Food: cupcakes in-person courses

Learn how to make beautiful and elegant cupcakes, from mixing to sugarcraft you can expect to master how to make stunning, smile-inducing cupcakes for any occasion.
gold badge
Beginner's Cupcake Decorating
Next date: 15th Oct 2022
gold badge
Christmas cupcake decorating
Next date: 26th Nov 2022
silver badge
Practically Perfect Piping Workshop Hanwell Wine Estate
Next date: 22nd Oct 2022
gold badge
Vintage Cupcake Decorating
Next date: 1st Apr 2023
gold badge
Celebration Cupcake Decorating Course
Next date: 25th Feb 2023
gold badge
Beginner's PLUS cupcake decorating
Next date: 4th Mar 2023
Introduction to cupcake decorating (suitable for beginners) - afternoon class
Next date: 15th Oct 2022
Introduction to basic sugar modelling - farmyard animals (beginners)
Next date: 8th Jan 2023
Marzipan Fruits Making Workshop (Morning)
Next date: 9th Oct 2022
Marzipan Fruits Making Workshop (Afternoon)
Next date: 9th Oct 2022


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