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7 Dec 12'

Jane Bayliss reviewed: How to paint stained glass

"Dear David and Stephen, Thank you both very much for an amazing three days. Thank you for your warmth, humour and hospitality - as well as for all the revelations about the single-firing method and using oil with silver stain. Thank you, David, for your expert detective work, and Stephen for finding the exact piece of glass to enable me to progress a replica of John the Baptist's legs. I cannot thank you enough for an absolutely wonderful experience in your beautiful studio. Long may you have joy and prosperity in all you do. Jane"

6 Dec 12'

bob hacking reviewed: Carve a Rocking Horse Head Course

"For me it was a first working with sharp chisels and wood but within the first hour of the course Tony have given all of us enough confindence to begin to shape our horses heads and by the end of the three days we all came away with heads we could hold up with pride. The whole course was well planned and we never were never made to feel the beginers we were. I now have an almost complete horse getting ready for his saddle, main and tail after countless hours of fun and head scratching. Try it!"

4 Dec 12'

Nina Edminson reviewed: Photography Days

"Highly recommended. I have now done 2 days with Richard and Sue and intend to carry on learning from them in the future. Both my days filled me with inspiration and the photography bug has really caught me. Richard and Sue are very easy to learn from and explain things in a manner that is easy to understand. From only having used a point and shoot, they filled me with confidence to enable me to go home and put into practice what we had covered on the first day and now I am using a DSLR and never use auto settings. I have also been given excellent guidance on selecting the right equipment. Try it - you wont regret it"

3 Dec 12'

Geoff Gymer reviewed: Carve a Rocking Horse Head Course

"I attended this course in January 2012, as a competent hobby woodworker, but with no woodcarving experience. Miraculously, at the end of three days, I found myself in possession of a very presentable carved head, greatly exceeding my expectations. Tony is an excellent teacher, able to give just the right level of help or advice to a pretty varied bunch of students. Everyone at the Rocking Horse Shop was very pleasant and helpful. Well worth travelling all the way from Kent to Yorkshire for the experience."

3 Dec 12'

Tracy Spowage reviewed: Scarab Silver Clay Amulet

"Tracey thanks again for the fabulous workshop you did with the Hornsea mums, your patience and relaxed teaching methods proved a great success. All the mums that took part came away from the session with a great feeling of acheivement, and you have inspired many of them to go on and find the time in thier busy family lives to be creative."

2 Dec 12'

L Neill reviewed: Kiln formed glass day workshop

"I have been on lots of Helen's glass fusing workshops and I am completely addicted! Helen is a great teacher, patient, encouraging and has helped me to develop my ideas and skills. The workshops are fun, relaxed and informative. With only a few students you get lots of one to one teaching /advice from Helen much better than large classes. I recommend Helen's workshops for anyone who wants to give glass fusing a go or has previous experience and wants to learn more. Can't wait to do more fusing."

30 Nov 12'

H K Brown reviewed: Kiln formed glass day workshop

"Wow, what a day. My sister & i met Helen at a Christmas craft fair. We loved what she had done, so booked in for her Christmas glass decorations. It was a half day (2.5hrs) course, but in that time we learnt so much. Now cant wait to pick up our finished items. We made a Christmas tree tea light each, tree hanging decorations, & items for jewellery. So much in so little time. Thank you Helen, i think we've found a new hobby. Looking forward to more classes in the new year."

25 Nov 12'

Tricia Murphy-Black reviewed: Tapestry weaving workshop for beginners

"A most enjoyable day's weaving - the fact that we didn't leave at the specified end time has to say a lot! I had brought an idea for my little tapestry picture - it was not quite practical but Jane showed me how to adapt the design in front of me and I was able to try that out. Atmosphere was most welcoming, the food was excellent and it was a rewarding day's course."

24 Nov 12'

Susan Baird reviewed: Tapestry weaving workshop for beginners

"Jane's tapestry course is so fabulous- she is the most supportive teacher. Her attic space is magical. She makes you feel so creative even if you don't have a lot of confidence. I would recommend to anyone. I was the least qualified in my group but was made to feel skilled. Lunch was delicious also. This experience would be a wonderful present. Susan"

20 Nov 12'

di sewell reviewed: Kiln formed glass day workshop

"What a fab time i had. Learnt loads about glass cutting and fusing . will definitely be back for more xx"

20 Nov 12'

drea hickman reviewed: Kiln formed glass day workshop

"had alovely day with Helen and two friends. We worked through different ways of using the different types of fusing glass and experimented with them using pictures as a stimulus, then went on to make our own landscapes. Helen was very informative and is an excellent teacher, very relaxed and able to turn mistakes into positives. I am so looking forwaard to my next course with her."

19 Nov 12'

Julie reviewed: Scarab Silver Clay Amulet

"I have attended various courses with Tracey, including, the intro, summer school and "Linked in Chains". Everyone has been great. Tracey is a fantastic teacher with loads of patience for all her students, and manages to share her vast amount of knowledge simply in a way that does not deter the new comer from trying new techniques. The studio and surrounding area are a joy to work visit and ultimately to learn in. After every course you come away looking forward to trying out the techniques and home and looking forward to the next course you are able to take. Well done Tracey, long may you continue, and Thank you for all the help and advice you give xx"

18 Nov 12'

Mark Levis reviewed: Carve a Rocking Horse Head Course

"Highly recommended. I'd never done any woodcarving before and managed to leave with something that looked like a rocking horse head! Very relaxed and friendly atmosphere on the course and I liked the format of Tony demonstrating each stage before letting us loose to have a go ourselves. He provided as much or as little help as requested and at no stage was I ever made to feel like I was going to fail. I am determined to complete the full horse and have in fact now purchased the materials to do so. Go on, give it a go!!!"

17 Nov 12'

Pam and Helen reviewed: Patchwork and quilting week with Dawn Cameron Dick

"We are relatively inexperienced quilters who went on the course with an idea of what we wanted to learn. We were not disappointed as we had achieved our aims over the week and more. Lovely welcome from both Cherry and Dawn. Delicious lunches. Dawn's instruction was flexible and each of us within the group worked to our own level. We would recommend this week to anyone wishing to enjoy and learn valuable skills in an ideal environment. November 2012"

15 Nov 12'

Lorraine reviewed: Patchwork and quilting week with Dawn Cameron Dick

"I did this course in November 2012 and really enjoyed the whole week. I knew very little about patchwork and quilting and was bowled over by Dawn's knowledge. She was very flexible and allowed me to do what I needed to do rather than making me work to her programme. I learned a huge amount and am inspired to really have a go. Cherry was very welcoming and her lunches were delicious! There was a lovely atmosphere altogether with the students sometimes coming together (eg on the appliqué day) and sometimes working on their own. I thoroughly recommend the course and am hoping to repeat it myself!"

14 Nov 12'

Ruth Woodage reviewed: Candle making workshops

"A really interesting craft to try and there's lots to find out about the different waxes, wicks & types of candle - I never realised there was such a huge array! Anghharad does a fantastic job of explaining everything in a fun & interesting way - I can thoroughly recommend it."

14 Nov 12'

Karen Saunders reviewed: Candle making workshops

"Thanks Angharad for an interesting and fun evening, I learnt lots and came home with a few "homemade" (albeit Ruth's lovely home) Christmas pressies which look and smell lovely : )."

14 Nov 12'

Sally Rouse reviewed: Patchwork and quilting week with Dawn Cameron Dick

"I had a very enjoyable week with Cherry and Dawn. I was made very welcome and the lunches which Cherry provided were delicious. Dawn is, without doubt an excellent teacher but as I am an experienced quilter, I did not feel that I really got value for money as on two complete days, I just sewed on my own and had no tuition. I was happy with that in that I wanted to get on with my work, but on reflection I am not sure that paying for Dawn's input was a good idea. I was interested to see Dawn demonstrate her excellent technique Invisible Machine Appliqué so I did gain from having her available on that particular day. For someone wanting an intensive week of tuition, it is an excellent course."

14 Nov 12'

Cleopatra Browne reviewed: Candle making workshops

"Wow, this was wicked fun! I didn't realise there was soooooo much to know about candles, waxes etc and Angharad certainly knows her craft. An informative, interactive, creative and most of all fun evening had by all. In a very short space of time we had all made various types of candles, I was suprised at the quality of the outcome as i'm usually rubbish at this kind of thing. But the hand made candles I brought home are lovely. Thoroughly recommend Angharad and Wax the Matter for a creative and fun session of candle making and sillyness :)"

14 Nov 12'

Shannon Muse reviewed: How to paint stained glass

"I flew from Colorado, US to attend a class with Stephen and David in mid-October 2012. It was a wonderful experience. The instruction is serious and specific. The steps are purposefully structured to build layers of skills. I felt empowered and am looking at painted glass with understanding and confidence. I came to the class with a desire to acquire an ability to move to a new level in my art and design. It will be exciting to put my new skills to use. Staying in Ludlow was also really enjoyable."

13 Nov 12'

Shayne Newlyn reviewed: Candle making workshops

"Angharad gave us a wonderful evening. It was great fun making the candles, hanging out with new people and taking home the lovely results. I thoroughly reccommend doing one of her workshops."

12 Nov 12'

Sue reviewed: Candle making workshops

"Excellent workshop. Clearly explained, lots of info about techniques and visiblw (burnable) results!"

12 Nov 12'

Maudie Hughes reviewed: Candle making workshops

"A thoroughly enjoyable evening, good fun and informative. I learnt about the different types of wax, and their suitability for different types of candles. Having had a go in the past but not done so recently I will now dig out my kit and have another go!"

12 Nov 12'

Karen Kildegaard reviewed: Candle making workshops

"Ann is a wonderful teacher and I went away very inspired.. even considering starting to make my own candles at home.. very informative.."

6 Nov 12'

Karen Radestock reviewed: A fabulous introduction to fused glass - one day course

"Brilliant day, would love to do it again. Siobhan is an inspiring teacher. Very exciting waiting to see the final "works of art""

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