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Glass blowing courses

Glass blowing courses, classes and workshops are taught all across the UK. Glass blowing is a technique that involves using a blow pipe to inflate molten glass into a bubble and then shaping that glass bubble. Glass blowing courses and workshops take place up and down the UK and most glass blowers and tutors will cover a range of topics such as: handling molten glass; sculpting the glass and using specific tools; working with glass colours; blowing a glass vessel.

An introduction into the world of glassblowing for beginners, the course introduces you to this amazing substance. Classes comprise of no more than three students at any a time as this allows you to develop your glassblowing skills at a non hurried pace. Students begin the day with the following: Health and safety talk and safe practice within the hot glass studio. Learn how to use different glassblowing tools. Gather molten glass from the furnace....
Essex - Next course on 3rd February 2019
Glass Blowing for beginners with Jon Lewis - This would make an amazing Christmas gift! Jon Lewis offers glass blowing tuition for beginners. In the fully equipped glass hot-shop the students will learn all about the ancient and magical craft of glass making. all of the glass which the students make can be taken home when cooled overnight. they can be collected or posted. The environment of glassmaking, the heat, the furnaces and the manipulation...
The one day lesson lasts for six hours and aims to provide an intensive introduction to this most exciting and challenging of craft disciplines. Throughout the lesson, you will learn to gather molten glass from the furnace at a temperature exceeding 1100 degrees and manipulate it with a range of traditional glassmaking tools. You will be taught to apply colour and pattern to the clear glass so that by the end of the lesson, you...
Come and experience the amazing and mesmerizing art of shaping and forming molten glass in the country's foremost glass school! A great introduction to glassblowing, suitable for beginners to try their hand at this fascinating art form. Students will be given the opportunity to gather, form, design and make (with a bit of help), their own glass sphere to hang, a paperweight and a vase. This is an ideal opportunity to try something you have...
Our half-day course is an exciting and intensive experience aimed at introducing beginners to the wonders of hot glass. Glass artist Adam Aaronson offers instruction to small groups of people – so you can be sure of individual attention and impressive results. During the course you will be introduced to techniques such as: • Gathering molten glass from a furnace, • Shaping and working the glass using a variety of tools, • Working with glass...
West Sussex
The course runs from 10-5. Please arrive about 10 minutes beforehand, please bring your own lunch, we have a microwave to reheat if you wish. The day will begin with some simple shaping and colour techniques to form various solid shapes that will be joined to our branch later. These will include leaves and droplets and small simple birds. We will then move on to good and strong joins to form our branch, which we...
West Midlands
Want to have a go at Glass Blowing. This courses is a great introduction. In a group of no more than 10 people, you will be shown how to correctly and safely handle hot glass and shown the techniques for creating your own Christmas Bauble. With expert tuition from glass artist Charlotte Hughes Martin, you will have made your very own hand blown Christmas Bauble. A great course for you to get friends and family...
One day glass blowing workshop in the South-West. Learn to blow your own glass. Spend the day in a fully working glass studio learning basic glassblowing techniques. Prior to your day, the glass will have been in the furnace for 24hrs so it is ready for you to use as soon as you come into the studio. This is a highly practical course, after an introduction to the equipment, studio and a health and safety...
In The GLASSroom inspiring, creating and educating through the therapeutic art of glassmaking. This is a unique opportunity to try your hand at glass blowing. This course offers an introduction to glass blowing and no experience is necessary. The half day lesson is an exciting opportunity to have your first go working with molten glass. After this fascinating and interesting course, you will leave with a new understanding of glass, gaining a great insight in...
For the ultimate experience, come and enjoy the magic of a hot glass studio. Learn how to manipulate molten glass, and with help from Charlie, turn your ideas into reality. Over the course of the day, participants will learn how to shape and blow glass, before adding colour and finishing the pieces. Outside of the set courses, bespoke experiences can be arranged for a convenient time.