Dyeing courses and craft kits

Dyeing courses, classes, kits and workshops from UK makers. Dyeing is the age old process of adding colour to all types of textiles. Dyes can be natural, such as the orangey-red 'ochre' found in clay or onion skins, or man-made. One of the most abundant sources of dye is the plant kingdom. Roots, berries, bark, leaves and wood can all be used. Learning how to be creative with colours and fabric is a timeless and enjoyable skill. As a textile artist, it will open doors onto new realms of possibility! Would you like to learn how to dye fabric? Perhaps you have a dress or pair of trousers that needs a new lease of life? Come and join a dyeing course, workshop or group and open your eyes to the world of colour out there!
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6 Hour Introduction to Natural Dyeing, Mere, Wiltshire
Next date: 1st Jul 2023
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Natural dyeing workshop - 'Local Colour' - Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex
Next date: 12th Aug 2023
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Natural dyeing course in Pembrokeshire
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Fabric printing with dyes.
Next date: 5th Jun 2023
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An Introduction to Natural Dyeing with Starter Kit. A self-paced online course.
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Natural Yarn Dyeing with British Wool Workshop
Next date: 25th Jun 2023
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An Introduction to Natural Dyeing. A self-paced online course
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Dyeing Synthetics and Recycled Materials - Digital Workbook
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Indigo/ Shibori Dyeing Workshop
Next date: 11th Sep 2023
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Natural Dyeing, Felting & Stitch - Ilkley
Next date: 4th Oct 2023
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Shibori and Dyeing Workshop
Next date: 15th Jun 2023
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Dyeing with Indigo
Next date: 19th Aug 2023
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Indigo Dye and Shibori Workshop
Next date: 22nd Jul 2023
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Natural Dyeing
Next date: 15th Jul 2023
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Natural Dyeing E-Booklet with Janet Renouf-Miller
1000 items left
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Rust dyed quilt wall hanging tutorial
500 items left
Potato Chip My Way!
Intro to Mehndi (Henna Tattoo) for Groups
Next date: 4th Jun 2023
Indigo dye- shibori and tie-dye
Next date: 26th Jul 2023


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