I feel confident that I will be able to make another felt pod at home. Emma is incredibly knowledgeable and has an amazing selection of wools and colours available to use. I am really pleased with the pod that I made. Thank you Emma."

10 Dec 19'

Rachel Faulkner reviewed: Felt Lampshades

"I enjoyed making lampshades with Emma. Though I have done wet felting before (via Emma’s felted vessel workshop) I thought this would be interesting to try out as I enjoyed the other workshops I’ve had with Emma and I was in need of a lampshade for my house. She sent emails on what to bring to workshop, e.g. photos or drawings for inspiration. Emma is very thorough with her explanations and shows you all the steps you need to take at a good pace. She often has some great tips on what works and what doesn’t and showed different lampshade examples and felted samples. It’s always a friendly and supportive atmosphere at her studio. There was another lady at the workshop and Emma split her time equally between us. I received worksheets explaining all the stages we’ve been through and was sent some images she took during the workshop. I was very happy with my finished lampshade and with all the support I was given I feel confident to have a go again. I would encourage anyone to attend Emma’s workshops with a great teacher and lovely company. Thank you Emma I always have such a good time learning new techniques with you"

Emma Jackson (Silversoles - Felted Textiles) responded:

" Thank you for your generous review Rachel - so glad you enjoyed the course and enjoyed the workshop expereince."

29 Sep 19'

Mollie reviewed: Felt pod vessels

"Dear Emma I had a wonderful morning with you, thank you, and look forward to more workshops in your excellent work space. I've just returned from a wet and windy week in Wales and am preparing my work room for a go at making another felted pod, while your instructions are in my head! Thanks for sending me the images - I downloaded them just in time! I took my creation with me and gave it some attention - hopefully I'll manage to send some pictures! The silk looked good, but I think I needed to add more! I learned so much from your knowledge and generous teaching style and very much look forward to joining you again. Many thanks, Mol"

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