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The Artisan Bakery School

Contact name: Penny Williams & Dragan Matijevic
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The Artisan Bakery School was first established in 2008. Penny & Dragan remain as passionate about teaching baking skills for breads, pastries and pizza, as when we first began. Baking makes people more self-reliant, more responsible for their own health, and generally much, much happier! Why not join us?

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Artisan sourdough & rye day
5 hours
Next date: 25th May 2024
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Artisan Sourdough Made Simple
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Croissants, pastries & brioche: Viennoiserie day at The Artisan Bakery School
1 day
Next date: 25th May 2024
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Effortless Artisan Bread
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Master the Craft of Artisan Pizza
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Mastering Sourdough Starters & Leavens
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Naturally Gluten Free Sourdough Bread
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The Gluten Free Sourdough Masterclass

Recent reviews

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28 Nov 22'

Beatrice Greenfield reviewed: Artisan Sourdough Made Simple

"really enjoyed the course. learnt so many new tips"

The Artisan Bakery School responded:

"Thanks so much, Beatrice - very happy you found it useful!"

2 Jun 19'

Peter reviewed: All inclusive artisan baking weekend in Devon

"I did the residential bread making course with my friend Hattie. We both had beautiful double rooms, all meals (proper delicious) included as well as the odd bottle of wine. It was just us. Wow it was great! A great break too, which is what I needed just as much. It's like going to the home of a friend's friend who really knows their stuff and has been persuaded to give you full on attention as a special favour. I don't know where else you can experience this. Frankly, I hadn't a clue where to begin and now I'm done with shop bought. Got sent home with an e-copy of their books, a boot full of different breads and crackers, a new love of pizza, my own sourdough starter and a grin as wide as a french bread basket. And oh! the memories. Cannot recommend highly enough. Unique and more than worth it. Peter, Selsey, May 2019"

11 Dec 18'

Tom Moriarty reviewed: All inclusive artisan baking weekend in Devon

"We had a fantastic weekend with Penny and Dragan - lots of fun, laughter, learning, great food and, of course, baking! I'm really excited to put what I've learnt into practice and for the first time feel really confident with sourdough and viennoiserie. For me being taught by actual people was so important - you just can't get the same feel for dough and breadmaking from books. I took the course while my wife stayed as a B&B guest - their cottage is very comfortable. We felt very much at home over the two days and really enjoyed Penny's wonderful cooking. Penny and Dragan are great teachers - they are knowledgeable, welcoming, patient and passionate, and I would highly recommend their courses to anyone who wants to take their baking to the next level."

23 May 17'

Ginger da Costa reviewed: Naturally gluten-free bread baking at The Artisan Bakery School

"I thoroughly enjoyed my staty at Old Home Cottage where the Artisan Bakery is located. I enrolled for the gluten free baking one day course and absolutely enjoyed it. Penny and Dragan are wonderful. I also ate at the Treby Arms down the road, a Michelin rated gastropub. It doesn't look it but once you see the menu you are in for treat. They are closed Mondays and Tiesdays so luckily I had Sunday to enjoy the evening. Monday was baking day after a leisurely and abundant gluten free breakfast. Penny had all the grains, rice, seeds, beans, etc. on a slate board both ground up into flour and also in their dried state. She explained the kinds of leavening yeasts used, the items used to create a bouncy feel to the baked goods to substitute for gluten: psyllium, ground flax seeds or chia seeds as well as stabilizers and other items to add such as apple cider vinegar, salt, spices, etc. She had a wonderful binder for me with loads of recipes and I got to make six different kinds of baked items. The book has lots of recipes that we didn't have time to make such as pizza dough, cookies, etc. but I will definitely try these at home. On my arrival she had a tray full of tea and coffee as well as almond gluten free cookies that tasted like shortbread and was delicious. The room was very comfortable if you are staying overnihg - I was in the Garden Room with ensuite bath. Penny is a great teacher, she had everything ready for me and it was a matter of simple weighing of the ingredients (don't be afraid of grams if you are from America - it's more precise and will yield a better product than measuring cups. We made sourdough boule, yummy rolls with sesame seeds, black poppy seeds and rice flour dusting on top - moist and bready in flavor not like the cardboard taste that gluten free from the store often tastes like. We made a white sandwich loaf for toasting or use in sandwiches, from a brown flour mix we made orange + coriander bread and then fig + fennel bread. For lunch we made a savory soda bread which can be made sweet, plain or other kind of savory. I enjoyed the day very much. Sparkwell is a taxi ride away from the nearest train station if you traveling that way (Plymouth station) and costs between 12.10 and 16.60 British pounds. The Dartmoor Zoo is 1/2 mile walk up the road and well worth visiting after your baking day which is around 4 hours start to finish. Dragan has been building wood burnig ovens outdoors so that is an option to learn as well. Thank you both for your hospitality and for teaching a teacher something new and useful!"

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