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Hedgelaying courses and workshops across the UK. Learn how to correctly lay hedges to protect the flora, fauna and wildlife our our countryside. Laid hedges not only look beautiful; they also create effective natural boundaries.

Next course on 11th November 2017
During this 2 day course we will teach you the traditional art of hedge laying by tackling a hedge with the aim of completing a small section from start to finish. The course will cover the fundamentals of hedge laying and all the necessary skills and techniques that are required for successful hedge laying. We will lay the hedge in the Midlands style, as this is the most generic style and most widespread, but an...
Next course on 4th November 2017
Hedgelaying - one day course at Acton Scott Historic Working Farm. The purpose of hedgelaying is to restore a hedge that has become sparse at the base, or has grown without being trimmed. Hedgelaying thickens a hedge therefore giving more shelter for livestock on farms and a habitat for nesting birds and wildlife. During this one-day introductory course, you will learn the techniques of hedgelaying and have a go at transforming a wild unkempt hedge...
Next course on 5th November 2017
Hedgelaying - one day course Tutor: Neil Catchpole Come and learn to lay hedges the Suffolk way, from a real Suffolk man! Click on Neil's name above to see more about him. Hedgelaying is a traditional way of making a hedge stock proof, i.e. cutting and weaving and tying the branches so that the end result is an impenetrable fence. This will be a day out in the fresh air doing manual work. It is...