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Dyeing courses, classes and workshops taught all across the UK. Dyeing is the age old process of adding colour to all types of textiles. Dyes can be natural, such as the orangey-red 'ochre' found in clay or onion skins, or man-made. One of the most abundant sources of dye is the plant kingdom. Roots, berries, bark, leaves and wood can all be used. Learning how to be creative with colours and fabric is a timeless and enjoyable skill. As a textile artist, it will open doors onto new realms of possibility! Would you like to learn how to dye fabric? Perhaps you have a dress or pair of trousers that needs a new lease of life? Come and join a dyeing course, workshop or group and open your eyes to the world of colour out there!

Image for Beginners Spinning
I've been spinning for 10 years, teaching for 6 and there's nothing better than passing on this incredible skill. During the day we'll discuss fleece and fibre preparation, try some carding and then spin the day away. You'll take away a skein of your own handspun yarn. I teach in various venues in the North West of England, please give me a call and I'll tell you where the closest is to where you are.
Image for Spinning, weaving and dyeing -Monday Evenings
We meet every Monday evening during term time from 7pm to 9pm. This class is ongoing during term time. Over the last year the course has covered the following subjects: Spinning - basic spinning skills, design, colour blending in spinning, fancy yarns. Weaving - rigid heddle weaving, weaving on four shaft looms, design, tapestry, inkle braids. Dyeing - natural dye extracts, random dyeing with acid dyes and fibre reactive dyes. You can pay £45 in...
Image for Eco Colour: Natural Fabric Dyeing with Heritage Plants
Next course on 10th June 2017
Discover sustainable, environmentally friendly ways to beautifully pattern fabric using ancient techniques and plant dyes. Indigo, Madder and Weld are the oldest known dyes which can create a full spectrum of colours when combined. Shibori is a refined form of tie-dye originating in Japan and used to create intricate patterns. These are created by clamping, tieing, stitching, wrapping, folding and binding fabric before dyeing. In this one day workshop we will explore the fascinating history...
Image for Natural Dyeing Course in Pembrokeshire
Next course on 17th June 2017
NATURAL DYEING USING WOODLAND PLANTS Saturday 17th June 2017 At Coppicewood College, Cilgerran. This one day course is an introduction to natural dyeing using plants form the woods. We will start by exploring and collecting materials. Then we take them to the woodland workshop and dye samples on yarn, fleece and fabric. There will be explanations as we go along and notes to take home. A relaxed day out in a lovely setting. Please wear...
Image for Summer Dyes from the Countryside - one day course
Next course on 4th June 2017
Summer Dyes from the Countryside - one day course at Acton Scott Historic Working Farm. Take a basket and wander through the meadows, investigate the hedgerows and gardens to identify and collect traditional dye material in season. Berries and barks, roots, flowers and fruits all provide wonderful natural ingredients. Participants will prepare dye baths of vibrant and glowing natural colours and dip and dye samples to take home. The historic use of dye plants and...
Image for Dye Day Workshop
Next course on 17th June 2017
We will start the day with tea, coffee and an introduction to basic colour theory. After that we will start experimenting. You'll have a go at dyeing yarn and fibre and use a range of techniques as well as demonstrations. This course uses acid dyes which are fixed with vinegar.
Image for Lacquer Crafts
Lacquer Crafts 2 day Workshop in Bristol and Bath The workshop: This two day introductory Lacquer Crafts workshop is for both professional and part time artists and ceramicists who would like to experience the art of working with stains, dyes and lacquers onto three dimensional forms. Modern lacquers are a joy to work with because each layer is touch dry in around 10 minutes. Therefore an illusionary depth and texture in the smooth surface of...
Image for Shibori Tie Dye - Explore this magical Japanese Indigo dye process
Next course on 22nd July 2017
Use a variety of resist techniques and an indigo dye vat to make exciting surface patterns on cotton fabric. Make a fabric stash suitable for further textile experiments, stitching, quilting, cushion covers, bags and other craft items. Options to dye upcycled tee shirts, other white cotton items, scarf blanks and fat quarters. The aim of this course is to provide you with the skills to: • Use a variety of resist techniques including folding, clamping,...
Image for Indigo dyeing & Shibori (3 days) in West Wales
Next course on 14th May 2017
Learn the techniques of indigo dyeing and Shibori at this creative craft workshop in West Wales - three days of tuition with Cath Lewis. The workshop will take place at Ystrad Farm, Brechfa. Over the three days you will learn to make up the indigo dye bath as well as learning tying, pleating and folding techniques. We will then dye a whole load of lovely fabrics. Day 1: Cath will introduce you to indigo dyeing;...
Image for 50 Shades of Colour Dye Workshop
Next course on 20th May 2017
Learn how to create your own unique colours using 3 prime colours. You will learn how to use environmentally friendly acid (vinegar) based dyes and how to mix colours to get the shade that you want. In this workshop we will work with the 3 prime colours, Magenta, Yellow and Cyan, and 2 'worker' colours of Red and Blue to create 50 new shades of colour. Each dye bath is different, so every colour produced...