FROM MYSTERY TO MASTERY: HOW TO HANDLE SOURDOUGH CULTURES LIKE A PRO! LEARN: How to make organic sourdough starters. How to feed your starter and keep it in top condition. How to use your starter to make a leaven. How much starter to use in different leavens. Use the leaven to bake sourdough breads. How to use young, mature and old leaven to create different textures and flavour profiles. In Part One, we start at the heart of what sourdough is and why it is important, for personal and environmental health as well as cultural concerns. We explain the principles of “leavenology”, or fermentation. Part Two covers how to build different starters from scratch, plus how to feed and maintain them. Part Three shows you how to use a starter to seed a leaven, and how to control the character of the leaven through the ratio of starter to leaven, the ambient temperature and the length of fermentation. The Great Leaven Race shows exactly what a difference time makes! And in Part Four we give you our masterclasses, using formulas that demonstrate the range of effects you can achieve by varying the maturity, quantity, nature and vigour of your leaven. · White sourdough with mature leaven · 100% rye sourdough · Brown sourdough · Sourdough lavash · Sourdough pancakes This best-selling online course is a highly-focused, practical guide to the do’s, don’ts and desirables of making, managing and baking with sourdough cultures.

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Step by step video tuition from expert artisan bakers, Dragan and Penny, with lifetime access to the course once you download it. English subtitles to all video lectures. Printable PDFs with all the recipes, tips and techniques. Quizzes & assignments to test your knowledge. Your questions answered online or via email by Penny or Dragan.

What you will need

Flour, water and time! A few glass jars with lids, and some elastic bands. A fridge and basic kitchen equipment: oven, oven gloves, baking trays etc.



The Artisan Bakery School was first established in 2008. Penny & Dragan remain as passionate about teaching baking skills for breads, pastries and pizza, as when we first began. Baking makes people more self-reliant, more responsible for their own health, and generally much, much happier! Why not join us?

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