Lampwork (hot glass bead making) courses

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Lampwork or glass bead making courses, classes and workshops are taught all across the UK. Lampwork (also known as flamework or 'torchwork') courses are available as taster sessions, day, evening and weekend courses. Hot glass bead-making is an extremely absorbing, satisfying craft with huge creative potential and range.

Come and learn how to make unique glass beads from rods of glass in the flame... addictive fun for you alone or with friends where i do a 50% reduced rate for the second and subsequent people.. 3 hrs where you make the beads in the flame and keep them all. An opportunity to make them into beautiful jewellery if you choose on the day. A great gift! NEW.............................Pottery transfers, choose an item to decorate...
Flamework/Lampwork bead making is the process of making glass beads using; in this case, a hot head. In this beginner's class (for up to 2 people) we will look at: equipment and health and safety, using the torch, making a basic doughnut shaped bead, plus decoration and some shaping. Expect to make around 8 beads in this 3 hour session, I can also help you build on existing skills such as making sculptural animal beads,...
Come and spend 3 hrs having addictive fun on my will watch a demo of how to make glass beads in the flame and you will them be let lose on the torch to make your own. You can spend the entire time playing with glass, or split your time with flamework and making the beads into jewellery to take home. All materials and snacks supplied...........bring a friend and get 50% reduction for the...
West Midlands
Join lamp-work glass artist Sarah Jones for a wonderful and creative fun-filled day or half day learning the great techniques for making lampwork glass beads. This class would make a fantastic gift for a creative loved one. If you choose this option from the drop down menu you will be posted a handcrafted gift card with details of the course inside. Please click through to our website above for details and bookings, or if you...
This is a full day intensive course to give you an introduction to bead making and lampwork. All aspects of glass bead making for beginners will be covered, tools & equipment, health & safety, types of glass etc followed by demonstration and practice of basic tasks such as pulling stringers and making various types of basic beads. At the end of the course you will have made several styles of bead and be familiar with...
Beginners Lampworking Tuition at my studio in Bristol's city centre! I have been making glassware for 15 years and teaching adult classes for 5 years. Glass is an amazing material to work with and completely unique. Learn how to create glass beads in an in-depth one to one teaching environment. You will learn the skills necessary for: -Working the glass hot in the flame -Creating glass beads -Surface decoration
If you have ever wanted to melt glass, Lampwork provides a great introduction as it can be picked up relatively quickly, while sharing a number of characteristics with much larger scale glass blowing. It is a hugely versatile medium, and the lampwork technique can be used for a lot more than just beads; however we begin with beads as they are the simplest shape to start with and are made on a metal rod, which...
South Yorkshire
Introduction to making your own glass beads. In a few hours of one-to-one tuition I will show you the fundamental skills of this fascinating and beautiful craft Make your own glass beads by melting coloured rods of glass in an open flame, using a technique called 'lampworking'. Alternating between a series of demonstrations followed by your practice and experimentation, depending on progress you could make up to 5 or 6 beads. I will show you...
This hot glass bead making workshop is offered for complete beginners and will cover all lampwork techniques used in creating beautiful and stylish glass beads from scratch. Dates are flexible - please get in touch with Pauline. Many people find that the one day course is not really enough and that taking both days together is a benefit (once you get a taste you are hooked!) so we do a special price of £290 for...
We offer a taster day workshop, with award-winning glass artist Sue Webb, to get you started making your own glass beads. You will learn a range of techniques, which you should be experienced enough to continue with after the course. This course runs regularly throughout the year. Please see our website for specific dates. What does the course cover? You will be introduced to all the equipment and safety procedures and then be shown how...