Coppicing and woodland management in-person and online courses

Coppicing and woodland management workshops across the UK. The traditional woodland management skill of coppicing involves cutting trees back so that new shoots grow from the stump. Coppicing has been done since pre-history and the poles produced are often used in hurdle making, thatching and charcoal making. Coppicing can be practiced on hazel, ash, oak, chestnut, hornbeam, willow, and beech trees and woodlands. Learn how to coppice your trees to harvest young shoots, suckers or larger poles, as well as boost wildlife and vegetation by increasing light.
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Charcoal & Biochar Making Course - Warminster Wiltshire
1 day
Next date: 28th Jul 2024
2 places left
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Crosscut saw sharpening
6 hours
Next date: 29th May 2024


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