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I received this course as a present and I enjoyed it so much. I never knew soap making can be so creative! I am looking forward to experimenting with the soap formulas from the course.
By Steve - 1 week ago
This kit caught my eye when I saw it on Craft Courses, it looked so pretty and fresh colours. I received mine very quickly and it is so nicely packaged and a good deal of fabric and other embellishments too. I set great store by how things I buy are packaged up and this was really good. I since ordered...
By sandra Johnston - 1 week ago
Really loved this course. Claire was a great tutor. She guided us through the techniques with ease and kept the session interesting, fun and learnt so much. The 3 hours flew by! Highly recommend this course for anyone who enjoys crafts. I will definitely be doing another one!
By Kate Griffiths - 1 week ago
Thoroughly enjoyed this course. Learning how to Papercut and all the different techniques was so fun and highly addictive! I will definitely be carrying on with my new found love of paper cutting. Such a therapeutic session. Worth every penny. Highly recommend this course to anyone who enjoys crafting
By Kate Griffiths - 1 week ago
Lorna was very accommodating for us to ensure we had a personal and one to one lesson. She arranged a time to suit us as the initial session was overbooked. My daughter and I had a lovely experience with Crumps Barn Studio for her birthday. Lorna made sure we had all the equipment and explained everything so patiently even when...
By Julie Edwardson - 1 week ago
I'm so happy I joined this workshop! It was exactly what I was looking for, as a bookbinding beginner. We received the beautiful materials beforehand, and during the workshop the instructions were really clear, and our 'teacher' (Lorna) was really patient, helpful and nice. I was a bit nervous at the beginning, but she made me feel really comfortable (which...
By Laura Granda - 1 week ago
Have only done one necklace so far, but log in for course was easy and instructions very good, looking forward to doing the second necklace thank you
By alison June Tamplin - 1 week ago
I loved this course and Aimee was very patient and passed on lots of her knowledge and gave us details of useful sites to visit etc. I'd definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to try paper cutting out. I will continue to cut paper!
By Sofi Freijeiro-Armitage - 1 week ago
Great couple of hours happily making pebbles. Heather taught us beautifully - nicely paced class and materials arrived ordered and in plenty of time. Would definitely recommend it.
By Tamsin Wimhurst - 1 week ago
This is a wonderful course! So intimate and friendly because of the smaller group. Scarlett had time to attend to our needs individually because of this. Every time that I came a cropper she explained where I may have gone wrong very clearly, l learned so much in only 3 hours. Her short films were invaluable too. James Ort was...
By Celeste Kelly - 1 week ago