Learn to fettle a "Great American" or "peg tooth" saw of 3 feet and longer. If you have a new saw (perhaps from Flinn Garlick, or Wilhelm Putsch) and wish to improve its performance, or have an old one you'd like to restore, this is the course for you. If you already have a rusted crosscut saw, do bring it. It may well be recoverable even if rusted. Alternatively choose one of my £90 vintage saws: de-rusted and ready-to-file. Decide before the day starts if you want to learn all the steps on your saw even if you don't complete every tooth - or if you just want to go home with a completely fettled, ready-to-use saw. That's because it takes time to clean a rusted junker saw and completely refurbish it. Sending me pictures of your saw(s) will help plan the day and work out what is do-able. What will I learn? How to clean, level, tension, joint, set, file and then cut logs with a long saw. How to select the right file - and to try a variety How to make a saw vise - from the end of a log or the edge of a table! How to make a sawbuck or sawhorse and how to use it. Who is this for? • spooncarvers, pole-lathe turners and all greenwoodworkers • Anyone who burns logs: if you come across scavenged logs too long to get in your stove, you can cut them without PPE and only the birds will hear you ☺ • those who have a chainsaw but find donning PPE tiresome Who is this not for? If you have a raker-toothed saw, this is not for you. Whilst they are lovely saws, they need skill, knowledge & care to maintain. But with a plain-tooth pattern you can easily pick up the essentials in 6 hours ( or less!) If you don't know what type your saw is, google "great american tooth crosscut saw" or "raker toothed saw" and you'll soon know. Or compare your saw with the gallery on these pages. Why come to Gavin? I like saws and am passionate about craft education: • I organised the first ever Sawfest in the UK in 2018 and have thought a lot about saw-education • I created the pre-Bodgers Ball courses and ran these 2016, 2017, 2018 • I organised Dolly Chapman's UK saw tour in 2017 • I have a fly-press and plenty of free steel strip so you can even make your own saw-plate ☺ Because I have a day job and work away sometimes, please message me to see what dates will work.

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Use of all tools: saw vises, sawbucks, logs to practice on


6 hours

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Easy - Cancellation and a full refund can be obtained up to 2 weeks before the course starts




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