Expert, time-saving strategies for genuine, artisan sourdough & yeasted breads. It's superfast breadband! Effortless Artisan Breads is a complete, standalone course to help you make great bread a part of your life. You will learn: * 6 expert schedules for hassle-free, time-saving baking. * 13 tried and tested recipes - an artisan baker's dozen! * how to mix ONCE and bake twice - or three, or four or more times a week. * how to effortlessly control the behaviour of your dough. * make your own sourdough starters and leavens * SAVE time and money on bread and make baking a healthy habit. In the core of the course, you will see exactly how to make a Daily Sourdough, by mixing one big batch of dough at the beginning of the week and using your fridge to slow down the rise, so that you can get out some dough and bake a fresh loaf/baguette/rolls every day.    If you are nervous about sourdough, don't worry; you will also learn how to make a Daily Yeasted Bread, using instant bakers yeast. Then, once you've got the hang of it, you can move on to the sourdough version. For those of you who are new to baking (or want a refresher), the section on Tools & Techniques covers: a) all the basic baking techniques b) the different stages and modes of the dough c)our Seven Steps for making bread d) the two super-convenient points where you can choose to pause the whole process, using your refrigerator You will also find a section on how to make a sourdough culture and how to make a sourdough leaven Our approach is always friendly, practical, rooted in proven baking principles and more showing than telling. We earnestly believe that baking your own sourdough bread is fundamental to improving your personal health, resilience and happiness, which is why we are so excited about sharing these ways of fitting great bread into your everyday life. Effortless Artisan Breads is for practical people like you, who have busy lives and other interests. You don't want to spend your whole weekend creating one loaf, but you DO want to eat genuine, artisan bread on a regular basis, without spending a fortune in the stores.  And now you can!

What's included in the price?

Step-by-step video instructions and demonstrations, supported by short and clear written lectures. You have lifelong access to this material, including all updates, once you have downloaded it. Printable pdfs of all the recipes, tips and techniques. Quizzes and assignments to test your knowledge. Online access to your tutors, to ask them questions.

What you will need

A device on which to watch the video instructions and demonstrations, and read the written lectures. A basic kitchen with an oven. Room in your refrigerator for a large mixing bowl.



The Artisan Bakery School was first established in 2008. Penny & Dragan remain as passionate about teaching baking skills for breads, pastries and pizza, as when we first began. Baking makes people more self-reliant, more responsible for their own health, and generally much, much happier! Why not join us?

Suitable for

  • Adults
  • Seniors
  • Teenagers
  • Hearing impaired
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Intermediate level
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