Learn Professional Pizzarista Techniques for Making Authentic, Artisan Pizza, in Your Kitchen or Your Wood Fired Oven. Learn how to: *read your dough, and master all its stages *make and shape a extensive range of different doughs  *concoct delectable sauces *design a balanced flavour profile for topping ingredients *create finishing touches that will really elevate your pizza The course is divided into Dough-ology, Saucery and Top-ology.  We cover the basic ingredients, and the importance of sourcing local, organic produce wherever possible, because authentic pizza, like all really good food, has a story to it.  Following our tried and tested Seven Steps Method, you'll have a range of different dough formulas to choose from, each with its own unique flavour and texture.  From pure Napoletana dough, through sourdough and heritage dough, right through to gluten free, you'll get to understand all the different characters and of course, how each dough has its affinities with different kinds of topping.   Simply pick yourself a formula and start at Step 1.  Learning to read your dough is as important as being able to read the recipe for making it!  That means understanding the dough in all its moods and modes, as well as how to shape it into balls, then into pizza. You'll get plenty of practice at reading your dough, and lots of exercises in shaping it too. In sauce-making, we cover everything from the classic tomato sauces, through white bases to home-made pesto and even onion marmalade.   You'll also learn how to make infused garlic and chilli oils and other little finishing touches to add once your pizza is baked.  You'll see how we run our Start and Finish Lines, to keep our toppings organised and our garnishes in order, and how important this is if you're making multiple pizzas. The course finishes with 15 inspiring pizza recipes from The Artisan Bakery School,  each designed to showcase a balanced profile of salty, sweet, sour, bitter, smokey or umami flavours, and in a way that makes your dough a star of the show. So - if you're hungry to learn, you're in the right place!

What's included in the price?

Step-by-step video instruction and written lectures from professional tutors, Dragan and Penny, with lifetime access to the material once you have downloaded it. Printable pdfs of all the recipes and techniques. Quizzes to test your knowledge. Online access to your tutors for all your questions.

What you will need

You need a kitchen with an electric oven and a grill, or a wood fired oven, indoors or out. For domestic ovens, you ideally need a thick ceramic baking stone, or a a cast iron Dutch oven lid. For wood fired ovens, the tools are listed in the course, but basic minimum is a peel and a good pair of gloves.



The Artisan Bakery School was first established in 2008. Penny & Dragan remain as passionate about teaching baking skills for breads, pastries and pizza, as when we first began. Baking makes people more self-reliant, more responsible for their own health, and generally much, much happier! Why not join us?

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  • Adults
  • Seniors
  • Teenagers
  • Hearing impaired
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  • Intermediate level
  • Advanced/pro level
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