Food: cookery courses and craft kits

Learn how to forage, prepare, cook, understand oils and spices and even try your hand at icecream making. With our experienced cooks you'll never open your cupboards with trepidation again!
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Master of Sourdough Special Offer Bundle 2 extraordinary events on Zoom
Next date: 24th Jun 2023
6 items left
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Artisan Sourdough Made Simple
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The spice of life: a practical exploration of the medicinal use of spices
Next date: 2nd Dec 2023
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Men's Cookery Class with Mary Hart
Next date: 24th Jun 2023
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Mastering Sourdough Starters & Leavens
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Effortless Artisan Bread
Pasta Workshop
Next date: 15th Jul 2023
Christmas Pudding Workshop
Next date: 11th Nov 2023
Asian Street Food
Next date: 13th Jan 2024
Advanced Food Preservation Techniques
Next date: 10th Jun 2023


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