Herbal remedies and medicine courses and handcrafted gifts

Explore how to identify, grow, harvest, dry, store and use herbs in teas, infused oils, ointments, creams, rubs and more and understand how their medicinal properties promote health.
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Natural Deodorant
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How to use essential oils with your dog - with Living Naturally Loving Life
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Introduction to herbal medicine - weekend courses
Next date: 5th Nov 2022
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How to create herbal tea blends - with Living Naturally Loving Life
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Get started with herbal medicine: an online course
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Gifts and Presents to Make with Herbs
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The natural health chest: assemble your own herbal medicine chest for health and wellbeing
Next date: 8th Oct 2022
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How To Create Herbal Macerated Oils - with Living Naturally Loving Life
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The spice of life: a practical exploration of the medicinal use of spices
Next date: 10th Dec 2022
Herbal health workshop - with herbalist & forager Kaye Angus
Next date: 19th Oct 2022


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