10 of the BEST crafts to learn

Top UK art & craft trends of 2023 to boost your creativity and add art & craftsmanship to your home! In each section you'll find enticing workshops to pour over. From pottery and blacksmithing to glass art and mosaic, we explore the ten most popular craft & art trends going down a storm right now.

Fill your home with art & craftsmanship
Without going into too much of a War & Peace style saga, this year has been crazy for me, hospital visits, lifestyle changes and keeping my creativity alive at the same time. At the heart of it, my partner and I have been deciding how we can really make our 'new-old’ house feel like our home, how we can make it work for us. 
As we ponder how to breathe new life into these rooms, we've come to realise that it's not just about selecting the right paint colour or arranging the furniture differently. It's about creating something unique, craftsmanship that tells a story, and something that truly reflects our own creativity and sense of style.

We knew our home needed a creative touch
In this quest to add that distinctive touch to our home, we've turned to artisan crafts. The kind of crafts that require skill, patience, and a touch of imagination. While the idea to create a stained-glass panel, a beautifully forged fire poker, or a mosaic masterpiece for our small yard burns within us, we’ve often found ourselves at a loss on how to begin.

We’re not alone in this desire to transform our living space into a canvas of creativity. Many of us yearn to infuse our homes with artistry, and the best way to truly gain this is by spending time in the studio or workshop of an experienced maker to help us unlock our creative potential.

You could create a stunning mosaic for your home
If you find yourself in a similar place, then you're in for a treat. Join me on my journey as I explore ten of the best art & craft courses trends from all corners of the UK. These courses promise not just artistic skill but also a memorable experience. They offer you the chance to dive headfirst into pottery, glass art, drawing, blacksmithing, and a myriad of other crafts. 
So, whether you're a novice looking to explore your artistic side or an experienced craftsperson eager to learn new techniques, these artisan courses hold the promise of something extraordinary. Let's embark on this creative journey and explore the world of artisan crafts that can breathe new life into our homes.
Get creative with paint


If, like us, your annual obsession has become anticipating how long it will take Keith to cry on The Great Pottery Throw Down, you’ll know how much a piece of ceramic can evoke emotion and make a real statement in a room. Pottery making workshops are incredibly popular on CraftCourses, with students learning to hand-build, throw clay, and sculpt a vast number of designs. 
If you would like to have an enjoyable day and take away an item that will tell a story in your living space, why not try one of these amazing workshops with artisan makers:
Jo Garden Hare Making - Suffolk
Jo Garden hare clay sculpture
Jo Garden Hare Making - Suffolk
A full day clay sculpture workshop with Jo Garden Art costs £99 and you come away with a huge sense of satisfaction, a stunning work of art. You will want to go back for more! Kits to clay sculpt & bronze human figures, dogs, hares and cats are also available from Jo.  Our founder Kate had a wonderful day with her kids (under 10) creating some masterpieces! Sculpture kits with these kits!
More the kits here.
“Thoroughly enjoyed the day as you get completely lost in creating your hare. All the different stages are fascinating and so clever. I'm not ruling out a third visit in the future."

Raku, Japanese glaze firing- Peterborough 
Stunning Raku pottery
One day Raku pottery workshop, Potterydayz - £95
Find out more and book online 
Great day with Richard on his Raku day. Have 4 unique pots, from 4 different techniques. Gives a good overall taste of what Raku can produce and what Richard can teach you from his years of experience. Will certainly be booking further courses.

 A day of clay making- Oxfordshire
Make a stunning signature piece of pottery in a day
Workshops at the Little Pottery cost £350 for a full day, with classes are limited to 1-2 people with personal tuition)
Find out more and book online 
"I had a lovely day with Trisha and thorough enjoyed learning the processes. She’s a great host and lunch was delicious"
Expect to take home at least one knock-out piece of pottery and essential skills. We may not all have kilns at home, or the space to have one, but you can keep experimenting with air dry clay and book more time in the workshop when you’re ready. A great lunch too- who’s coming with me??


Have you tuned in to Blown Away on Netflix? It’s become a real obsession for me. Not sure if it’s watching the artisan makers toil in the workshop, or if it’s the stunning creations they achieve, but it makes me crave an oversized piece of glass art in my entrance way. I just can’t decide whether stained glass, blown glass or a piece of fused glass art is going to make the biggest impact. 
Luckily for me there are three great workshops to try and figure it out: 

Stained glass panel workshop - Todmorden
Stained glass panel making
Two day workshop, Crafty Fox Studios - £190
Find out more and book online 

"Had a great time. I learnt so much and Laura was brilliant; very knowledgeable and supportive. I will definitely be trying another of Laura's courses."

Glass blowing master class - West Midlands
Glass blowing master class
Full day workshop, Blowfish Glass - £340
Find out more and book online

"Bethany was brilliant, super helpful, informative and enthusiastic. Would recommend to anyone wanting to dip their toe into the world of glassblowing!"

Glass fusing half day- Northamptonshire 
Incorporate a beloved pet into your fused glass

Half day workshop, Fired Glass -£100 
Find out more and book online 
"Fantastic course. Really enjoyed it and there really is no limit with the support and guidance given. Thank you, I really enjoyed it.”
We have a pet rabbit and the thought of maybe being able to incorporate his gorgeous face excites me.

Expect to create a delicate piece of art in any of these workshops, you will feel an overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment if you follow the advice of these artisans.



My dad was always the painter in our family, his skies were unusual colours, and he signed each one with a different pseudonym but every single one had his signature style. They were bold, bright, and impactful. He taught me a lot about finding my style, now I just want to hone my skills, so I can proudly hang a piece of my own art next to his, in my dining room. I’d like to try oil, acrylic and pastel so I can find the right fit for me.

Introduction to oil painting and still life - Devon
Oil painting and still life skills
Three day workshop, David Barber at Moor and Sea Holidays- £280
Find out more and book online 

"Lovely course, very enjoyable three days. Beautiful location, excellent teacher"

 Monthly acrylic painting classes- Stanwick
Acrylic painting at Stanwick Lakes

Monthly classes, Catherine Matthews at Stanwick Lakes - £28
Find out more and book online

"Clear explanation at each stage of the course and constant support. I booked this immediately after attending for the watercolour course."

Beginners' pastel painting- North East Wales
Pastel painting introduction
Full day workshop, Oriel Glasfryn Gallery Limited - £110
Find out more and book online

"I enjoyed this course very much indeed and learned far more about the art of painting with pastels than I would expect to pick up in a one-day course."
I think I might start with pastel painting as I bought a box years ago and have been too frightened to give it a go. How about you?


Have you got on an old armchair that needs a refresh? A window seat that needs some inviting scatter cushions? Maybe even a new lamp shade could inject just the right amount of colour into your newly decorated room? I’d like to re-upholster some rescued dining chairs, to give them some fresh bounce and a bit of flair. 

 Upholstery / cushion making - York
Upholstery class in York city centre
Full day workshop, What Jo Did Next- £85
Find out more and book online

"The tuition, knowledge and patience from Jo is second to none and I would highly recommend this course to others! "

Bring your own project to upholster - Cambridgeshire
Bring your own project to upholster
Full day workshop, MODE Upholstery School - £85
Find out more and book online

"Great day - good pupil teacher ratio (1:4) and very informative. Will be going back again I hope"

Upholster a footstool - Lancaster
Full day workshop, Tuffet- £125
Find out more and book online  

"Loved the course!  What an amazing location to learn a new skill in and Sue was so patient with us as we learnt how to upholster our foot stools."
From a upholstery course, hosted by one of our incredible artisans, you can expect to take home a finished piece and a wonderful new skill to practice in your own time. You'll be hooked.


Maybe you’re determined to recreate the sword from Game of Thrones to hang in your hallway to impress dinner party guests, perhaps you’d like to butcher a piece of meat with your very own chef’s blade. Me personally, I wanted a hand forged poker for our log burner which completes a perfect winter’s day. All are possible here at Craft Courses.

Sword making class- Carmarthen
Feeling very Game of Thrones with this sword
3 days workshop, Phoenix Forge– £449
Find out more and book online

"My two teenage sons and I loved this sword making class. Will's easy going teaching style and professionalism make it a pleasure and a challenge that is worthwhile and enjoyable. "

Kitchen knife in a day- Wakefield
Make your own chef's blade
Full day workshop, Hand forged Yorkshire - £225
Find out more and book online

"I thoroughly enjoyed my kitchen knife making course. I had no previous experience but came away with a knife that is functional and I’m proud to show off to my friends and family.”

Ram’s head poker - Northallerton
Forge a poker at the blacksmiths
Full day workshop, A W Artist's Blacksmith - £130
Find out more and book online 

"Just a fantastic day. Ade and Andy just amazing hosts and course leaders. Felt a bit outnumbered being the only female, but did it matter? Not a jot.”
It doesn’t come much more artisanal than blacksmithing in the United Kingdom. An historic craft that takes creativity and an ability to ‘handle the heat’ have you got what it takes? You will take home a unique make that will be the talk of any dinner table. 


Many of our artisan, mosaic workshops teach you this stunning skill to create a piece of bespoke art, but remember, if you are in the process of updating your home, being able to mosaic might help you create something unique in your bathroom or kitchen and can have practical applications too. I am looking to update a small tabletop for my garden. 

 Create a mosaic in a day - York
Create a mosaic in York
Full day workshop, Sue Kershaw- £75
Find out more and book online 

 "Lovely day with Sue creating our mosaics. Everything was very well organised, Sue catered for all levels and supported each person individually as they needed."

Slate mosaic workshop- Suffolk
Make a mosaic from slate
Full day workshop, Jo Garden Art - £99
Find out more and book online

"A most enjoyable day creating two lovely pieces of work in the most relaxing environment with a superb teacher. What more could you ask for?"

Mosaic workshop - Worcestershire
Mosaic making in Worcestershire
Full day workshop, Jackie Nash Art- £96
Find out more and book online

"Jackie's workshop is an Aladdin's Cave of tiles, boards to work on, and inspirational pieces created over the years."
In an artisan mosaic workshop, you will find all the colours you can imagine and it will be only your imagination that could limit you to create a stunning piece of art for your home.


If you are anything like me and enjoy watching people on TikTok that visit charity shops you may have noticed there’s a bit of a wicker basket hype at the moment. Willow weaving can be sculptural but can also have practical solutions. I would like some matching wicker baskets for the top of my kitchen cabinets…

Hedgerow basketmaking - Monmouthshire
Make a basket from the hedgerow
Full day workshop, Wyldwoodwillow - £115
Find out more and book online

"What a fabulous day! Great place, good company and Amanda is a kind, patient and experienced teacher. This was the perfect antidote to a stressful working life and I made a usable basket."

 Willow deer sculpture weekend- Hampshire 
Make a deer from willow
Weekend workshop, Willow and Crafts- £220
Find out more and book online

"Love the course, can’t wait to do another one"

Willow basket making - Norfolk
English basket making
Two day workshop, Norfolk Hedge Baskets- £170
Find out more and book online 

"Had a lovely weekend basket weaving, with a great group.  Jonathon is very patient and gives really clear instruction, with lots of individual guidance and help.  I came away with 2 baskets, and an appreciation of the work that goes into weaving baskets."
Well looks like I might be heading to Norfolk to learn to make these gorgeous English baskets as they would be the perfect fit for the top of my kitchen dresser.


I have a Cricut Maker, and I love to experiment with making my own greetings cards, packaging, and gift tags. (The possibilities are limitless.) This is a relatively modern piece of kit and I’m keen to learn some more traditional, artisan paper craft skills. I’d like to create a framed piece of calligraphy with my favourite quote. 

Beautiful paper flowers- East Sussex
Stunning paper flowers
Four hour workshop, Sutura Sewing- £75
Find out more and book online

"Wow how delicate these flowers are, they will make a fantastic addition to my entrance hall." (Fran) 

Modern calligraphy - Peak District  
Modern calligraphy
Full day workshop, Zantium Studios - £120
Find out more and book online 

 "A very well run course, led by a very enthusiastic tutor Allie.  We learnt so much in one day, just can't wait to use it now."

Paper cutting workshop- Norfolk
Paper cutting workshop
Half day workshop, The Leaf Press- £36
Find out more and book online

"A lovely half day workshop. Suzy is a very good tutor. An enjoyable relaxed session. Thank you"
It is surprising what can be made from paper, we must remember that so many of the earliest works of art were created from this material. I can't decide on calligraphy or making crepe paper flowers, might have to do both. 


 Ever watched Money for Nothing? I am addicted. Several of Sarah Moore’s cohorts upcycle pieces of furniture, to rescue them from the tip. I personally love a chalk paint overhaul, with a bit of gold leaf and a distressed finish. I also admire that this promotes sustainability by breathing fresh life into a piece that could potentially be discarded.  I would like to update a large dresser that we’re planning to use in our bathroom suite.

Furniture painting workshop- Cheshire
Refresh your style
Full day workshop, The Boho Shed- £120
Find out more and book online 

 "I loved this course. I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the day.  I’ve booked on to the upholstery course now too. Joanne is a lovely teacher. "

Furniture upcycling workshop - Manchester
Upcycling in Manchester
Full day workshop, Tread Softly - £120
Find out more and book online

"I absolutely loved this course. Hannah was an excellent instructor. From start to finish she was there guiding us and adding to our skill set. "

Beginner's epoxy resin workshop - Greater London 
Resin in furniture
Afternoon workshop, The River Shop - £125.00
Find out more and book online

"I attended this with my husband recently. Brilliant course. Highly recommend!"
There are so many ways to update your furniture, without buying new. If you're just 'fed-up' of a dark piece of furniture and would like to inject some life back into it, then consider a chalk paint workshop to show how you can effortlessly transform it. That's what I will be doing next weekend. 


If you can’t bring yourself to paint a piece of old furniture perhaps you’d rather make an item from scratch. We have artisan woodworking workshops that offer woodturning, furniture making, carving and much more. I personally, (my partner would laugh), would like to be more confident in using the tools to complete woodwork jobs. 

Woodwork course- tools - Cumbria
Tools workshop
5 day workshop, Lakeland Cabinet Makers - £550
Find out more and book online

"I’ve just spent a very enjoyable week on course 1. The workshop is a great and realistic place to work and the limit to 4 students works well. To come away with a valued product is a great feeling."

Atlantic Ribbon Stool - Cornwall
Atlantic Ribbon Stool
Three day workshop, Atlantic Makers Collective - £438
Find out more and book online

Green wood furniture introduction- Devon
Introduction to green wood
Two day workshop, Peter Lanyon Furniture - £235

"I absolutely loved this course. So much is packed in to a short space of time. It has definitely given me the bug for green woodworking and a huge respect for Peter and his craft."
Imagine being able to sit at a dining table you have crafted with your own hands. What a sense of achievement that would be.

What a journey! 

I find myself thoroughly inspired by these remarkable artisans, driven to infuse my home with a distinct personal touch. The desire to craft unique furniture for my dining room, adorn my walls with handcrafted art, and transform my entrance into an art gallery with glass and paper art brims with anticipation. 

With several exciting workshops booked for the upcoming weeks, I simply can't wait to embark on this enriching artistic journey.

Please keep in touch and let me know how you get on with yours!
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