Tapestry courses and craft kits

Tapestry courses, live classes, kits and online workshops with talented UK tapestry artists. Tapestries are an ancient and fascinating form of textile art, in which thread or yarn is woven on a loom. Famously used throughout history to tell stories, such as the extraordinary Bayeux tapestry, the art of tapestry making retains its significance today.
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The Art of Woven Tapestry
Next date: 1st Apr 2023
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Beginners Weaving Workshop in Brighton
Next date: 22nd Apr 2023
3 places left
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Tapestry Weaving for Beginners with Fiona Nisbet
Next date: 4th Apr 2023
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Tapestry Weaving for Beginners
998 items left
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Tap into tapestry: 2 day course - suitable for beginners and experienced weavers alike
Next date: 1st Apr 2023
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Weaving Kit with large frame loom, instruction booklet and yarns.
6 items left
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Tapestry Weaving
Next date: 17th Sep 2023
6 places left
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Hand stitching 20 inspirational threads Pot Luck colours
3 items left
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Anchor tapestry wools x 20 POT LUCK COLOURS CLEARANCE
2 items left
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Blended Tapestry Weaving Kit
10 items left
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Woven Tapestry Pod Workshop by Video
100 items left
Wild Creative Weaving Weekend Retreat 2023 - Mid Wales
Next date: 9th Jun 2023
Canvas Shading Echinacea Embroidery Kit
19 items left


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