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Stonecarving in Gloucestershire Cotswolds
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15 Aug 22'

Paul Critchley reviewed: Stonecarving in Gloucestershire Cotswolds

"Didn't think stone carving would be my cup of tea but had an amazing time and can't wait for my next visit. The atmosphere, the enjoyment, the training and the sense of achievement is just fabulous and would recommend Sebastian's Cotswold haven to anyone."

8 Aug 22'

Robert Laws reviewed: Stonecarving in Gloucestershire Cotswolds

"I loved the challenge of tackling something completely different and never tried before, Sebastian was great with demonstrating techniques and advice on how to achieve what I was carving. The fellow participants were lovely and there was encouragement and friendly chat throughout the 2 days. I came away feeling that the course had provided me with something to be proud of."

8 Aug 22'

Penny reviewed: Stonecarving in Gloucestershire Cotswolds

"I attended the stone sculpting course over the weekend of 6th/7th August. There were 6 of us on the course with varying levels of art/craft experience but all stone sculpting beginners. We started with the basics, the tools, how to use them and had a trial piece of stone to try them out on. Everyone had an idea of what they wanted to create. After about two hours Sebastian helped us select a stone for our 'creations'. The rest of the weekend was spent producing our piece of art with as much help from Sebastian as needed - I needed quite a lot! We had great weather so there was plenty of space to work in his somewhat quirky environment. It was great fun and everyone produced a sculpture that was more than good enough to display in the garden at home. I would definitely recommend this course."

7 Aug 22'

Tor reviewed: Stonecarving in Gloucestershire Cotswolds

"Brilliant. Loved every minute of it and came away with some that resembled what I had in mind. Thank you Sebastian."

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