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This course is suitable for someone who wants to learn the art of stained glass in a friendly manner. Learn how to Lead panels Or Paint stained glass windows, in the company of a small relaxed group and for some time-out in the homely, informal setting of Jamal Rafay’s artist studio! A one day crash course covers, introduction, design for stained glass, introduction to Medium, Materials, Cartooning, Glass cutting, Glass painting OR Glass Leading. If...
This 2 day stained glass painting workshop in Shrewsbury is structured to cater for different levels of beginners, including complete beginners. It's a brilliant opportunity to learn or develop a range of traditional painting techniques that were practised by the craftsmen back in the earliest years of creating stained glass windows in Europe. Please read the schedule below for a further insight into what to expect over the 2 days. Day 1 - 9:45am -...
West Midlands
Come and join me for an afternoon of glass painting. During the workshop you learn how to create your own design and how to transfer it to your glass piece. I will teach you various techniques, including tublining. I will show you numeorus painting styles/techniques which will help you create your own unique piece. I will show you how to mix paints and how to create new and interesting paint effects. At the end of...
Cheshire - Next course on 14th December 2018
Using imagery ranging from hand-drawn artwork to images found on the internet or in books as inspiration, you will learn to create artworks using painting techniques, coloured vitreous powders, use stencils, sandblasting techniques, use of fine line enamels and decorative inclusions. This course is both intensive and rewarding with wonderful results. It gives you the knowledge and ability to make unique artwork using this amazing medium.
If you prefer the benefits that come with more personal and concentrated tuition, then we can tailor a one-to-one programme to the particular area of glass you wish to gain further skills in. Whether you’re a complete beginner, or someone already with a degree of experience, we can design a course which focuses purely on your specified areas; whether it be the very basics of glass fusing or more advanced kiln-carving techniques. Choose the length...
Cheshire - Next course on 28th September 2018
A great course where you will learn how to use stencilling techniques to create a design that can be sandblasted into the glass surface. We’ll also cover the ancient technique of silver staining and use of high-temperature pigment enamel paints to create your own set of decorative glass coasters. Experience: None required What you’ll need: A sturdy pair of shoes (nothing open-toed)
Come and join my evening class to learn further skills in Glass Fusing. I will teach you a range of fusing techniques over the 6 weeks including using stringers, cutting glass, creating relief designs and other image making techniques. Over the first 4 weeks we will focus on one aspect of glass fusing so you get a go at exploring what you enjoy and how a particular technique could be used to create artwork in...
Warwickshire - Next course on 3rd November 2018
The morning will involve choosing designs and then using a cerne outliner to draw your design onto glass. Whilst this is drying we will break for lunch and then we will add the glass paint. Once finished you can take your pieces home and then bake them on a low temperature to bake the paint.
Cheshire - Next course on 22nd September 2018
Learn all the fused glass basics in one exciting day including easy glass cutting, design, slumping & getting to grips with tools, stringers, coloured glass frits & the various types of glass used in fusing. Make a minimum of 6 projects! Introduction to 'Fused Glass' Class suitable for 'complete beginners' *£10 Discount for CRAFTCOURSES bookings! Please ask :) Deborah will guide you through a practical & fun introduction to fused glass starting with easy projects...
Cheshire - Next course on 22nd September 2018
1st day - what will I learn? Lots! All the basics of glass fusion inc: easy glass cutting, creating shapes, which glass to fire, tools & how to use frits, organic elements, stringers & many other compatible materials. What will I make? Glass lace, a set of coasters & a free standing sculpture. In the afternoon you can choose to make a bowl, vessel or wall panel. [this day is the same as our intro...