Delicious GF Sourdough Breads, Baguettes, Brioches, Doughnuts and Crackers Are All Within Your Reach! Do you worry about your GF starters and leavens? Are you frustrated by inconsistent/unpredictable behaviour? Do you know how much starter to use to make a leaven? Can you handle the time and temperature ‘levers’? Do you know the Four Pillars of gluten free baking? Can you modulate hydration and binders to achieve different crumb effects? If not, then you are going to love this Masterclass. If your only wish is to bake more beautiful, authentic, artisan breads with gluten free sourdough leaven, the recipes on this course will make you love it too. And if you want to know the secret of developing recipes specifically for sourdough gluten free … then get enrolled now! In Part One of the Masterclass, we cover: *the fundamentals of fermentation *how to build and maintain your brown rice, sorghum, teff, or buckwheat starters, *how to turn starters into leavens *young, ripe and old leavens *when to refresh and what to do with discard *the crucial relationship between time and temperature *the four leaven levers *a recap on the basics of gluten free baking: rise, bind, balance and blend In Part Two, we dive into a series of original vegan and dairy sourdough recipes: Sunflower Sour  (vegan or dairy) Cheese & Chilli Baguettes Vegan Almond Baguettes Dairy and Vegan Brioche Dairy and Vegan Doughnuts Dairy and Vegan Cinnamon Squiggles Sourdough Chocolate Heaven (vegan) Focaccia Art (vegan) Beetroot & Buckwheat Boule (vegan or dairy) Crackers (vegan) In Part Three, we share our secrets! How to use the Four Recipe Levers to create the texture of crumb and crust that you desire…every time. How we teach: Our approach is always friendly, practical and hands-on and, wherever possible, more showing than telling. This is not the place to overwhelm you with the (considerable) science, but to give you the benefit of all the know-how we’ve acquired after 12 years teaching and decades more of baking. We spare you the fails, and share the secrets of all our successes. It’s win-win. At The Artisan Bakery School, we believe that baking your own naturally gluten free sourdough bread is fundamental to improving your personal health and happiness. Making great starters and leavens is the base of all that. This courses empowers you to: understand your starters leverage your leaven bake wonderful breads with true confidence troubleshoot problems measure your progress from amateur to amazing create your own recipes

What's included in the price?

Step-by-step video instructions and written lectures from expert artisan baker, Penny Williams, with lifetime access to the course once you have downloaded it. PDFs to print out with all the recipes, tips and techniques. Quizzes and assignments to test your knowledge. Tutors available to respond to your questions online.

What you will need

Basic kitchen equipment, baking tins and trays, glass jars for storing starter, elastic bands for measuring starter development.



The Artisan Bakery School was first established in 2008. Penny & Dragan remain as passionate about teaching baking skills for breads, pastries and pizza, as when we first began. Baking makes people more self-reliant, more responsible for their own health, and generally much, much happier! Why not join us?

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