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Hedgelaying courses and workshops across the UK. Learn how to correctly lay hedges to protect the flora, fauna and wildlife our our countryside. Laid hedges not only look beautiful; they also create effective natural boundaries.

Cornwall - Next course on 24th March 2018
This is a hands on practical course on woodland management. We will look at restoring a neglected and over stood coppice woodland. The courses include preparation of the work area, tool use and care, coppice restoration, working methods, material selection, storage. We will be discussing - Developing a coppice rotation Felling and processing Understanding stool density layering and planting Pest control Coppicing for economic and wildlife benefit This one day coppicing course is an introduction...
Come and join us for a hedge laying course in the beautiful countryside of St Pauls Walden (near Hitchin) You’ll learn this ancient county craft which has been practiced for hundreds of years but it is just as relevant today as it always has been. Workshop tutor, Donato Cinicolo from St Albans is not only a hedge laying but also a well renowned author, photographer, producer, director and producer. Tickets are £60 which include refreshments...
Shropshire - Next course on 13th October 2018
Hedgelaying - one day course at Acton Scott Historic Working Farm. The purpose of hedgelaying is to restore a hedge that has become sparse at the base, or has grown without being trimmed. Hedgelaying thickens a hedge therefore giving more shelter for livestock on farms and a habitat for nesting birds and wildlife. During this one-day introductory course, you will learn the techniques of hedgelaying and have a go at transforming a wild unkempt hedge...
A very practical, hands-on two days learning to lay a Midland style hedge with expert Clive Leeke. Find out all about this traditional skill on the job. Perfect for beginners and those who wish to gain more experience.
Shropshire - Next course on 17th November 2018
This is a 2 day practical course covering all aspects of hedge laying including: - Identify different hedge laying styles - Identify suitable hedge species - Undertake the different stages of hedge laying, pleaching, stacking and binding - Lay a number of hedges of different sizes types and ages - Use and maintain the different hand tools needed in hedge laying Karl is a professional full time hedge layer with over 30 years experience and...