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Image for Traditional Timber framing
Next course on 17th July 2017
Intensive hands on 5 day timber framing course set in an idyllic woodland workshop in the stunning Brecon Beacons. The Course is lead by Master carpenter Alan Ritchie, who has over 30 years experience in traditional woodwork. This comprehensive woodwork course takes you from the raw material to the design, marking and cutting on a live build oak frame. Whether you are planning a project of your own, or interested in trying your hand at...
Image for Advanced Timber Framing Course
Next course on 24th July 2017
This course is only for people who have previously done our traditional timber frame course. It focuses mainly on the roof trusses and purlins and exploring some more advanced techniques. There are often some extra elements involved, which are dependant on the design of the building being used for the course, and sometimes the experience of the students as well. Please do not hesitate to drop us a line if you would like to discuss...
Image for Axe hewing course
Introduction into various types of axes with historical overview. How axe hewing evolved and its applications. How to sharpen axes correctly. A hands-on tutorial of securing wood, how to mark out cutting lines, notching out and creating a flat surface.
Image for Carpentry for Women - Timber Framing Course
Next course on 22nd September 2017
Ever wondered how to build a house? Join a group of women for all or part of this 2 week event - no previous experience needed! We will be making the structural Timber Frame for an energy efficient house that has been designed close to PassivHaus standard. The course is being led by 4 women timber framers: Astrid Arnold, Barbara Czoch, Iso Barnden and Maude Star. You can book the dates that suit you, and...
Image for Heritage Wood Occupations
TRADITIONAL TIMBER FRAMING During the course participants will be involved in the construction of a timber frame building with talented timber framer John Munro. Where following subject areas will be covered: the history of timber framework in the UK; regional variations; specialist tools and equipment; the milling process; the components of typical timber frame construction; peg making; setting, measuring and marking out, daisy wheel geometry; jointing and shaping; fitting, fixing, finishing, positioning and erecting. The...